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Face mask with lemon: recipes for acne, black dots and age spots, reviews

Sun citrus is usually associated with a cold. After all, thanks to the rich content of vitamin C, at the first signs of indisposition, a lemon is introduced into the diet.

However, not only the immune system needs a healing product. No less useful is citrus for the skin.

A face mask with lemon eliminates many problems and even competes with hardware cosmetology.

To clean the skin, whiten the skin and allow to delay the aging process, cosmetologists advise to use lemon. Bright yellow citrus will restore the elasticity of the integument, smooth out wrinkles and eliminate annoying pigment spots.

But in the case of improper use, like the character of the famous fairy tale Gianni Rodari Prince Lemon, the product will bring serious harm.

Lemon face mask: benefits and contraindications

The use of citrus was assessed by the ancient Scandinavians, who called lemon “the apple of immortality.” Not spared it by the Slavs. There is an opinion that it was the lemon that got the name of the “youthful apple”, which is often found in folk tales.

Today, the use of citrus is confirmed by healers and doctors. This product is also appreciated by cosmetologists.

What is the secret of such demand? Lemon contains many useful substances that are simply necessary for the human body.

That is why homemade face mask recipes with lemon are very popular.

The benefits of citrus allow to judge the following components.

  • Fruit acids. They ensure the elimination of dead cells, penetrate deep into the pores and clean them of impurities.
  • Vitamin C. Starts the mechanism of production in the dermis elastin. Because of this, it becomes elastic. Participates in the fight against free radicals. This allows you to slow down the withering of the epidermis.
  • Thiamine Provides anti-inflammatory effect. Thereby reduces redness, eliminates blackheads and acne.
  • Carotene. Able to lighten age spots, evens out the shade of the face.
  • Flavonoids. Protect the skin from the aggression of the outside world (resist ultraviolet, high humidity, temperature changes). They significantly rejuvenate the face, smoothing small wrinkles and tightening the skin.
  • Phytoncides Eliminate irritation, skin tension. Restore skin elasticity.
  • Hesperidin. The component provides a pronounced antiviral effect. Protecting against viruses, hesperidin gives freshness and velvety skin.
  • Pectins. Eliminate from the face a variety of inflammation and irritation. They are of particular value in the fight against acne, small cracks, acne and irritation.
  • Riboflavin. Helps to saturate the skin with oxygen. It activates blood circulation.
  • Sesquiterpenes. They are necessary for tired or withering skin. These substances tone up the dermis, giving it a fresh and youthful appearance.

Studying the chemical composition of citrus, we can assume that the lemon mask is suitable for oily, problem and fading skin. But it is not so.

Beauticians say that lemon face masks will suit all people without exception.

Experts give the following indications for their use for different skin.

  • Normal skin type. Lemon will provide high-quality cleansing, saturate the epidermis with vitamins and give the face a natural shade.
  • Fat, problem. Masks quickly eliminate greasy shine, normalize the glands. Citrus will help cleanse the pores and ensure their narrowing. Lemon helps eliminate acne, inflammation and prevents the appearance of a new rash.
  • Dry, sensitive. The use of citrus is possible only in combination with moisturizing ingredients such as sour cream, kefir, honey, vegetable oil. In this case, the mask will help retain moisture and eliminate the peeling.
  • Mature, fading. Citrus is able to stop the inexorable time, smooth out wrinkles and lighten unpleasant age spots.

Before you include lemon in cosmetics for the face, it is important to familiarize yourself with the contraindications. Citrus can cause severe irritation and lead to unpleasant allergic manifestations.

Product is contraindicated in:

  • couperose (spider veins);
  • individual sensitivity to citrus;
  • furunculosis;
  • purulent acne;
  • tumors (of all kinds);
  • wounds, injuries.

Lemon, due to the content of ascorbic acid, is a rather aggressive product. Therefore, it requires a special approach.

In order for the lemon to benefit the skin in full, you must follow five rules.

  1. Use all useful raw materials. For the preparation of cosmetics it is necessary to use both the lemon pulp and its zest. Beauticians believe that the peel contains no less useful substances than the acidic core. But the bones need to be removed. Zest before use must be thoroughly washed with soda to eliminate all chemicals that are treated with citruses before transport.
  2. Add quality components. If you need water, it is better to take purified or mineral water without gas. Boiled is not suitable, because it is devoid of all useful components, and plumbing contains a lot of chemistry. Of vegetable oils, olive oil is considered the most suitable, but only cold pressed.
  3. Observe the technology of applying a mask. Lemon contains a large amount of fruit acids that can leave burns on sensitive areas. Therefore, applying a mask, carefully avoid the area near the eyes, a section of nasolabial folds and wings of the nose.
  4. Do not keep the mixture longer than it should be. Keep the mask on the skin for more than ten minutes is not recommended. As soon as discomfort and burning occurs, it is immediately washed off.
  5. Complete the entire recommended course. Repeat the mask twice a week. With increased greasiness and an excessive amount of acne, procedures can be carried out three times a week, provided that the masks do not cause irritation.

On the basis of lemon, you can prepare a lot of useful tools for the skin. But choosing a recipe is necessary to carefully study its composition and the impact that this tool provides.

Characteristic. Whitening face mask with lemon is a means to get the “porcelain” skin, which all the young ladies with freckles dream about.

The mask will lighten the pigment spots and provide an even tone.

  • lemon juice – one big spoon;
  • parsley juice – one teaspoon;
  • kefir – two large spoons;
  • white clay – one big spoon.
  1. Squeeze juice out of fresh citrus.
  2. It is added to the clay.
  3. Next, parsley juice is injected into the mask and kefir is poured.

Characteristic. Lemon-based whitening mask will help even out skin tone, relieve pigment spots on the face, lighten freckles.

The tool can be used with dryness, and with oily skin.

  • yogurt (without additives) – two large spoons;
  • lemon juice – one teaspoon;
  • parsley (finely chopped) – two large spoons;
  • oat bran – half a big spoon.
  1. Yogurt diluted with lemon juice.
  2. Fresh chopped parsley is added to the mixture.
  3. Add oat bran and mix the mask well.

Characteristic. To soothe dry skin and provide it with high-quality moisturizing, a mask containing sour cream is recommended. Such a tool will provide easy clarification of the integument.

  • cottage cheese (fat) – one big spoon;
  • sour cream (20%) – one big spoon;
  • olive oil – one big spoon;
  • lemon juice – one teaspoon;
  • salt – 3 g
  1. Cottage cheese carefully fray.
  2. The product is combined with sour cream and mix well.
  3. Olive oil is slightly warmed and added to the curd mixture.
  4. Salt and lemon juice are injected into the mask.

Characteristic. To eliminate dead cells and deep clean the pores, a mask combining lemon, egg white and sea salt is used.

But this tool is only suitable for high fat skin.

  • egg white – one;
  • lemon juice – three teaspoons;
  • sea ​​salt – pinch.
  1. Protein is whipped into foam.
  2. Salt is introduced into the air mass and juice is poured.
  3. Mask diligently knead.
  4. It is recommended to wash off the agent with chamomile decoction.

Characteristic. A great cleansing power has a combination of lemon and soda. This mask disinfects, reduces inflammation, protects against the emergence of a new rash.

This tool will relieve even a large accumulation of acne, blackheads.

  • lemon juice – two teaspoons;
  • orange juice – one teaspoon;
  • Soda – one teaspoon.
  1. Mix both fresh juices.
  2. Pour baking soda into the liquid.
  3. Rinse your face after a ten-minute procedure with cool water only.

Characteristic. This mask is recognized as an effective tool for ridding the skin of black spots.

The tool on the basis of shaving foam allows not only high-quality cleanse the face, but also prevents the re-emergence of comedones. The mask provides a narrowing of the pores, eliminates greasiness and gives the face a natural elasticity.

  • shaving foam (cream) – one teaspoon;
  • lemon juice – two teaspoons;
  • hydrogen peroxide – one teaspoon;
  • sea ​​salt – one teaspoon.
  1. In the glass container release foam.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide is added to it and juice is poured. Stir.
  3. Pour sea salt (preferably pre-ground) into the mass and mix the mask.

Characteristic. A mixture containing honey and lemon will help tired and fading skin.

It will provide a slight refreshment, give the epidermis smoothness, smooth out wrinkles and make the face shine.

  • lemon pulp – one big spoon;
  • white wine (always dry) – two and a half large spoons;
  • almonds – 10-12 pieces;
  • honey – one teaspoon;
  • sugar – one dessert spoon.
  1. In natural wine lead crushed pulp of citrus.
  2. Pre-ground almonds. It is mixed with honey.
  3. Sweet nougat is added to citrus liquor.
  4. Pour the sugar and carefully knead the mask.
  5. Be sure to insist means about a quarter of an hour, and only then applied to the face.

Characteristic. To tighten the oval of the face, to make the skin more elastic and elastic, it is recommended that a mask containing lemon juice and egg white.

Such a lifting is better not to apply to people with dry skin, as the protein very much tightens the face. As a result, it can provoke enhanced peeling.

  • protein – one egg;
  • honey – one big spoon;
  • lemon juice – two large spoons;
  • orange ether – three drops.
  1. Initially whipped protein.
  2. Lemon juice is added to the thick froth.
  3. Enter honey, add essential oil.

Characteristic. To improve the appearance of tired skin, cosmetologists advise to resort to a mask of eggs and sour juice. This combination will allow to narrow the pores, provide the skin with tenderness, nourish it with vitamins.

After the first procedure, the tone of the dermis is significantly improved.

  • lemon juice – one big spoon;
  • an egg is one;
  • sour cream – two teaspoons.
  1. Egg whisk whisk.
  2. Sourish juice is poured into it and sour cream is added, continuing to mix.
  3. After the mask is recommended to wipe the face with black tea.

Characteristic. The tool includes only two components, but allows you to soften the face and provides him with a healthy look.

This mask can be used to eliminate traces after acne and cleansing the skin from bacteria.

  • olive oil – two tablespoons;
  • lemon juice – two tablespoons.
  1. Both liquids are mixed in a glass container.
  2. Apply such a mask, in the absence of discomfort, is allowed for 20 minutes.
  3. In conclusion, recommended contrasting water treatment for the face.

Characteristic. To achieve deep cleansing of the skin, eliminate acne, cure inflammation, you can resort to a face mask with citric acid and sour cream.

But to apply such a mixture on the wound or purulent rash is strictly prohibited.

  • citric acid – half a teaspoon;
  • sour cream – two tablespoons;
  • salt – one teaspoon.
  1. Citric acid is poured into sour cream.
  2. Then add salt.
  3. The mask is thoroughly kneaded to form a paste.
  4. When applying the product to problem areas, it is recommended to gently massage the face.

A lemon face mask will help in the morning to hide all the “symptoms” of a sleepless night. It is enough to dilute lemon juice in equal proportions with water.

Dampening a napkin in such a liquid, it is placed on the face for literally five minutes. And in order to have such an ambulance on hand, it is recommended to freeze diluted lemon juice and apply cosmetic ice as needed.

Reviews: “I did not get such an effect with any store mask”

I have been fighting with black dots on my nose for a long time since I can remember. But one day a friend suggested a very effective method for me to eliminate them.

Now, having experienced it, I can say that it is really the most effective! I did not get such an effect with any shopping mask!

And most importantly, everything is natural and at no extra cost. All we need is one egg and lemon juice.

Everything. The yolk from the protein must be separated, because we only need the latter.

In protein, add lemon juice to the eye. From the very first application, you will notice how your face will change: clean pores, even complexion, skin more toned and fresh.

Lemon juice certainly well disinfects and nourishes the skin. In general, it does not remove acne, rather it prevents their formation. The skin after the acid becomes dryish and irritated.

But then restored.

The second day I use lemon tonic. The skin is noticeably improving.

Only for some reason, when I put tonic on my face, there is a slight tingling.

Citrus fruits also have a good whitening effect. Wipe the skin daily with a slice of grapefruit or lemon.

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