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Face mask for dry skin: nourishing, moisturizing and smoothing recipes

It is necessary to care for dry skin in a special way: for this type of dermis it is important to ensure an adequate level of hydration and nutrition. Homemade face mask for dry skin will help to solve this problem. What recipe hand-made tools to choose?

Only verified! Then the effect of the home procedure will be no worse than the result of salon care.

Dry skin gives a lot of problems. She is susceptible to external influences, which the owners of this type of skin know firsthand.

In the cold and under the influence of the wind, irritation appears on the face, the skin reddens, peels off. After contact with water, a feeling of tightness often appears.

The skin is sensitive to cosmetics: improper selection of cosmetics can cause irritation.

To solve the problem of dry skin at home, you need to understand the cause of this condition. What can influence?

  • External factors . The ability of the dermis to self-regulate decreases under the aggressive influence of the sun or cold. Dehydration can be caused by improper selection of cosmetics, regular use of soap, and frequent use of “aggressive” cosmetic procedures (for example, mechanical cleaning).
  • Internal factors. The condition of the body can be monitored by the skin. The presence of a number of diseases of the nervous, excretory, digestive systems lead to dehydration of the dermis.
  • Age reasons. Over the years, the skin is difficult to retain moisture, the activity of the sebaceous glands decreases, which leads to dryness. Age-related changes on the face are especially noticeable in those women whose skin was tender and thin in youth.
  • Heredity. Complex genetic mechanisms determine, among other things, the degree of moisture of the skin.

Masks for dry skin at home is very easy to make. For products use components that can be found in any kitchen: for example, eggs, sour cream, vegetable oil, vegetables and fruits, oatmeal. Given that the recipe involves the mixing of straightforward ingredients, the effect of home remedies will be no worse than the store.

What to count on?

  • Moisturizing. Mixtures of natural ingredients help to retain moisture in the epidermis. Normalization of water balance has a positive effect on appearance.
  • Nutrition . Natural masks nourish the dermis with nutrients. Due to this, regeneration processes are resumed.
  • Rejuvenation Masks selected according to skin type and presence of problems help smooth out wrinkles, restore elasticity and smoothness, and slow down the mechanisms of aging.

Effect . The tool nourishes the skin, evens the tone of the face, refreshes. The mask will help with peeling.

An additional bonus will be the whitening effect, the ability to get rid of pigmentation.

  1. Measure out two tablespoons of fat cottage cheese.
  2. Add five drops of essential oil (any suitable, but the whitening effect will provide lemon oil).
  3. Hold for 15 minutes.

Effect . Effective nourishing mask. The tool eliminates the roughness, tones.

It has a strong whitening effect.

  1. Grind the yolk with sour cream (a tablespoon, it is better to take fat).
  2. Pour into a mixture of any vegetable oil (teaspoon).
  3. Apply gently, wait 20 minutes.

Effect . It has a rejuvenating effect. The tool returns the skin tone, elasticity, relieves flabbiness, smoothes irregularities.

  1. Mix the clay (preferably white, you need to take a tablespoon) with honey (a teaspoon).
  2. In the mass drip five drops of lemon juice. If the product is too thick, add cold water (a little).
  3. Wash 20 minutes after application, only cool water will go, mineral water is better.

Effect . This is a mask for very dry skin. Soothes the dermis, has an active nourishing effect.

The tool has an anti-aging effect, fights against signs of wilting, returns skin firmness and elasticity, eliminates furrows.

  1. Mash a banana in a bowl.
  2. Add 50 g of yogurt and honey (two teaspoons) to the fruit pulp.
  3. Apply, wait ten minutes, wash in warm water.

Effect . It has a smoothing effect, eliminates wrinkles. The product nourishes the skin, nourishes the dermis with substances that slow down the aging process.

  1. Mix the pre-crushed yeast (a tablespoon) with any vegetable oil (twice as much as the main ingredient).
  2. Hold the mass for about 15 minutes.
  3. Use warm water for removal.

Effect . The tool has an antioxidant effect. Rejuvenates, actively nourishes the epidermis.

  1. Chop the rice into flour (two tablespoons of cereal are enough).
  2. To rice flour, add two tablespoons of full-fat milk (preferably goat milk) and one honey.
  3. Hold for 15 minutes.

Effect . Sparing means for effective clarification. The mask moisturizes well, after it the skin acquires a healthy glow.

  1. Mash the flesh of one avocado.
  2. Mix fruit gruel with yogurt, honey (a teaspoon), pour olive oil into the mixture (1.5 tablespoons).
  3. Stop for 20 minutes.

Care for dry skin has many nuances. What you need to know with this type of dermis?

Here are five axioms.

  1. Dry skin does not like hot water. High temperature dilates blood vessels, they become visible on the face. The best option is room temperature.
  2. Soap – the worst enemy. For dry skin, it is recommended to use only soft skins, based on natural ingredients. Soap that will be a real blow if insufficient sebaceous glands.
  3. Peeling is needed, but not often. The peeling procedure is important for dry skin. So you can get rid of dead particles. Due to the peeling characteristic of such a dermis, they accumulate a lot. With the procedure can not be partial: once every two weeks is enough. Excessive exfoliation increases dehydration.
  4. Choose tonic and cream need to be right. Dry skin optimally fit alcohol-free tonics and cream with oily structure.
  5. Do not use masks without an allergy test. Dry skin is dehydrated and thin, it is as sensitive as possible to various components. Homemade cosmetics should be checked before applying to the face for allergies.

Correctly selected face masks help to cope with many problems of the dermis, they are vital for dry skin. However, when the dehydration of the skin need to act on all fronts.

It is proved that to improve the condition of even very dry skin, you can use food. The diet should include nuts, dairy products, sea fish, prunes. Be sure to drink at least two liters of water per day.

These measures are aimed at maintaining water-lipid balance, which makes sebaceous glands active.

“Skin like a baby”, – reviews on home remedies for dry dermis

Effective folk remedy for dry and scaly skin: boil apples in milk, usually in the winter.

I have very sensitive skin, I would even say problematic, especially in winter, dry and with redness. The curd mask with cucumber helped me more or less improve the skin color and cope with dryness. Here I am sharing with you :-): mix the cottage cheese thoroughly so that there are no lumps (no need to take too much, 1 tablespoon will be enough).

A cucumber is rubbed on a grater, mixed with curd mass and applied to the face for 15 minutes. The skin instantly becomes soft and moisturized.

I have very dry skin on my face and this mask helps me to cope with it. You need to take walnuts, peel them from the shell, chop them into a homogeneous mass and add 1 teaspoon of butter, 1 teaspoon of yolk, 1 teaspoon of honey and mix all this well.

Apply the mask for 20-30 minutes, then rinse.

I tried a curd mask – I really liked it. The skin is soft and pleasant, like a baby.

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