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Enzyme face packs: effect and application features

In all biochemical processes of the body take part enzymes. If their production is insufficient, it immediately affects the state of health. Considering that the skin is also a system of the body, analogies suggest themselves.

If the nutrients cannot penetrate into the cells of the epidermis, are not split and are not absorbed in them, many problems arise that do not add attractiveness to women. Correct the situation can enzyme masks for the face.

What are these funds? How do they work?

Can I make them at home?

Enzymes (enzymes) are catalysts for biochemical processes that take place in cells. Their importance lies in the fact that they react with lightning speed to changes in the internal and external environment, ensuring the survival of the organism.

Cosmetologists could not disregard the unique properties of enzymes. Penetrating deep into the skin and integrating into cellular processes, enzymes naturally correct skin defects.

Enzymes are proteinaceous substances that affect metabolism. The processes of skin aging under their influence literally freeze.

And all this is due to the fact that enzymes open access to oxygen and beneficial substances into the deepest layers of the dermis. Perhaps this is the most reliable means to combat youthful, age and other common skin problems.

In cosmetology about twenty enzymes are actively used. But is it worth it to bother with many complex terms?

It is enough to remember the five most important substances for the skin, and then pay attention to their presence in the composition of cosmetics.

  1. Papain. Effectively removes dead skin tissue. Actively fights bacteria and microbes that provoke inflammatory processes.
  2. Sorbain. Responsible for tissue regeneration and renewal. Makes skin color beautiful, healthy and fresh.
  3. Bromelain Removes puffiness, soothes inflammation. It makes the pores less noticeable, reduces the amount of sebum.
  4. Ficin. Stimulates the process of collagen production. Due to this, wrinkles are smoothed, the oval of the face is strengthened.
  5. Arbutin. Fights pigmentation and freckles.

Reviews of enzyme masks for the face allow you to fully assess their effectiveness. Here are the main advantages of this category of funds.

  • Security . Despite the pronounced effect, enzymes are absolutely not aggressive and do not injure the skin.
  • Organic. The enzymes contained in the masks correspond to those that are present in the human body, and therefore they are easily incorporated into the cell structure and stimulate their work.
  • Long lasting effect. Enzymes act in the cells not only during the application of the mask, but also later.
  • Speed ​​performance The effect comes instantly, and therefore enzyme masks are often used before important events or solemn events.
  • Versatility. Enzyme-based products are suitable for any age and skin type.

Penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis, the enzymes enter into biological reactions, causing osmotic pressure in the capillaries. As a result, cellular fluid is released with accumulated toxins and contaminants in the blood.

Now the cellular environment is ready for saturation with nutrients and oxygen, becoming less susceptible to external threats (infections and aggressive environment).

After the procedure, when the epidermis and facial muscles become dormant, the already cleansed cellular fluid is redistributed to areas of skin with a low level of pressure or to those that have any damage. The effect is equivalent to that which occurs after lymphatic drainage massage.

Enzyme Facials: Overview of Popular Products

Cosmetologists believe that the future of enzyme cosmetics. This is a real breakthrough.

Beauties who follow the latest trends and innovations have already managed to evaluate the effectiveness of these tools. If you are looking for an enzyme mask for home care, pay attention to the products of such companies.

  • Caudalie. The manufacturer offers a peeling mask Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask, which attracts customers with a soft texture and a fresh citrus scent. Viniferin eliminates pigmentation, and papain provides an exfoliating effect. A number of auxiliary components are responsible for intensive hydration and regulation of sebum.
  • Freeman. The Ananas mask, based on fruit extracts and acids, fell in love with the customers. Its action is mainly aimed at removing the upper stratum corneum. This allows you to make the face look fresher and allow nutrients to access the deep layers of the dermis. Also, this tool is effective in the fight against postacne.
  • Sea Of SPA. Love beauties deserved BIO SPA mask with pumpkin oil. The tool has pronounced regenerating properties. A nice bonus will be a smooth skin tone and dullness.

Enzyme facials at home can be prepared from the available components. Enzymes are found in a number of vegetables and fruits.

And it is these vegetable ingredients that make up the prescription basis.

Table – Recipes homemade enzyme masks

Anti-inflammatory– Three tablespoons of pineapple puree;
– a tablespoon of honey;
– the same amount of olive oil (slightly warmed)
15 minutes
Tonic– A tablespoon of pumpkin puree;
– the same mashed papaya;
– chicken egg (pre-beat)
20 minutes
Matting– A tablespoon of pumpkin puree;
– the same mashed papaya;
– a teaspoon of honey;
– rice flour (to thicken the mask to the state of sour cream)
15 minutes
Moisturizing– Two tolovye lodges papaya puree;
– a tablespoon of lime juice;
– egg white (pre-whip);
– oatmeal (to thicken the mask to the state of sour cream)
15 minutes

Both cosmetologists and their clients like enzymes, because they have amazing penetrating power. Five useful tips will help to achieve maximum effect when using industrial enzyme cosmetics at home.

  1. Training . Before applying the enzyme mask, it is recommended to clean the face or professional peeling. Thus, the enzyme resources will be focused on cell renewal, and not on pollution control.
  2. Application To perform the procedure, you will need a soft brush, with the help of which an “enzyme framework” is created on the face.
  3. Time Enzymes begin to act on the skin no earlier than 20 minutes after application. Therefore, the procedure takes at least 40 minutes.
  4. Security . During the procedure, it is better to close your eyes, because the mask pairs can cause irritation of the mucous membrane.
  5. Uninstall. Wash off the enzyme mask is not so easy, because it freezes. Therefore, first you need to soak it with a wet towel, and only then wash.

What are enzyme face packs? It is quite costly (in terms of time and money), but an extremely effective contribution to beauty. Faced with such a tool for the first time, you can be afraid of unusual sensations and short-term redness.

But assessing the result, which is achieved through a deep impact, you most likely want to repeat the procedure again.

“Out of keratosis and postoznost”, – reviews of enzyme masks

Cosmetics gorgeous. Enzyme therapy is super!

In practice, a vivid example: a 44-year-old woman came, a postostal face, gray, with a visible vascular network (an alcoholic type) and, in addition, her hands were shaking. The fact that the car and dressed well, I noticed immediately. (Still wondered how she was driving?). They made a purge (very twitching), ordered Dannah to leave.

She (to pay tribute to her) went strictly, read “smart” books during the 45-minute mask. A little retreat, after removing the mask, the vessels are all visible, at least study.

But, each time the vascular manifestations became less, keratosis and postoznost have gone! I didn’t even have to advise blepharoplasty (although there was a conversation at the beginning)

We all know that the muscles of the face can be “pumped up” to a stronger level with the help of exercises. However, exercises on the face require almost religious daily routine repetition of them in order to achieve a result and support it.

Most patients will not devote enough time to comply with this regimen.
Arbitrary contraction of the muscles of the face with the help of enzymatic procedures (the result of reverse osmosis) has a much more natural and lasting effect, because the muscles, by themselves, move, overcoming their own resistance.
In general, the best characteristic of enzyme therapy is that the pH factor is not involved, too acidic, or alkaline. Therefore, contraindications are either small and / or less pronounced.

The fact is that I am in adolescence with my problem skin. That just did not try. And recently I was advised to try the StopProblem enzyme peel.

And, you know, in spite of his low cost, he helped me. After a week of use, my skin evened out, and there were far fewer black spots and pimples.

Now I advise him to all my friends.

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