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Face mask of oatmeal against wrinkles, acne, blackheads and black dots

Oatmeal is valued in cosmetology for its unique ability to rejuvenate, nourish, cleanse. It is used to create effective tools for large brands that care about female beauty.

But to look good, it is not necessary to buy expensive products. Means can be easily prepared at home.

To make a homemade oatmeal face mask for wrinkles, acne, peeling, or oily shine not inferior to the store, you need to use a proven recipe and follow the tips on application.

Masks with the use of oats can be called universal. The main component of such funds is rich in nutrients. A mixture of oatmeal effectively cope with the problems of dryness and shine.

It will remove peeling and acne, smooth out wrinkles and relieve dead cells that slow down regeneration. Means nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis.

Such masks are used by aged ladies and young girls.

A simple oatmeal face mask at home “works” no worse than salon care. What is the secret of the effectiveness of such a familiar product?

The answer must be sought in the substances that it contains.

  • Vitamin C . Responsible for youth, able to make loose skin taut.
  • Retinol. It has a healing effect, starts the process of regeneration of the epidermis.
  • Thiamine Accelerates the process of renewal, eliminates dryness, returns elasticity.
  • Water Guarantees the required level of moisture.

When the substances contained in oats, affect the epidermis complex, rejuvenating effect is provided. This is confirmed by reviews of beauties who chose oats and homemade products from it.

The versatility of an oat face mask allows it to be used regardless of skin type. The use of additional components in the process of cooking means depends on the individual characteristics and the problems that need to be solved. Oatmeal in tandem with the right ingredients will help with:

  • acne. In adolescents, and if acne suddenly decided to remind of themselves in adulthood;
  • dry skin. Which leads to flaking, a feeling of tightness;
  • active sebaceous glands. Which is expressed by the oily glitter of the face;
  • first signs of wilting. Loss of elasticity;
  • the appearance of wrinkles. Age and those that are caused by excessive facial expressions, improper care.

In order for a cosmetological hand-made effect to be as good as shop products, you need to know the correct recipe, the nuances of preparation, the details of the application. It is important to take into account the peculiarities of your skin.

Otherwise, it is easy to be disappointed in home cosmetology, and not having understood why her friends admire her.

There is a “classic of the genre”: an oatmeal face mask that any beauty can use. You need to take a few tablespoons of flour (the amount at its discretion, four or five will be enough). Pour flour with water.

The tool should have a homogeneous consistency, reminiscent of thick sour cream. The mixture has a nourishing effect.

It is used to combat acne, but can also be used for preventive purposes.

Healthy appearance of the skin will provide cleaning the face with oatmeal. The procedure delicately removes dead cells, relieves from inflamed lesions, acne, greasy shine.

Cleaning will also help get rid of black spots, after which the pores will narrow. The recipes for effective products, where oatmeal is the main component, are presented in the table.

Table – Oatmeal Cleansing Masks for Different Skin Types

Skin typeComponentsTime
Fatty– A tablespoon of crushed flakes;
– a teaspoon of honey;
– Three tablespoons of low-fat yogurt (you can use yogurt);
– a pinch of salt
Normal– Table spoon oatmeal;
– a tablespoon of cornflakes;
– a teaspoon of vegetable oil (better than olive oil)
Dry– Two tablespoons of cereal;
– a tablespoon of sour cream
Problematic– Two tablespoons of oatmeal;
– A teaspoon of ordinary soda;
– a tablespoon of juice squeezed out of a lemon;
– 1.5 tablespoons of sour cream, kefir or yogurt

3 oatmeal anti wrinkle face masks

Always remain young – the eternal feminine dream. Under the influence of various factors (ecology, unhealthy diet, lifestyle, neglect of care) the skin ages, the first folds appear. No one has canceled the aging processes of fading.

The rejuvenating oatmeal face pack will help to return the former beauty. To prepare an effective tool, use one of the instructions.

Summary . Refreshes, tones, provides a healthy color. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, which contributes to rapid rejuvenation, and black mats additionally – the choice is yours.

  1. Brew strong tea.
  2. Measure out two tablespoons of cereal.
  3. Pour oatmeal with hot tea.
  4. Cool the resulting mass.
  5. Hold the agent for 10 minutes.

Summary . Smoothes wrinkles, refreshes. A face mask with oatmeal and honey is able to whiten, narrow pores.

  1. Pound flakes into flour, if there is no ready-made flour.
  2. Separate the yolk from the protein (only protein is required).
  3. Squeeze the lemon juice.
  4. Combine protein, a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of lemon juice. And also a canteen – milk.
  5. Add oatmeal to the mixture (or flakes, crushed to flour) until the mass is viscous and thick enough.
  6. Apply the product for 20 minutes.

Summary . It smoothes wrinkles, rejuvenates, tightens, relieves flabbiness. This tool is ideal for dry skin: the mixture is able to moisturize well.

  1. To the egg yolk add a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of olive oil.
  2. The components mix.
  3. Flakes chop.
  4. Add oatmeal to the mixture in such quantity that the consistency of the product resembled thick sour cream.
  5. Keep the mixture on the face for 15 minutes.

The benefits of oatmeal masks are enormous. However, in order to fully appreciate it, you need to adhere to certain rules.

Memorize five tips.

  1. Get ready for the procedure. The tool will effectively “work” only if the person “prepares” for a meeting with him. Before the procedure, you need to do a make-up remover, wash, steam out the skin. The latter is not so difficult to do. No time for a steam bath? Then express steaming to help: put a towel dipped in hot water on your face, hold for two minutes.
  2. Remember safety. The recipe should be tested and suitable for the individual characteristics of the skin. Before using a multicomponent mask, it is worthwhile to test for allergies, putting the mixture on the wrist. Use flakes without flavors and other additives.
  3. Keep track of time. Oatmeal masks are not recommended to keep more than twenty minutes. It is necessary to strictly follow the time frame specified in the instructions.
  4. Wash off properly. Oatmeal products usually have a sticky and viscous consistency. First, they are recommended to wash off with warm water, and then cool – it will refresh after the procedure.
  5. Do not forget about post-care. After natural masks, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream. Particularly relevant advice for owners of dry skin.

With the right approach, home cosmetology can compete with salon procedures. Effective recipes for oatmeal masks used by women prove this in practice. However, only regular care can meet the expectations placed on natural remedies.

A truly stunning result can be expected after five to ten applications (sometimes even fifteen). The effect will be after the first use, but do not expect miracles without regularity. Partial procedure can not be.

When the sebaceous glands are working excessively, oatmeal masks can be done with regularity once every three days, with dry skin, no more than once every ten days.

“The skin is transformed!” – women’s reviews about oatmeal masks

I use this masochka as a scrub. Very effective, and the effect is mild.

Acne very quickly dries out and disappears, and most importantly, new inflammation does not appear at all.

Jana, //www.skrabi. com / vse-maski / maski-dlya-lica / maska-dlya-lica-iz-ovsyanyx-xlopev.html

Also like oatmeal masks. The skin just becomes silky, besides, they also help with acne.


Masks with oatmeal are my favorites. After them, oily shine disappears, the skin is perfectly cleansed and toned. Apply to clean skin and wash off after 20 minutes.

A month later, the skin noticeably tightened, I will continue to mask. Sometimes I add a little honey, there is a slight warming effect.

Oatmeal masks are among my favorite treatments. For irritations and excessive dryness of the skin on the face, washing with a formula made from oatmeal mixed with milk or water helps me.

The skin after these sessions becomes surprisingly soft and velvety.

Why spend money on expensive cream, when every woman has universal remedies at home? I enjoy using oatmeal since adolescence and do not know any skin problems.

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