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Facial Mask: Action, Recipes, Tips for Using

Women have to make titanic efforts in order to confirm the title of the beautiful half of humanity. Unfortunately, daily stress, poor nutrition, poor environment and other negative factors lead to loss of moisture and premature aging.

Mask film for the face is not in vain so popular. What benefits does it have on the face?

How to make a film mask at home?

Facing the mask, girls face a lot of inconvenience. Some flow from the skin, smearing clothes, while others dry out too quickly and require constant additional moisture.

Well, the washing process can not be called pleasant. The mask film is devoid of all these inconveniences.

And taking into account high efficiency, it becomes clear why this tool has so many fans.

It would seem, what is special about film masks, besides an interesting texture? However, it can be very useful. According to the reviews, the mask film has the following effect on the skin:

  • levels a relief;
  • refreshes the complexion;
  • removes dead cells;
  • deeply cleanses and tightens pores;
  • moisturizes and eliminates peeling;
  • gives the skin firmness and elasticity, making it more toned;
  • dries acne;
  • regulates sebum secretion.

Why conjure over the preparation of home cosmetics, if all you need can be purchased at the store? But the means available to a wide range of consumers contain alcohol and other harmful components.

A quality mask on a latex basis can not afford all. Fortunately, beauties have the opportunity to choose for themselves the recipe of the mask film for the face, which will be effective and safe.

Paraffin helps to improve blood microcirculation, which, in turn, leads to smoothing of wrinkles. Having bought an inexpensive remedy in a pharmacy, you can arrange your skin a real spa therapy.

  1. In a water bath, melt the required amount of paraffin.
  2. Add some honey and aloe juice to the liquid.
  3. Allow the mass to cool slightly. It should be warm enough, but not burning.
  4. Apply to skin and leave to cure.

Dry skin reacts painfully to cold, heat, washing and any other external influences. As a result, we have an annoying feeling of tightness, constant peeling and facial wrinkles.

This type of epidermis needs protection, which can provide a mask based on sour cream.

  1. A tablespoon of gelatin must be poured a third cup of hot water and wait until the grains swell.
  2. When the water has cooled, add a tablespoon of sour cream (the fatter the better) and a couple of drops of vitamin E oil solution.
  3. Apply a firm layer on the skin with a hard brush.
  4. After 30-40 minutes, when the mask turns into a film, remove it, and after another 20 minutes, apply a light cream.

The sensational black mask, which, like a magnet, attracts pollution, consists of activated carbon. So is it worth overpaying if the main active ingredient costs mere pennies?

  1. Grind a tablet of activated carbon and mix with gelatin in the amount of a teaspoon.
  2. Add a tablespoon of cold water or milk.
  3. When the particles of coal and gelatin are completely dissolved, the composition should be heated in a water bath or using a microwave.
  4. After pre-steaming the skin, apply a warm coal mass to problem areas where the pores are enlarged and clogged.
  5. When the mask hardens and turns into a film, carefully remove it and wash with cold water.

Vegetable and fruit juices help restore tired and healthy skin to tired skin. In addition, it is an excellent basis for film masks.

  1. A third of a glass of juice mixed with a teaspoon of gelatin.
  2. Heat the container over low heat until the granules of gelatin are completely dissolved.
  3. Put the mass in the fridge so that it is slightly thickened. The consistency should be such that the mask does not flow from the face.
  4. Apply the composition to the skin, and after about 20 minutes, when the film hardens, remove it and wash.

One of the main causes of premature skin aging is toxins, which enter the cells through the atmosphere and food. The strongest antioxidant is green tea.

  1. Brew green tea and a strong infusion of chamomile. And one and the other will need a third cup.
  2. Add a tablespoon of gelatin and heat until the grains dissolve.
  3. When the composition has cooled, add two tablespoons of cucumber juice and aloe juice.
  4. Apply the mask to the face and neck, and when remove the film, wash with cold water.

Girls who are not lucky enough to have problem skin, probably heard about the beneficial properties of aloe. As part of a film mask, this plant works even more efficiently.

  1. Squeeze the juice from the leaves of aloe in the amount of two tablespoons.
  2. Beat egg white into foam and mix gently with juice.
  3. Spread the mixture over the skin.
  4. When the mask is taken with a film, remove it with a wet sponge.

White clay is known for its antibacterial, cleansing and astringent properties. That is why masks based on it are often used to fight enlarged pores.

  1. Dissolve a tablespoon of white clay with water so that the mass resembles liquid sour cream.
  2. Add a tablespoon of gelatin, and when it swells, heat the mixture.
  3. Apply a mask on the problem areas or on the whole face.
  4. After a quarter of an hour, remove the composition from the face by contrast washing.

The film face mask is an amazing tool that, if used properly, will give your face a fresh shade and a healthy glow. There are eight key rules.

  1. Cleansing. Regardless of which mask you prefer, you can only apply them on clean skin. Wash thoroughly, use a scrub and steam your face so that nutrients can access the deep layers of the dermis.
  2. Application Mask films are applied with neat long strokes from bottom to top. At the same time it is worth avoiding the side areas around the lips and eyes.
  3. Density The optimum thickness of the mask layer is one millimeter. If it is too thin, the film will be difficult to remove from the face. Too thick layer will harden for a long time.
  4. Relax. During the exposure of the film to the skin, all facial muscles should be relaxed. Otherwise, the film, as it hardens, can injure the skin.
  5. Time Usually, the procedure lasts 20 minutes. But the time of hardening of the film may vary, depending on the condition of the skin, additional ingredients and the microclimate in the room. Gently touch your face. If the mask doesn’t stick to your fingers, it’s time to take it off.
  6. Uninstall. To remove the film from the skin, you need to hook the edges at the chin and gently pull up.
  7. Moisturizing. When the mask is removed, lightly wipe the face with a sponge soaked in water or tonic. Complete the treatment with a nourishing cream.
  8. Regularity A lasting effect is observed after a monthly course of procedures. Masks can be made up to three times a week, depending on the severity of the problem.

Preparing a mask film for the face at home is quite simple. Of course, it is much easier to use a ready-made tool from a tube, but are you sure of its effectiveness and safety?

If your store mask has a pungent smell, does not freeze or causes discomfort, feel free to throw it away. Suppose that you have to stain a couple of plates and spoons to prepare a home remedy, but, clean pores, fresh hue and elasticity are provided to you.

“Everything my skin needs” – reviews on homemade film masks

I tried the mask with activated carbon, literally after the first time, significant results were noticeable. I think after the second or third time my skin will be completely clean.

Once a week I make a gelatin mask with fruit, when there is no fruit at hand, I use dissolved citric acid. Sometimes I add to the mask instead of water an ampoule with vitamin B6, which I buy at the pharmacy.

And I like gelatin masks. In fact, this is the same collagen, just in its original form.

In general, such products are so good that the skin is not fed, but offered, and she herself takes what is needed. There are natural extracts, nothing artificial, and all that is needed to the skin of my age – she takes herself.

And the elasticity increased, and the skin relief leveled out.

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