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Facial mask with vitamin C at home: use, recipes from ampoules and powder

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ascorbic acid is immunity. Indeed, it is an amplifier of the body’s defense system.

But the skin is immune. If it weakens, the epidermis becomes problematic, pale, and more susceptible to age-related changes. Protect the skin from external stimuli and enhance the internal processes of renewal will help face mask with vitamin C at home.

What is the benefit of ascorbic acid for the skin? How to make a mask based on it?

Increasingly, beauties use homemade homemade masks for skin care. This is not surprising, because store cosmetics do not always live up to expectations, and not everyone can afford regular visits to the salon. Vitamin C is a universal remedy that is suitable for all skin types.

As the lovers of folk cosmetology assure, having included it in the home care program, you will eliminate not only external problems, but also affect cellular processes that occur deep in the skin.

How is ascorbic acid useful for the skin: 5 functions

The benefits of vitamin C for the body is known even to children. And how does this substance affect the epidermis?

Ascorbic acid performs five major functions.

  1. Protection. Ascorbic acid strengthens skin immunity, making the epidermis less vulnerable to external negative factors.
  2. Rejuvenation. Vitamin C activates the process of collagen production, slowing down aging. Fabrics remain elastic, and wrinkles become much less.
  3. Whitening Acidic environment affects the age spots, leveling the skin tone, making it more fresh.
  4. Treatment. Ascorbic acid helps to narrow pores and normalize the amount of sebum. Thus, the existing acne heals quickly, and the risk of new ones is significantly reduced.
  5. Detoxification. Vitamin C binds and removes from the pores all the pollution, toxins and heavy metals that have entered the skin from the atmosphere or as a result of leading a wrong lifestyle.

Homemade facials with vitamin C can be prepared on the basis of the pharmacy component in ampoules or in powder form. There is no fundamental difference between them.

Choose for yourself exactly the means with which you are more comfortable and pleasant to work with.

In the salon and home practice most often used facial mask with vitamin C in ampoules. Competently picking up the components, you can provide quality care to any type of skin.

Table – Recipes for masks from ascorbic acid in ampoules

Skin typeMask baseAdditional componentsTime
Problematic– Tablespoon of white clay (diluted with water to a thick slurry)
– the same amount of orange juice
30 minutes
Combined– 2 tablespoons sour cream;
– tablespoon of almond oil;
– the same amount of orange juice
15 minutes
DryVitamin ampoule– Puree half a banana;
– whole kiwi juice;
– tablespoon of cream
20 minutes
Fatty– Tablespoon strawberry puree;
– as much cucumber juice
– 2 tablespoons of oatmeal flour
15 minutes
For all types– Egg yolk;
– tablespoon of olive oil;
– the same amount of kiwi juice
15 minutes

Vitamin C for the face can be used in powder form. If you have any skin problems, choose a suitable mask from the table.

Table – Recipes for Masks from Ascorbic Acid Powder

PurposeMask baseAdditional componentsTime
From wrinkles– Tablespoon sour cream;
– the same amount of honey;
– a teaspoon of aloe juice;
– 3 drops of oil vitamin A
20 minutes
From peeling– A tablespoon of almond oil;
– the same amount of honey
20 minutes
From rednessA teaspoon of vitamin C powder– Tablespoon of strong black tea;
– 2 tablespoons of ground cottage cheese;
– teaspoon sea buckthorn oil
20 minutes
From enlarged pores– 5 drops of oil vitamin A
– mineral still water (to bring the mixture to a comfortable consistency)
15 minutes
Tonic– Tablespoon of heated grape oil;
– the same amount of mashed kiwi;
– the same sour cream;
– 5 drops of lemon juice
15 minutes

In any cosmetic procedures have their own subtleties, compliance with which is the key to success. In the case of masks based on vitamin C, it is also important to follow some rules of application.

There are seven main ones.

  1. Act quickly. The opened ampoule of ascorbic acid retains its properties for no more than two hours, and therefore it is necessary to prepare and apply the mask immediately.
  2. Prepare the skin for the procedure. The face must be completely clean before applying the mask. In addition, it is not superfluous to conduct a light massage to improve blood circulation. Otherwise, the effect will be superficial.
  3. Properly prepare the mask. Compositions containing this vitamin is not recommended to cook in metal dishes. This neutralizes the beneficial properties of the substance.
  4. Time spending. The best option for the procedure – a couple of hours before bedtime. If you make a mask during the day, try not to go out for an hour after the procedure.
  5. Full course. Reviews contain information that a noticeable and stable effect occurs only after a two-week course of procedures. Depending on the severity of the problem, the mask is applied twice a week or more often.
  6. Take breaks. The skin becomes accustomed to any means, and therefore each new procedure brings less and less effect. After a two-week course of ascorbic masks, take a monthly break.
  7. Store the product properly. Vitamin C ampoules should be kept in a dark place. If they are exposed to direct sunlight, the structure of ascorbic acid will be destroyed, the tool will no longer be useful.

Walking through the cosmetic shops, you probably will find many masks with ascorbic acid in the composition. So is it worth it to self-conjure over household tools, if everything is ready and packaged in a beautiful tube? It is worth it, because ascorbic acid is so rapidly destroyed in the air and under other external influences that you can hardly get one hundredth of the benefits out of store cosmetics.

Only a fresh face mask with vitamin C in powder or ampoules will make your face young and healthy.

“I am pleased with my experiment”, – reviews of cosmetic sessions with “ascorbic”

It seems to me that if you apply pure vitamin C to the skin, then it will act as a superficial acid peeling. Vitamin C is the same acid after all. I experimented, bought vitamin C in powder, a whole jar and put it on my face for a minute or two every evening (diluted with water, applied with a brush for masks). After a week I can say that the result is very noticeable: 1) the skin is very bright 2 ) all inflammations are dried (immediately after washing it seems that the opposite, and in the morning everything passes) 3) a healthy glow appears 4) the skin looks well cleansed.

I am very pleased with my experiment. A month later, I repeat.

A colleague told me about this method. We sat and chatted about various beauty products, etc. And she shared this recipe with me.

The rock that ascorbic acid helped her very quickly to narrow pores on her face. I have a similar problem: oily skin, with rashes and enlarged pores. And in some places, even very much expanded.

I decided to use her advice. I bought this ascorbic (it should be in ampoules).

In the evening, after washing, on clean skin, I put it on problem areas. After a time of minutes after application, it dries out on the face and it is very well felt as it tightens the skin. I do not wash it off and go to bed.

And the next morning I just wash my face, and in the evening I repeat the procedure. I drip droplets on my finger. The 1st ampoule is enough for 4-5 times.

I saw the result somewhere on the 2nd day. Ascorbic acid has so far helped narrow very dilated pores. And those that are still smaller.

I will continue to use it.

Nastya Evil, //irecommend.ru/content/suzhaet-pory-na-litse-foto-dokazatelstvo

Vitamin C is the best helper with a dull complexion, dilated pores and loose skin. All ingenious is simple!

I buy ampoules of ascorbic acid in the pharmacy. Before applying the cream for the face, add a couple of drops of the solution to the palm of the hand with the cream.

I also make a tonic for the face – wet a wadded disk with mineral water and drip ascorbic again. I rub my face.

This should be done in courses – 2 weeks of daily use, then a break for a month. The result will be visible, I guarantee.

The complexion improves, especially true in spring, when the skin is dull. The tone rises, the skin is tightened.

In general, a person likes it a lot)))) The main thing is not to keep the ampoules open and add them just before use. Yes, and the main thing to check for an allergic reaction in the crook of the elbow.!

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