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Diet “ladder”: the menu for 5 days, 7 days, reviews and results

The most powerful incentive to go on a diet is a sudden and inevitable approaching solemn event. For example, a meeting of classmates. In a circle of school friends you want to look the most beautiful, fashionable and slim.

And how out of place do these pair of extra pounds hang? Here begins the search for fast ways to lose weight. One of the simple, inexpensive and popular express methods is a diet with the memorable name “Ladder”.

It is tough and “hungry”, but effective: in less than a week you can get rid of unnecessary three to eight kilos. Discuss the pros and cons of this method, and the diet menu “Ladder” for 5 days.

Diet “Ladder” is a combination of several monodiet and is designed for five days. This technique does not have a specific author: “Word of mouth” was made popular by word of mouth.

Reviews about the diet “ladder” and its results are mixed. Some slimming lose only three Kolo, while others manage to see a “plummet” up to eight kilograms.

But weight and weight, but do the volumes go? Let’s figure it out.

The name of the diet fully reflects its essence. You will lose weight in stages, as if walking up the stairs, rising to the desired weight.

In total, there are five such steps in this diet – one for each day of the diet.

The principle is the following: every new day a new group of products appears in the menu – there is nothing else to eat. On the one hand, you eat monotonously.

But on the other hand, due to the alternation of monodays, diversity is achieved, and the body receives a fairly wide range of nutrients.

How are the stages of the “ladder” distributed and why do we need each of the steps?

  • Day one – “Cleansing”. It is assumed that at the beginning of weight loss you need to rid the body of stagnant waste products, remove toxins and toxic substances. This will help fiber-rich fruits and activated carbon. Scales will show the first “minus” today, because “blockages” leave the body. Possible loss – up to one and a half kilo.
  • Day two – “Recovery”. After unloading the body needs strength. They can be gleaned from protein foods. It is important to restore the intestinal microflora, “cleaned” the previous day with activated charcoal. Therefore, in the diet of the second stage – dairy products. Meanwhile, weight will continue to decline due to water loss. In addition, the body is deficient in external fats and carbohydrates and splits accumulated reserves. The average “plummet” – up to one and a half kilo.
  • Day three – “Energy”. The body needs to “cajole.” Therefore, glucose and fructose in dried fruits are allowed today. In addition, in the “drying” assembled an impressive set of macro – and micronutrients that feed the organs and tissues. On this day, the scales will probably not show radical changes, but the process of “burning” continues. “Plumb” – about half a kilo.
  • Day four – “Construction”. To avoid the destruction of bone and muscle tissue, but at the same time continue to lose weight, the body needs support in the form of protein. Poultry meat is the perfect protein mate. “Plumb” – about a kilogram.
  • Day five – “Burning”. At this stage, you will eat fiber and saturate the body with natural fat burner. “Plumb” – up to a kilogram.

The five-day course “Ladders” consists of simple and inexpensive products. Sitting on such a diet, you will rather save than spend.

The table below shows the step-by-step power scheme during a stepped diet.

  • a kilogram of apples in six receptions;
  • activated carbon in the amount of 12 tablets;
  • liter of purified water without gas.
  • You can use any kind of apples. Fruits are eaten mostly raw, but for a change, a few pieces can be baked. By the way, baked fruits cope better with hunger.
  • How to drink coal: an hour before each new apple meal. It will turn out on two tablets in six visits. It is better to chew and drink.
  • 600 g low-fat cottage cheese;
  • liter bag of skim kefir;
  • liter of purified water without gas.
  • Cottage cheese is permissible to dilute kefir. The drink itself can be replaced with yogurt or ryazhenka.

  • 300 grams of dried grapes;
  • honey in the amount of two tablespoons;
  • two liters of homemade unsweetened compote of dried fruit.
  • Now the feeling of hunger can increase, so the raisin is better not to eat all at once. Honey can be added to the drink. Raisins preferably dark.
  • boiled white poultry meat in the amount of 500 g;
  • one and a half liters of purified water without gas.
  • It is recommended to use chicken or turkey.
  • Dish can be enriched with herbs and add a pinch of salt.
  • oat flakes in the amount of 200 g in dry form;
  • kilogram of vegetables and fruits;
  • one and a half liters of purified water without gas.
  • The flakes are boiled in lightly salted water.
  • Vegetables and fruits are best eaten raw.
  • You can use herbal products to choose from, but avoid items that are high in calories and starch. For example, bananas do not fit.

Stairs “Ladders” can not be interchanged. And the optimal frequency of the diet –
once a year. But there are cases when girls want to improve the achieved results, and at their own peril and risk prolong the diet.

This is wrong, but often happens.

For example, instead of five days, losing weight “walking” on the “Ladder” week or 12 days. In such cases, nothing new in the menu appears: you need to “go down” and again overcome the steps in the original order.

For example, the diet menu “Ladder” for 7 days is as follows.

  • First day . Apples with coal.
  • Second day . Kefir with curd.
  • The third day . Dried fruits with honey.
  • Fourth day . Poultry meat
  • Fifth day . Oatmeal with vegetables and fruits.
  • Sixth day . Again apples with charcoal.
  • Seventh day . Again kefir with cottage cheese.

However, among physicians there is a negative attitude towards the “Little Ladder” principle as a whole. Reviews of doctors about the diet “ladder”, mostly critical.

Analyzing the method on the shelves, they make the following conclusions: kilograms go mainly due to the cleansing of feces, water loss and decrease in muscle mass.

Yes, the scales will show “plummet”, but in fact fat deposits will take no more than 750 g for all five days of the diet … The human body is so constructed that it is simply not able to dissolve more than 150 g of fat per day. Doctors insist: “Ladder” is a pseudo-weight loss.

In addition, the menu is extremely unbalanced. For example, there are no polyunsaturated fatty acids in the composition of the “Ladder” products. As a result, after the diet, you will treat your nails and hair.

Also unjustified jumps in the diet can cause abdominal pain and alternating upset stools with constipation.

A separate topic is activated carbon. This is a sorbent, a medicine that is used in a certain dosage.

Irregular application leads to the fact that the tablets absorb and remove not only pathogens, but also useful ones.

At the same time, the reviews that have lost weight on the “Ladder” diet are often positive. There are girls who have helped to bring themselves back to normal after childbirth.

If you do decide to express weight loss, analyze your health condition and pass general urine and blood tests. This will make it possible to understand whether the body has enough strength right now to cope with such a load.

And also keep in mind that the “ladder” is contraindicated in pregnancy, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys.

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