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Egg hair mask: recipes for dry and oily strands, against falling out and for strengthening

The standard of femininity are beautiful hair. So that they are thick and look well-groomed, cosmetologists recommend using not only fashionable balms and shampoos, but also include folk remedies in the care of the strands.

After all, products donated by nature – this is a real treasury of useful substances. Just such a tool is an ordinary chicken egg.

What is useful mask for hair of eggs, and how to apply it?

Egg products have gained deserved popularity today. Their prevalence is dictated by the beneficial effect on strands, and in several directions at once. Egg masks nourish curls and prevent them from being dry and brittle.

They provide hair restoration after chemical perms, aggressive effects of a hair dryer, forceps, the negative effects of the sun, sea or frost. But in order to achieve all of these effects, it is important to know how to properly apply egg masks and to be able to accurately select the right tool for your strands.

The impact of chicken eggs on the hair was studied in the XIX century. But fashionable shampoos quickly forced out a healthy product from cosmetic items. Today, when people began to truly appreciate organic cosmetics, cosmetologists have again offered to care for curls with eggs.

And for good reason. After all, an egg mask for hair can transform beyond recognition beyond lifeless, dull strands.

Such “magic” is dictated by the uniquely rich composition of the egg.

  • Vitamin A . It has strong regenerating properties. Therefore contributes to the speedy healing of any damage.
  • Vitamins B. This group provides a comprehensive impact. Vitamins strengthen the bulbs, accelerate the growth of strands, protect them from falling out, eliminate dandruff. Activate blood flow, thereby improving the nutrition of the curls and providing them with density.
  • Vitamin D. Strengthens hair, preventing their loss. Vitamin makes them strong and strong.
  • Vitamin E. Increases the elasticity of the strands, eliminates dryness and provides them shine.
  • Potassium. Moisturizes hair, activates metabolic processes.
  • Iron Stimulates blood circulation and improves the nutrition of the roots with oxygen.
  • Phosphorus. Restores broken ends and brittle strands.
  • Calcium. This is a building material for hair.
  • Sodium. Protects against hair loss and strengthens the bulbs.
  • Lecithin. Provides effective moisturizing and improves the condition of the hair ends.
  • Amino acids. Activate the resistance of the curls to external aggressive factors.

The egg is applied in different directions. So, for the care of oily strands cosmetologists advise to use only protein that has drying properties.

And for dry hair, the use of yolk is obvious, which qualitatively moisturizes the curls. A whole egg is a universal remedy that can be useful for any type of strand, because it combines the healing power of both the yolk and protein.

If egg means are applied correctly, you can count on the following results.

  • Strands stop falling out. After the first procedure, the amount of hair remaining on the shoulders, pillow and comb will be significantly reduced.
  • The tips stick together. Cut hair strengthened and glued. Egg means allow you to prevent further section of the hair. Due to this, the need for constant cutting will disappear.
  • Curls will become thick and voluminous. Improved metabolism, enhanced nutrition will lead to the restoration of hair structure. The strands as a result of thickening will get the long-awaited density and volume.
  • Growth will increase. Activation of metabolism and quality nutrition will provide not only thickness, but also stimulate the growth of curls.
  • Hair “come to life.” At the expense of egg means strands acquire vital energy, imbued with strength and acquire natural elasticity. Even those curls that are constantly exposed to aggressive external influences will be restored.
  • Curls quality cleaned. The egg has a unique ability not only to clean hair from pollution, but also to normalize the greasiness of the glands. This allows much less often to resort to the procedure of washing the head, even in the case of excessive fat.
  • Dandruff will disappear. Egg moisturizes hair and dry skin. As a result, dandruff disappears. It takes a feeling of tightening the skin.

The ratio of women to hair masks from eggs made at home is rather ambiguous. Experiencing difficulties during the application and rinsing means, some young ladies completely reject such care.

And even the prospect of getting long and beautiful hair does not seduce at all. But only girls who do not know or neglect the simple rules for the use of egg masks face such difficulties.

To fully enjoy hair care and get long-awaited results without stumbling blocks, you need to use a few recommendations.

  • The choice of raw materials. For cosmetics it is better to use homemade eggs. The most useful are quail. But their size is too small, so it is easier to use chicken ones. It is necessary to choose eggs of the small sizes. Such a product is carried by young hens, therefore, there are much more useful components in such eggs.
  • Temperature mode. Do not use cold eggs for masks. It is recommended to get the product out of the refrigerator approximately two to three hours before the procedure. The mask is often added additional components that require heating in a water bath, for example, honey. It is important to remember that at temperatures above 45 ° C, the proteins collapse. In this case, they are hard to apply and almost impossible to wash off. Therefore, the use of a water bath is better to refuse. But if it becomes necessary to melt the ingredients, then limit to heating to 40 ° C.
  • Making a mask. Egg products are used immediately after preparation. This makeup is not intended to be stored. In order to beat the egg with high quality it is better to resort to the help of a blender. Carefully ensure that the shell does not get into the mask, and remove all the lumps from it. Such elements are very difficult to wash out of the strands.
  • Insulation procedure. To ensure that the mask provides the highest quality result, it is necessary to warm the head after applying the product. For this, the strands are hidden under a shower cap, and wrapped around the top with a scarf.
  • The duration of the event. Very often women have difficulty washing off the mask. Not surprising, because the egg can quickly dry on the hair. Therefore, you should not keep masks on curls for a long time. As the reviews show, to get the long-awaited results, it is enough to leave the product on the hair for 15, on the strength of 20 minutes.
  • Rinse the mixture. Never use hot water to remove the egg! Otherwise, the egg will curl right on your hair. Wash off the head with lukewarm water. Shampoo can not apply. Egg quality clean contaminated hair. But rinsing liquid is useful. A decoction of dry hair is recommended decoction of chamomile (per liter of water – one tablespoon). If the strands are fat, a lemon solution is useful (150 ml of citrus juice per liter of water).
  • The frequency of procedures. You can resort to the treatment of strands with an egg once or twice a week. The full course of therapy is 10-12 sessions.

Masks, the main component of which is an egg, there are many. They all provide comprehensive care. But depending on the components introduced into the product, they reinforce one of the effects of the chicken product.

So, some of them strengthen the bulbs and promote the growth of strands, others reduce oiliness or eliminate dandruff. Therefore, when choosing a recipe for an egg mask for hair, it is necessary to focus on the state of the curls and take into account the desired result.

Description. The mask restores strands, saturates them with vitamins. Honey helps to improve blood circulation and activates the growth of strands.

Burdock oil is a recognized fighter for the beauty of curls, strengthening hair, enhancing their growth and thickness. And the addition of onions will help restore hair shine and health.

Such an egg mask for hair growth will suit young ladies with any type of curls.

  • onions – one head;
  • an egg is one;
  • honey – one tablespoon;
  • burdock oil – one tablespoon.
  1. Onions are crushed. Gruel wrapped in cheesecloth and squeezed juice.
  2. Egg beat a little. If the strands are too dry, it is better to use only the yolk.
  3. Into the whipped mixture injected onion juice, add honey.
  4. Burdock oil is poured into the mixture and mixed.

Description. Hair mask with egg and honey is a salvation for hair that has lost its attractive appearance due to excessive dryness. This tool will saturate them with vitality, restore structure and provide density.

  • an egg is one;
  • honey – one tablespoon.
  1. Honey is added to the egg.
  2. Mix the mixture well using a blender.

Description. This mask is useful for dry, dull hair that has lost its vitality after resting on the sea under the hot rays of the sun and exposure to salt water. Sour cream will restore the bulbs, saturate the hair with vitamins, strengthen the core.

  • sour cream (fat content of 20-25%) – one teaspoon;
  • an egg is one;
  • lemon juice – half a teaspoon.
  1. One egg is broken into thick sour cream.
  2. To make the hair shine after the procedure, it is recommended to add lemon juice or take three drops of lime oil.
  3. Mix well.

Description. To protect the strands from falling out, it is recommended that an egg-brandy mask is recommended to provide them with density and an unsurpassed volume. The alcohol component contributes to the irritation of hair follicles, due to this they are strengthened, and the growth of curls is activated. Beauticians allow you to replace brandy with vodka.

But it is strongly recommended to use only high-quality alcohol.

  • one yolk;
  • Cognac (high quality) – two tablespoons;
  • vegetable oil – two tablespoons;
  • honey (if the hair is too dry) – half a teaspoon.
  1. The yolk is diligently whipped.
  2. Add cognac to the egg and pour in vegetable oil.
  3. If necessary, add honey to the home mask.

Description. This mask will help to make beautiful hair, characterized by excessive oiliness. But it is important to remember one trick.

For its production take only fat-free kefir. Otherwise, greasiness will not decrease, but increase.

To get the procedure right, use the following step-by-step recipe.

  • kefir – 150 ml;
  • an egg is one;
  • Rosemary oil (optional) – three drops.
  1. In a raw egg injected kefir.
  2. The composition is whipped.
  3. In case of high fat content, it is recommended to add rosemary oil to the mask. This product helps to reduce the synthesis of sebaceous glands.

Description. It is difficult to describe how many positive effects of olive oil on hair. Fragrant product strengthens hair, eliminates dandruff, moisturizes curls.

Oliva prevents fallout, returns natural shine to curls.

  • honey – one tablespoon;
  • an egg is one;
  • olive oil – one tablespoon.
  1. Beat egg slightly and add aromatic oil to this ingredient.
  2. Continue to beat until a light homogeneous substance.
  3. Honey is introduced into the mask.

Description. Very useful for milk strands. It contains calcium, which restores brittle hair.

Milk allows you to return vital energy to dim strands, making them soft and silky.

  • milk (preferably homemade) – 100 ml;
  • honey – two tablespoons;
  • one yolk;
  • oil (olive oil is best) – seven drops.
  1. Milk is poured into liquid honey and mixed.
  2. The mixture is injected raw yolk. The tool is whipped.
  3. Then add vegetable oil. To make it easier to dose the product, you can use a baby pipette.

Sometimes women completely dislike the yolk hair mask because of the specific smell. Cosmetologists argue that you can easily avoid this “flavor”. Unpleasant smell gives a small film surrounding the yolk.

It must be carefully removed. In this case, the egg will completely lose its specific flavor.

Reviews: “Washing your head with yolk is effective, cheap, natural”

Since childhood, my mother washed my head with egg yolk. Not used any shampoos, but only from the protein separated the yolk and rubbed into the roots. Honestly, the hair grew quickly and did not fall out.

Therefore, I use it now. Just add the yolk to the hair mask.

A simple recipe: 3 yolks mixed with olive oil and apply on hair and wait half an hour. After washing your hair with shampoo, as the hair will be greasy without it. I like the result, the hair is thick and shiny.

Believe me, not one mask from the store will not be able to give you this effect. The main thing is that it is cheap and natural.

And now, following the example of my mother, I also wash my hair with yolk, since it is not clear what shampoos are made of. At least some harmful substances are there.

(vika21) Leva, http://www.imho24.ru/recommendation/298/

We all love eggs to eat, and I washed their hair with them. It was probably the peak of my hair care boom, I decided to stop using any kind of non-natural hair products, even shampoo!

And she switched to shampooing raw yolk. The hair glittered with a lively shine (egg shampoo really gives the hair a lively shine!), I forgot about split ends!

I’m sure to dip the ends of my hair into the egg shampoo and wait five minutes to soak it in the hair better. Cutting tips, goodbye!

I recently bleached my hair, plus they fell out. I read a lot about different shampoos, but chemistry is chemistry, which is expensive, that cheap shampoos. And I never saved them and decided to wash with yolk, and rinse with diluted lemon juice.

That the hair has become more lively – that is for sure, and combing without a balm is fine, I comb it while it is wet and glisten. I don’t know how much is enough for me until a week has passed … But one thing, the smell, though weak, is felt, at least I can feel it, the husband says that he does not smell.

I found information on the Internet about washing my head with an egg, improves the hair structure, strengthens, etc. I did everything according to the recipe, beat 2 eggs until cool, first washed my hair with shampoo and then applied the mixture to my hair, massaged and washed it off, did not dry it with a hair dryer. My hair was dry and I was terrified, my hair was like tow, dry, chewed, is that normal?

When I treated my hair for a month, I washed my hair with an egg, BUT only with my gall. Protein is very dry.

No wonder you have such a story. I just applied the whipped yolk all over the length and washed off after 7-10 minutes.

Then again, and washed off after 2-3. The effect was just super!

By the way, I generally used shampoo once every 3-4 shampoos.

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