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Face skin care after 30 years: cosmetologist’s tips

There is an opinion that after 30 years, youth ends, and the skin begins to age rapidly. There is a grain of truth in it, but, according to cosmetologists, the appearance of a woman at this age depends only on lifestyle and attention. What should be the right skin care after 30 years?

What procedures should be used at home? And what kind of cosmetics to choose?

Aging is determined by genetic factors, arguing with which is useless. However, contrary to popular belief, active aging, due to genes and natural factors, does not begin at thirty, or even forty years.

At this age, your skin is still capable of much, the main thing is to know how to help it properly.

After thirty years, the metabolic processes in our body slow down. It happens at different levels, including in the skin.

In its structure, there are multiple changes.

  • Decreased synthesis of epidermal lipids, due to which the epidermis becomes drier with age.
  • The deterioration of microcirculation in the tissues. The enrichment of the skin with nutrients from the inside is reduced.
  • Photo aging. Response to sun exposure, provokes the development of fine wrinkles, the formation of age spots;
  • Thinning fatty tissue that supports the usual shape of the face. For this reason, the skin begins to “sag”.
  • Thickening of the epidermis. The cells of the stratum corneum are layered on each other; their independent exfoliation is impossible. Because of this, the face acquires an earthy hue, the skin is rough to the touch, looks untidy.

Despite these processes, it’s too early to talk about the approach of old age. “The skin is a hormone-dependent organ,” says cosmetologist Olga Fem. “At thirty years, the body produces a sufficient amount of hormones, so it’s premature to panic at the sight of the first wrinkles.”

Beauticians do not like to give correspondence recommendations for the care of the skin after thirty years. So, cosmetologist Natalya Nikolayeva, author of the book Cosmetology Without Operations: 10 Markers of Youth, recommends visiting a specialist at least 1-2 times a year.

This should be done because the “behavior” of the skin at this age is very individual. And only with a direct examination, a cosmetologist can give recommendations on how to be caring for your face after 30 years at home.

What are the subtleties of the choice of methods? There are several reasons.

  • Habitual care. Some women are accustomed to properly care for themselves, since adolescence. Their skin usually looks good, and no serious correction in the care is required. Someone starts to panic, having found the first wrinkles, and almost for the first time includes a moisturizing cream, an anti-aging mask in everyday care. The results of work on yourself, of course, will be visible in the second case. But keeping the skin young is regularly much more effective and easier than trying to get it back.
  • Skin type The owners of dry skin epidermis becomes drier, which leads to the formation of small wrinkles in the eye area. In the fatty type, the activity of the sebaceous glands may not decrease. Women continue to be bothered by clogged pores, occasional rashes, acne formation and oily sheen. To solve these problems should be multifunctional cosmetics, which have anti-aging effect.
  • Type of aging. There are six types of aging, the most common among which are fine-wrinkled, tired, deformed, and mixed. The first is characteristic of the dry epidermis with thin fatty tissue. The second is formed in women with normal or oily skin, a normal physique. Deformation characteristic of women with a dense physique, full face. Mixed combines the features of all previous types. The choice of facial care technology should be determined by the type of aging, too, to ensure the best result of home and salon technician.

The combined approach to facial care, taking into account all your features: skin type, aging type, basic care, will smooth out age-related changes, delay aging.

The main mistake of women discovering the first age-related changes is to include in the facial skin care “for someone over 30” that it is too early to use. The fact is that with a general decrease in metabolic processes, the skin is still able to regenerate, restore its structure, produce the necessary substances.

Follow the advice of a beautician on the basic and additional care at home.

The main “pillars” on which the beauty and visual appeal of the skin. Observe this sequence, using the means of your epidermis, should be daily, morning and evening.

  • Oily, problem skin. Use mousse or foam with lactulose, salicylic acid, panthenol. These components dissolve skin secretion well, normalize sebaceous excretions, support healthy microflora, which prevents the development of inflammation.
  • Dry skin . Use cleansing milk, which should be applied to the face, gently massage and rinse with water. Do not try to replace the milk with micellar water. Most of these compounds, despite the assurances of manufacturers, can not be left on the skin. The substances entering into them in addition dry the epidermis. Any cleanser should be rinsed with water.
  • Normal skin. Choose any cleanser that you like and fits. Pay attention to the composition. It should not be aggressive surfactants, including sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate. These substances dry the epidermis and deplete it. Use products with mild surfactants in the composition based on coco-betaine, cocamidopropyl betaine, glycolic, lactic acids.

For toning, choose a composition by skin type. Tonic completes cleansing, dissolving the remnants of skin secretions and cosmetics, which could not cope with means for washing. It may also contain panthenol, allantoin, which is important for the problematic epidermis.

Also as a tonic, you can use thermal and alkaline mineral water.

If you are satisfied with the appearance and condition of the skin, continue to use day and night cream, which you have included in everyday care before. If you see signs of age-related changes, choose a cream with the appropriate composition.

  • Dryness, dehydration of the epidermis, the formation of a fine mesh of wrinkles. Include in your care a nourishing cream with peptides. Such compositions moisturize the skin well, nourish, eliminate the feeling of tightness, peeling. Peptides – substances with muscle relaxant effect. They relax the facial muscles, because of which wrinkles disappear. Apply cream with peptides can be on the whole face with a fine-wrinkled type of aging or locally, on areas of the formation of wrinkles, for example, on the forehead and around the eyes. It is necessary to use such compounds for a long time – for two or three months. During the year, spend two or three courses.
  • Skin sagging, the formation of a network of capillaries. Characteristic of the deformation type of aging, in which the signs of gravitational ptosis appear especially bright. Beauticians advise to include in the care of the skin of the face in 30 years, means that strengthen the walls of blood vessels. They improve circulation in the tissues and have a lifting effect, tightening the contours of the face. The active ingredients of such products are seaweed, extracts of ginkgo biloba, arnica, horse chestnut.
  • Fatness, blockage of pores, the first wrinkles. The most difficult thing is to find a home care for combination skin after 30 years. After all, the areas of wrinkles must be moisturized and nourished, but the epidermis responds to the active use of saturated remedies with foci of acne and inflammation. Choose products based on vitamin A (retinol). This component stabilizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and has an anti-aging effect.

The compositions of day and night cream differ. During the day, we need protection from ultraviolet radiation and pivot radicals, therefore, the composition of the day cream should contain SPF-filters and vitamin C (active anti-age component).

At night, the skin is restored. It’s time to use retinol, peptides, and other components to solve aging problems.

As before, 1-2 times a week it is necessary to carry out procedures for more intensive skin care at home. They include deep cleansing, moisturizing, nutrition.

  • Peeling. Designed to remove the surface of the stratum corneum of cells, which gives the face a gray color, external untidy. It is performed using a scrub or peeling based on fruit acids (bromelain, papain). Apply peeling agent after cleansing with foam or milk. Massage, rinse with water. Do not use scrubs with natural abrasive particles. They scratch the epidermis, violate its structure. Choose products with soft polishing granules or fruit acid based homazhi. The latter are especially recommended for oily, combination and sensitive skin. They dissolve the horny cells without abrasive action, in parallel normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands and providing a small whitening effect.
  • Deep moisturizing. It is necessary for the skin of any type, not only dry. It is especially important to moisturize the fat and problem epidermis, since a lack of moisture with regular use of drying agents leads to a response – intensive development of skin secretion and increased fat content. For deep moisturizing, use face masks after 30 years based on hyaluronic acid, urea, alginates (algae), amino acids, polysaccharides. Apply the product 1-2 times a week after peeling.
  • The fight against fat, pigment spots. Women with oily skin should get acquainted with masks with AHA-acids. The composition of home care products contain up to seven percent of natural acids. They dissolve the outer layer of the epidermis, destroying clusters of melanin, which we call pigment spots or freckles. They also reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, increase the regenerating functions of the skin. It is necessary to include such funds in your care in autumn and winter, when the sun is not too aggressive. Apply masks courses twice a year.
  • Deep nutrition. You can use face masks at 30 years old with nutritional ingredients. But more effective serum, whose composition should be aimed at solving a specific problem. For example, fighting wrinkles or excessive dry skin. In the composition of the masks, the volume of the active components is usually 2-10%, while the serum contains up to 40% of the component in an easily accessible form. Therefore, serums are more expensive than masks, creams, but they can be applied locally to the problem area and used in a course. Apply serum under the cream in the usual care or under the mask in an additional intensive. The components of the covering agent serve as a guide for the serum to the deeper layers of the skin.

In winter, the epidermis becomes drier, so intensive hydration can be carried out two or three times a week. In the summer, on the contrary, fat content increases.

It is recommended to use masks with AHA-acids or anti-inflammatory compounds up to three times a week.

The skin of the face after 30 years of age perfectly perceives anti-aging salon procedures. The advantage of this period is that at the lowest cost, you can activate your own body reserves and not resort to expensive “heavy” procedures in the future.

According to the reviews of cosmetologists, procedures that improve the trophism of tissues and microcirculation in them are most effective in salon care.

  • Massage Manual or hardware. Without massage, anti-aging care is impossible with the deformation type of aging, as it strengthens the tissues and reduces the intensity of their prolapse. Massage affects the lymphatic system, blood vessels, enriches the epidermis from the inside. With full-fledged home care, one or two massage courses a year is enough to keep the face fresh and young for a long time. You can take a course of three to five procedures, and then maintain the result by visiting the beautician once a month.
  • Microcurrent therapy. A procedure in which weak impulse currents affect the body. They improve metabolic processes, rejuvenate and heal the blood vessels and tissues at the cellular level. Increase the intensity of lymph outflow, which leads to the elimination of edema, relax muscles, reducing the severity of mimic wrinkles. In salon care professional devices for microcurrent therapy are used. There are analogues intended for home use. The effectiveness of the latter is lower. They should be used only if you use professional “microcurrent” cosmetic products and are willing to wait a long time for the result. It will manifest itself with regular use of household microcurrent apparatus for two to three months. Procedures in the cabin provide a much more pronounced and noticeable effect faster.
  • Peeling. The difference between home peeling from the salon – in the concentration of active acids. In skin care after 30 years, it is recommended to use surface peels, the concentration of acids in which is up to twenty-five percent. Such compounds create a superficial burn of tissues, which is manifested by external redness. After 2-3 days, the surface cells peel off the face, while the epidermis is renewed at a deep level. Peeling starts the rejuvenation of the structure: enhanced formation of collagen, elastin. It is enough to perform it 2-3 times a year to make your face look young and well-groomed.

By pumping hyaluronic acid, Botox and other means of rejuvenation to the skin, you achieve a temporary positive result. But in the long term, for example, after five years, aging will be more intense.

The face of frequent injections becomes puffy, lost individual facial expressions.

Folk remedies are often positioned as an equivalent and cheaper alternative to cosmetics. We will answer the most frequent questions asked by a woman’s cosmetologist “over 30”.

  • How to use oils for face skin after 30 years? Oils are fats in one hundred percent concentration. At no age, the skin of the face they are not needed. If you use any oil instead of a single cream, for example, because the cream is over, and you are worried about dryness, there is no problem. Such care is acceptable. But the constant use of fatty substances, oddly enough, dries and depletes the skin. The fact is that oil creates a film on the surface that disrupts metabolic processes. The inner layers of the skin remain dehydrated, as the oil does not contain moisture. The body is trying to compensate for dehydration by increased sebum secretion. Fat secret, accumulating in the pores under the oil, compacted, which leads to the formation of acne and often to their inflammation. You can add oil only a few drops in a mask or cream to enrich their composition.
  • What folk remedies include in your care? Any that you like, but respecting the basic requirement. You maintain regular daily care (cleansing, toning, moisturizing). And the compositions of any products are used as an additional.
  • What can be recommended for oily skin? In the summer, use masks of fresh berries and fruits with sourness. Fruit acids contained in them will help lighten the epidermis, reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands. Oat and rice flakes have an adsorbing effect. Useful masks based on kefir, yogurt, clay, honey.
  • What remedies will suit dry skin? Sour cream, cream, full-fat milk soothe and eliminate the feeling of dryness. You can cook compositions based on a decoction of oatmeal, mashed potatoes with patchouli oil, sandalwood, chamomile, egg yolk.
  • What are folk remedies better than cosmetic? The danger of this issue is in an attempt to replace cosmetics with food-based products. In the periodic use of such masks there is nothing terrible. Do them if you like the condition of the skin after a home remedy. But wait for a rejuvenating effect or a solution to the problem of fat, wrinkles, too, is not worth it.

The fact is that in folk remedies two or three components are combined that act only superficially. Professional cosmetics contain a complex of components in a clear concentration.

Their structure allows substances to act on the surface or penetrate deep into the skin to ensure the anti-aging effect.

Ready-made cosmetics from proven brands, pharmacy cosmetology compositions and professional cosmetics, developed by certified laboratories, are always many times more effective than homemade masks.

After thirty years, the skin retains a high potential of youth. The task of a woman is to maintain it by helping the skin with regular cleansing and moisturizing.

To solve problems, include in the skin care after 30 years the target formulations with peptides, AHA-acids, retinol. Connect to additional care serums and periodic salon procedures: massage, surface peels, microcurrents.

Do not forget about a healthy lifestyle: smoking, alcohol, chronic sleep deprivation and stress dramatically accelerate skin aging.

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