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Facial hair in women: causes and treatment, how to remove permanently

Fluffy and beautiful hair is the dream of all women without exception. We want the hair to be as big as possible.

Yes, but only on the head. If the thick and long hair grows on other parts of the body – this is a great discomfort. Agree, a beard and mustache does not color the lady at all.

Here it is important to understand that the causes and treatment of facial hair in a woman are interrelated processes. So what provokes the appearance of unwanted vegetation on the beard, cheeks and near the lips of girls?

And is it possible to solve the problem yourself, avoiding the appearance of stubble?

The presence of hair on the face of a man – this is the norm, but for a woman – a natural anomaly, which is manifested due to an excess of male hormones. This does not mean that everything is very bad, but certain health problems are quite possible.

In addition, excessive hairiness is a psychological problem that can ruin the life of a woman.

Women’s facial hair: why grow and what to do

Facial hair can grow either permanently or occasionally. Most often it is light, short and brittle hair, resembling fluff. They are so invisible that sometimes women do not even know about their existence.

But sometimes the hair is black, hard and thick, resembles stubble – they are called terminal (the second name – rod).

Why does such hair grow on women? This is not easy to figure out, since there are many likely reasons.

Next – a list of the main.

  • Hormones. The hair on the chin and over the lips of women can grow at a time when the body is experiencing great stress. For example, the first menstruation began or, on the contrary, – there comes the climax. Then the female hormones fail, while the male hormones, on the contrary, become more active, they even become larger. Most often this imbalance is temporary.
  • Contraceptives. The composition of oral contraceptives includes hormones, so taking them without a doctor’s prescription is not recommended. But often women buy birth control pills on their own, looking at an advertisement or asking for advice from a friend. Incorrectly selected OK can lead to big problems.
  • Heredity. If your next of kin (mother, grandmother, sister) suffer from increased hairiness, it is likely that you will not avoid this ailment. If there are ancestors from the Caucasus or the Mediterranean, there is also a risk of growing a beard.
  • Ovaries Problems in gynecology are often associated with hormonal disorders. And with polycystic ovaries, they even secrete a separate symptom: “mustache and beard begin to grow.” This is due to a complete breakdown of the reproductive system. In general, any disruption in the ovaries can lead to increased body hair.
  • The thyroid or adrenal glands. They are responsible for all the work of the endocrine system, but if there are problems or failures in their work, wait for the whiskers.
  • Tumor. If a pituitary tumor occurs, the adrenal glands are disturbed. Then they produce a lot of testosterone and, as a result, there is an increase in the amount of unwanted hair on the body.
  • Pregnancy Hormonal failure also occurs during childbirth. Appears fluff or white hair on the cheeks in women. Passes such a phenomenon after birth.
  • Ecology. Women living in areas unfavorable from the point of view of ecology are often diagnosed with abnormalities in the functioning of internal organs and systems. Including, in the risk zone and hormonal functions.
  • Stress. Do not be surprised, but any situation that throws you out of the usual rut, can lead to a growth of the beard.
  • Obesity. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, and eat what you want, the internal organs will work for wear, the natural metabolic processes are disturbed. So, besides the sagging sides, if the girl’s diet is not correct, there is a risk to get the problem of unwanted vegetation.
  • Unsuitable makeup. Imagine if you use cosmetics that do not suit you in composition, you can spoil your appearance. For example, a girl is only 18 years old, and she bought herself cream for 35-year-olds. In this case, instead of velvet skin, there is a high probability of growing remarkable mustaches.
  • Radical removal. Do not get rid of fluff hair with the help of radical methods such as a razor or epilator. Firstly, such hair is completely invisible to others and does not spoil a woman. Secondly, after the removal of any of their place, stiff bristles will begin to grow.
  • Medication. Long-term use of a number of medications (almost all hormones, some antibiotics, and immunosuppressive drugs) can trigger an active appearance of facial hair.

What to do if a woman’s hair grows on her face? Wait for the research results.

After you establish the cause and the doctor will prescribe treatment, strictly follow the recommendations.

There are several degrees of hirsutism. If a lung is diagnosed, then no special treatment is required.

If doctors suspect something more serious, you will need to undergo drug therapy or surgery, for example, to remove the tumor.

The treatment of hirsutism with medicines is long, as it is necessary to accumulate the necessary “base” ready to deal with the main problem. Most often prescribed hormones. The cycle is designed for at least three months, but runs intermittently and lasts at least six months.

Often the course has to be repeated, and not once.

Doctors advise: to think about how to remove facial hair until the cause of their appearance is eliminated – there is no point. After all, the cosmetic disguise of the lack of essentially nothing will solve.

What is the treatment?

  • Drugs to reduce testosterone. They reduce the body’s sensitivity to androgens. In particular, some oral contraceptives have such properties.
  • Preparations for the adrenal glands. Therapy is also carried out by hormonal medicines.
  • Chemotherapy. This is an extreme method, which is used in particularly advanced cases, and if the cause of hirsutism is a tumor.

Hormonal treatment must be abandoned if a woman:

  • is pregnant;
  • breastfeeding;
  • does not tolerate drugs (individual reaction);
  • has malignant tumors.

9 ways to “pull out” the beard at home: which ones are suitable and which ones are dangerous

And now the unpleasant news. Even if the doctor literally determines the diagnosis from the first attempt, and you start treatment at the same second, the facial hair will remain for at least six months.

It is this time that the growth of the beard and mustache is slowed down and gradually disappeared. What to do all this time?

You can, of course, wear hair and not bother, but you can try to get rid of this unnecessary vegetation.

There are various methods of removing facial hair in women. Some of them are more modern, others from the “grandmother’s piggy bank”.

What can be done to visually hide the flaw? Here are nine options for folk remedies that young ladies use against unwanted hair, analysis of pros and cons.

  1. Scissors Too long and sparse hairs can simply be trimmed with scissors – safe, affordable and not painful.
  2. The razor. This is the “favorite” way to get rid of facial hair in men. But not women. Girls can’t even touch their face with a razor! Otherwise, tough bristles will grow and you will have to shave the growing beard instead of applying makeup every day. And such a procedure – forever!
  3. Tweezers Girls are usually good at plucking eyebrows. So why not try to remove unwanted hairs on the chin, and then treat this place with, say, an antiseptic? If the amount of hair is small, then this method may be suitable for you. But you should not use it if you have a lot of hair. The fact is that such therapy leads to coarsening of the skin, and there is also a high risk of an infection under the skin.
  4. Thread. Another method is hair removal with a thread. It is used if the hair is small, and there are no tweezers at hand. It is enough to take two threads, twist an loop out of them, put it on a hair, tighten it well, and then sharply pull.
  5. Wax It is sold in cosmetic stores. The procedure itself is painful, so not everyone agrees on it. In addition, for effective hair removal you need to grow hair at least 5 mm in length. The effect is, of course, wonderful, but few people will agree to grow a beard to a certain length.
  6. Shugaring Sugar paste acts almost like wax. Only wax should be applied to growth, and remove – against a simple hair. A shugaring enjoy the opposite. The effect is excellent – and enough for at least a month. Experts note that after each application of sugar paste, the hairs become thinner and lighter. In addition, the procedure is not as painful as waxing. Sugar paste and hair removal is easy to do yourself. To do this, you need ten tablespoons of sugar, half a teaspoon of citric acid and four tablespoons of water. The components are mixed, “cooked.” You need to constantly stir, bring to a boil. Let the mass cool down. Then separate the slice and distribute the paste in the problem area. After hardening on the face, the product is removed with a jerk.
  7. Depilation A chemical method that will help get rid of facial hair in women quickly, but not for long. Regular depilation cream is applied to unnecessary hair on the face, then it will be necessary to remove the cream along with the hairs. The hairs are removed from above – the bulb remains inside, so after a couple of days you will have to either repeat the procedure or look for another means!
  8. Peroxide. Of course, completely hair will not remove this tool, but to lighten them at home is quite real. In addition, bleached hair will become not only less visible, but also thin. In time, they will stop growing and disappear altogether. It is enough just to moisten a piece of cotton wool in a 3% peroxide and wipe off unnecessary hairs.
  9. Walnut To remove unwanted facial hair in women at home, you can use a walnut. There are several ways. For example, you can burn a walnut, and the resulting ash mixed with water. Apply a lot of problem areas, after 15 minutes – rinse. Or here’s another option: take partitions from 15 nuts, pour a glass of vodka and insist 14 days. To use inside on the table spoon daily.

Whatever methods of struggle you choose, this is a minor issue. The main thing in the treatment of hirsutism is to identify the specific causes of facial hair in a woman.

Be sure to go to the doctor and check your health.

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