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Facial clay mask: recipes from green, yellow, red and pink clay

The healing power of clay is described in the scientific works of the famous doctor Avicenna. She was then considered a panacea for all ills, then completely forgotten.

But the fact remains unshakable – the clay is useful for the human body. Today, when the eyes of people are turned to everything natural, an amazing powder has again become popular.

It is in demand in the official, and in alternative medicine. It is used in cosmetology.

And experts say that a mask of clay for the face can make the skin shine with freshness, youth and health.

On the shelves of pharmacies found cosmetic clay of various colors. And of course, if you are not a cosmetologist, then such a variety causes confusion.

What to prefer? Choose green clay or take the yellow one? Which mask will be more effective: from red or pink powder?

To answer these questions, you need to get a little closer acquainted with the unique gift of nature, sung by Avicenna.

Almost all types of clays have been used in cosmetology. Despite the different shades, they are similar in content of trace elements.

Cosmetologists claim that facial masks on the basis of any clay act on the skin in a manner identical to that. Here, what effect clay procedures give:

  • dry the dermis;
  • eliminate glossy shine;
  • eliminate the cornified epithelium;
  • clean the pores;
  • regulate sebum production;
  • contribute to the pores;
  • provide antiseptic skin;
  • relieve inflammation and eliminate redness;
  • relieve acne, fight acne.

When it comes to clay, most people immediately represent blue, white or black. After all, these are the most common cosmetic products.

But the range of useful tools does not end with these three types.

Green, yellow, red and unique pink clay have proven themselves in cosmetology. To choose the right tool, you need to consider your type of dermis and the problems that need to be solved.

Specialists conditionally give such recommendations.

  • Green clay. Emerald powder is suitable for oily, oily skin.
  • Yellow Such a face mask with clay will help the sluggish, withering epidermis, relieve wrinkles.
  • Red A good solution for sensitive skin and mature dermis.
  • Pink This powder comes to the aid of a dry, flaky and sensitive dermis.

In order for all the useful properties of clay to be fully manifested, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. She, despite her natural origin, is a powerful cosmetic.

Therefore, a departure from the instructions is fraught with the development of dermatological problems.

Those who decide to take care of their skin using clay masks should know how to do them correctly. Here are five key recommendations.

  1. Skin preparation. The prepared mask can be applied only on peeled covers. To improve the penetration of beneficial components into the epidermis, it is desirable to steam the dermis. This can be done with the help of warm compresses or a bath with herbal decoctions.
  2. Limitations. It is necessary to abandon metal objects when working with clay. The unique powder is capable of reacting with the metal, during which it oxidizes and becomes unsuitable. Does not tolerate clay and hot water (above 40 ° C). Under the influence of boiling water, most of the useful components are lost.
  3. Contraindications. Due to its natural composition, the clay has almost no restrictions on the application. But people with hypertension, various types of tumors, capillary mesh, purulent, large wounds on the face must refrain from masks.
  4. The course of the procedure. The mixture is applied to the dermis, moving along the massage lines. Do not touch the area near the eyes. Here the skin is extremely dry and sensitive. Clay is able to dry out such covers. Keep the mask recommended for 10-15 minutes. The duration of the procedure varies depending on the individual sensations. The mixture should not completely dry out on the face. Therefore, drying zones need to be periodically wetted.
  5. Regularity It is necessary to remember how often clay masks can be made. Purifying oily skin is recommended twice a week. And to pamper the dry and sensitive derma with clay means is allowed every seven to nine days.

Clay owes its emerald color to iron oxide. The product is characterized by antitoxic and bactericidal effects. The green clay face mask will provide cleansing and narrowing of the pores, reduction of dermal greasiness, reduction of inflammation, and elimination of acne.

Emerald powder is able to start the process of tissue regeneration, so that the skin rejuvenates.

The components of this mask provide an effective peeling of the skin. After the removal of dead epithelium and greasiness, the pores narrow. The skin acquires a smooth structure and smoothness.

A green face mask reduces inflammation, eliminates red spots and reduces acne.

  • Clay – two tablespoons.
  • Oatmeal – one tablespoon.
  • Water – three tablespoons.
  1. Flour is poured into green powder and mixed.
  2. Water is added to the mixture of powders and mixed well.
  3. Water is added to a too thick mask. The liquid mixture can be thickened with clay or flour.

Emerald powder well eliminates inflammation. And when combined with lemon, honey, such effects are greatly enhanced.

The mask disinfects, clears from rashes, unaesthetic black points.

  • Liquid honey – one tablespoon.
  • Green Clay – two tablespoons.
  • Lemon juice (used only fresh) – one tablespoon.
  • Rosemary oil – three drops.
  • Water – one or two tablespoons.
  1. Lemon juice is mixed with emerald product.
  2. Next add honey, and if possible mix.
  3. Then water is injected into the mask.
  4. Essential oil is added to the resulting product and diligently kneads all the lumps.

The ability of green clay to launch in the epidermis recovery reactions, in this mask is enhanced by retinol, egg and sour cream. The tool tightens the dermis, smoothes wrinkles, gives a “second life” to fading skin.

Beauticians often recommend such a clay mask for the face of wrinkles. The uniqueness of the tool is that it is well suited for any epidermis.

  • Starch – two tablespoons.
  • Clay – one tablespoon.
  • Vitamin A – four drops.
  • Egg yolk – one.
  • Sour cream – one tablespoon.
  • Almond oil – three drops.
  • Water – as needed.
  1. Starch is mixed with clay.
  2. Sour cream is introduced into the mixture and thoroughly mixed.
  3. Egg yolk whipped in a separate bowl. A whipped yolk is injected into the clay-smetant.
  4. Vitamin A and almond oil are added to the mask.
  5. The thick mixture is diluted with water.

The rich yellow color (although very light, almost white powder is sometimes found) clay received due to the content of the mineral – pyrite. The impact of the “sun” product on the skin is in many ways similar to the action of its green “colleague”.

But unlike the latter, as evidenced by reviews, yellow clay acts more sparingly.

The sun-colored product is an excellent detoxifier, promotes healing of cracks, eliminating inflammation. It smooths wrinkles and due to the high content of potassium, rejuvenates dull, aging skin.

If it is necessary to soften, moisturize and tone up the skin, then a yellow clay face mask will come to the rescue. It normalizes the pH level in the epidermis, promotes skin saturation with oxygen and prevents earlier aging. This mask is recommended for any covers.

Including, and excessively dry. To restore fading skin, it is recommended to conduct a course consisting of 15 such masks.

To restore the natural radiance to tired skin, after the procedure it is necessary to moisturize the skin with peach oil.

  • Yellow clay – two tablespoons.
  • Cream (20% fat) – two tablespoons.
  • Sea buckthorn oil – four drops.
  • Water – if needed.
  1. The cream is added to the yellow powder and the mixture is thoroughly mixed.
  2. To the resulting mask add sea buckthorn oil.
  3. In order to achieve the desired consistency, a few drops of water are introduced into the product with constant stirring.

Lack of vitamins, feelings, stress, rapid pace of life – all these factors can most negatively affect the skin. To improve the appearance and structure of the dermis at home, even a yellow clay nourishing mix is ​​recommended to even out the shade and fill the skin with life.

  • Oatmeal – one tablespoon.
  • Yellow clay – one tablespoon.
  • Apricot pulp (in summer) – one tablespoon.
  • Pumpkin pulp (in winter) – one tablespoon.
  • Peppermint oil – three drops.
  • Water – two tablespoons.
  1. Oat flakes are ground into flour. The resulting powder is mixed with clay.
  2. From the ripe apricot peel, remove the bone and grind in a combine to form mashed potatoes. In winter, instead of apricot take a slice of orange pumpkin.
  3. The mixture of powders is diluted with water. Then add apricot (or pumpkin) mush. Mask well knead.
  4. In conclusion – injected mint oil.

The high copper content provided the clay a reddish tint. This species of breed is characterized by extremely gentle effects on the dermis. It is suitable for any skin.

It can even be used for very sensitive covers.

But copper powder has a significant drawback. It has the lowest cleansing abilities, so its use for the care of oily derm is simply inappropriate.

What will a red clay face mask provide? It smoothes wrinkles, improves shade, tightens, improves tone.

Copper mask eliminates inflammation and soothes irritated epidermis.

Copper powder, supplemented with algae, will provide skin tightening, elimination of “crow’s feet”. It aligns the structure and color of the dermis.

Applying red clay for the face can get rid of fine wrinkles without surgery and injections.

  • Laminaria (powder) – one teaspoon.
  • Spirulina (powder) – one teaspoon.
  • Red clay – one tablespoon.
  • Green tea – two tablespoons.
  • Hazelnut oil – three drops.
  1. In a porcelain bowl, kelp and spirulina are mixed. A mixture of seaweed poured freshly green tea. The remedy should be infused for about four hours.
  2. Then add red powder to the algae infusion.
  3. Hazelnut oil is injected into the mixture and the mask is well mixed.

A mixture of Moroccan (red) clay with retinol and avocado has the ability to accelerate biochemical processes in the dermis. Due to this effect, the mask strengthens blood vessels, restores cellular structure and allows you to maintain youth.

It is suitable for dry, fading skin.

  • Avocado pulp – three tablespoons.
  • Moroccan product – three tablespoons.
  • Vitamin A – one ampoule.
  • Water – a tablespoon.
  1. Ripe avocados should be peeled and removed. The fruit is ground by means of the combine in mashed potatoes.
  2. Moroccan powder and vitamin A are added to the pulp of the avocado.
  3. If necessary, the mask is diluted with water.

Pink clay is recognized by cosmetologists as one of the most delicate means in skin care. The fact is that in nature there is no pink clay.

It is obtained by a combination of white, recognized leader in the purification of the dermis, and red, known for its mild effects.

Thanks to this mixture, a pink clay face mask is able to clean the epidermis, effectively exfoliate the stratum corneum, but at the same time has the most gentle effect. A unique product used for sensitive, very dry skin. He well tightens the dermis, rejuvenates.

Able to eliminate rashes.

Pink powder helps to get rid of acne, comedones, cleans pores. The mask allows you to eliminate inflammation and prevent the appearance of acne.

  • Pink clay – three tablespoons.
  • Aloe juice – three tablespoons.
  1. For the preparation of cosmetics is better to use aloe juice, cooked with your own hands.
  2. Pink powder is diluted with aloe juice and stirred well.

Homemade facials with clay and lemon will provide an effective cleansing of the skin. The tool is recommended for the dermis, with increased greasiness.

If you plan to cleanse dry skin, then in this recipe you need to replace the water with fatty yogurt or cream.

  • Pink clay – two tablespoons.
  • Lemon juice – two teaspoons.
  • Rosemary (or tea tree) oil – three drops.
  • Water – two teaspoons.
  1. Lemon juice is diluted with water.
  2. Pink powder is poured diluted citrus drink.
  3. Essential oil is added to the mask.

Clay face mask allows you to quickly and permanently restore the skin beauty and radiance. A variety of colors allows you to experiment.

But remember that clay masks always cause dry skin. Therefore, wash off the mixture from the face, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream to the integument.

And also with such funds can not be part.

Recently I tried green clay. Oh it’s just a miracle.

I liked it so much, exfoliates well (with a very mild effect), refreshes the skin, tightens it, dries the acne. In this case, the face is soft, refreshed.

Used 5 days (made a mask before going to bed) – the effect is wonderful!

So I finally got to the yellow clay. Before that, she enjoyed the masks of white and pink clay. It is intended for fading skin, I would not say that mine is, but I really wanted to try this type of clay.

I really liked the fact that the clay has a peeling effect. Cleans the skin and refreshes the complexion. It does not dry out the skin, but in general it is an individual question, because everyone has their own skin type.

In the end, I admire the mask: cheap, effective, natural.

Yulia Savenkova, //irecommend.ru/content/v-ocherednoi-raz-glina-raduet-svoimi-svoistvami

I’m actually new to home cosmetics, but I want to compliment red clay. My skin is a bit oily and very dehydrated, especially now, during the heating season, and very sensitive.

So, the masks of red clay on herbal broth with the addition of lemon juice and EM simply work wonders with my skin! All fine wrinkles are smoothed, and the complexion is even and pink, in general, I am satisfied!

After the other clays, this effect was not observed. And it is easier to wash it off with herbal decoction.

I want to share my impressions about pink clay. She is my favorite, after the green.
In general, I make a mask of pink clay immediately after any cleansing. I usually mix it with apricot, sometimes I add esters, sometimes I don’t. A powerful pull up for me at least.

It is tightening, not constricting. Skin is like a gloss – without a single mimic wrinkle, smooth, as if polished, pores are narrowed, skin is so elastic, complexion is even, alive.

I use almost 2 months, 2 times a week.

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