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Diet Mages: menu for every day, reviews and results

Maggi’s popular diet has nothing to do with bouillon cubes of the same name. On the contrary, this technique completely eliminates synthetics in the diet.

The weight loss program is designed for four weeks, during which only natural nutrition is provided. This is a relatively nutritious diet built on proteins.

So, not starving, for a month you can lose even 20 kilos! Features and detailed menu of the diet Maggi for every day – in our material.

About why this method of dealing with obesity has such a name, opinions diverge. Some thinned out believe that the diet is named for the name of its author.

But others say that according to the program, Maggie lost weight by Margaret Thatcher herself, the legendary British Prime Minister. That is how the name of the politician was shortened.

The “magical” method has two options, which differ somewhat in the range of products: egg and cottage cheese. But the principles are one.

Thus, the menu of the Maggi diet is built on protein foods and virtually eliminates carbohydrates.

Maggi diet does not provide intricate recipes. Basically, you need to eat raw or boiled foods.

This diet has five features.

  1. Large portions. In most cases, the diet is limited to a set of products, and not their quantity. In this diet you can not count calories. Eat is allowed up to a feeling of fullness. The only exception is if there is a clear indication in the menu. For example, “two eggs.”
  2. Drink plenty of water. During the day, losing weight, it is important to drink two liters of purified water without gas. It is a protection against constipation and dehydration. Tea and coffee are allowed. Drinks can even be sweetened, but only with sugar substitutes. Milk add to drink is not worth it.
  3. Salt allowed. According to this food scheme, you can add some salt and other non-spicy seasonings to the dishes. It is also permissible to diversify the taste of food with onions or garlic.
  4. Taboo on alcohol. Alcohol in the period of weight loss, which is stressful for the body, is especially dangerous. You also can not grapes, mangoes, dates, bananas and potatoes. Mayonnaise, oil, broths and other fatty foods are prohibited.
  5. Have a snack. If hunger becomes just brutal, then it is allowed to eat fresh cucumber or carrot. But only two hours after the previous meal.

One of the main varieties of this technique is the Maggi Egg Diet. The product that will be the main thing in such a diet is evident from the name. But besides boiled eggs, in the refrigerator losing weight, there is a place for fish.

A lot of attention to meat. Most often it is recommended to cook a chicken without skin.

But you can any other varieties except mutton. It is recommended to boil meat in slices or in the form of minced meat.

It is permissible to roast, but on the water.

Vegetables can be cucumbers and tomatoes, carrots and zucchini, green salad, bell pepper. A good selection of fruits is expected: citrus fruits, melons, plums, apples, pears, apricots, tangerines, kiwi.

In some days there is a sour milk. These products need to buy with the least amount of fat.

So, cottage cheese can be 17-percent. Also in the diet will be canned tuna, but from the jar you need to drain the oil and rinse the fish.

Below is a detailed menu for 4 weeks of the Maggi diet in the table.

The egg version of the Maggi diet provides a special meal schedule for the first 14 days. The menu for these two weeks is strictly fixed.

At the slightest deviation from the recommendations of Maggi – will have to start the program again.

Breakfast will first be repeated every day: two boiled chicken eggs and half a grapefruit or orange. But the rest of the meals are already built more diverse.

The third and fourth week are not divided into clear meals. Just given a list of what you need to eat in a day.

Products can be combined and distributed at their discretion. For example, it is advised to make a salad with tuna, meat ragout, or curd-chicken casserole.

It is better to study the proposed list of ingredients in advance and outline your sample menu for this period.

The menu for each day of the egg diet Maggie for four weeks

MondayTwo eggs and ½ grapefruit or orangeFruits of the same typeBaked or boiled meat
TuesdayChicken, baked or boiledTwo eggs, toast, vegetable salad, grapefruit
WednesdayTomatoes, low-fat cheese, toastBaked or boiled meat
ThursdayFruits of the same typeSalad leaves, meat
FridayTwo eggs, boiled vegetablesFish stew, lettuce, orange
SaturdayBaked or boiled meatSalad leaves, meat
SundayChicken, tomatoes, boiled vegetables, orangeBoiled vegetables
MondayTwo eggs and ½ grapefruit or orangeSalad leaves, meatTwo eggs, lettuce, orange
TuesdaySalad leaves, meatTwo eggs, grapefruit
WednesdayMeat, fresh cucumbersTwo eggs, orange
ThursdayTwo eggs, low-fat cheese, boiled vegetablesTwo eggs
FridayFish, boiled or stewedTwo eggs
SaturdayMeat, OrangeFruit salad
SundayChicken, Tomatoes, Boiled Vegetables, OrangeChicken, Tomatoes, Boiled Vegetables, Orange
MondayVarious fruits, except for those prohibited by the diet
TuesdayAny boiled vegetables, with the exception of starchy potatoes
WednesdayFruits and vegetables
ThursdayFish, boiled vegetables, salad leaves
FridayMeat and vegetables
SaturdayFruits of the same type
SundayFruits of the same type
MondayBoiled meat – a quarter of a chicken carcass, a can of tuna without oil, three fresh cucumbers and three tomatoes, a toast, an orange or a grapefruit
Tuesday200 g boiled meat, three fresh cucumbers and three tomatoes, toast, one any fruit
WednesdayLow-fat cheese, a tablespoon of cottage cheese, 200 g of boiled vegetables, two fresh cucumbers and two tomatoes, toast, orange or grapefruit
ThursdayBoiled or baked meat – half a chicken carcass, three fresh tomatoes, one cucumber, toast, orange or grapefruit
FridayTwo eggs, lettuce, three fresh tomatoes, an orange or a grapefruit
SaturdayTwo boiled chicken breasts, 125 g of cottage cheese or cheese, toast, two fresh cucumbers and two tomatoes, yogurt or kefir, orange or grapefruit
SundayTwo teaspoons of low-fat cottage cheese, a can of tuna without oil, 200 g of boiled vegetables, two fresh cucumbers and two tomatoes, toast, an orange or grapefruit

There are people who are allergic to the chicken product or from elevated cholesterol. In this case, the main “magic” product is replaced with low-fat cottage cheese.

That is, you get Maggi’s curd diet, which menu for four weeks will be identical to the above menu. One egg is equivalent to 100 g of cottage cheese.

Curd diet option Maggie for some is more attractive. Someone just loves this product more than eggs.

In addition, cottage cheese is rich in calcium and has a positive effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract. But at the same time, it is not as nourishing as eggs, and hunger can escalate.

Get out of the diet can not be sharp. About a month is better to refrain from spicy, fatty, sweets. In general, do not overeat.

And best of all is to stick to a healthy diet. Exercise and constant walks are desirable.

So you can keep the achieved “magical” effect.

And he will certainly be. Even according to doctors, protein diets really reduce weight. Science explains it this way: because of a carbohydrate deficiency, the body finds a source of energy in glucose.

As a result, substances that suppress hunger are activated. Thus, the diet is easily tolerated and there are good “minuses” when weighing.

Reviews and results of the Maggi diet are contradictory. Some girls complain of organizational difficulties – it is difficult to combine a clear meal schedule and work.

In the opinion of others who have lost weight, on the contrary, the diet is compact: you can quickly prepare the whole set of products and take them on the road. But the “plummet” fix almost everything.

Depending on the source data, you can lose from five to twenty kilos.

If your ideal result is still far away, then after a few months you can repeat the first and fourth weeks of the Maggi scheme. But the full course of weight loss is allowed no more than once a year.

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