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Diet by blood type (1, 2, 3, 4): positive and negative, product tables and reviews

Weight does not depend on how a person eats. It is important what products appear on the table. You can limit portions, burn calories endlessly and do not have supper after 18:00, but the pounds will remain in place.

And you can find your own, “ideal”, food – eat and lose weight. The blood type diet is based on the theory that people with different cellular structures of the body need different foods. Carriers of the first group can lean on meat, while in the second group, this food contributes to weight gain and damages health.

That is why the same diet can be effective for one, and useless for another.

This method of weight correction is based on the research of Peter D’Adamo, an American. This is a 60-year-old naturopathic doctor who continued the work of his famous father, James D’Adamo.

Naturopathy is considered an alternative medicine. She denies generally accepted notions of healing.

The main idea: the organic processes in the human body can not be explained scientifically. At the head of the corner is energy, life force that cannot be measured.

Dr. D’Adamo refers to the developers of the concept that human health is directly related to genetics. In particular, much depends on heredity and blood type.

This theory is based on observations and statistics of the incidence of the population. For example, people with a specific genotype are more likely to be infected, and owners of a different set of chromosomes suffer more from heart diseases, etc.

By the same principle the weight and blood type of a person are compared. Doctor naturopath believes that the path to harmony is through the search for an individual “ration” by blood type.

For this purpose, a special table of blood group products has been developed.

There are more than ten types of products, which are divided into three categories – recommended, prohibited and neutral for different blood groups. It is also important to introduce certain biologically active food additives.

They are necessary to compensate for the possible deficiency of nutrients. And it can occur when refusing some food.

  1. Recommended. Products that are fully fit for your blood group.
  2. Prohibited. It provokes weight gain and makes you feel worse.
  3. Neutral. Such food may be included in the diet, but rarely, especially at the active stage of weight correction.

Below is a table where the main product groups are distributed in accordance with the needs of people of different blood types.

Understand it easy. Choose your group in the horizontal column and the desired product in the vertical column.

Match the two lines and estimate the indicated value.

Table – Effect of food on weight and human health depending on blood type

Meat, poultry, eggsDairy
HamWhole milk0
Ground beef+0Casein (food)00
BaconGoat’s milk0++
Mutton+++Skimmed milk+0
Rabbit0++Milk serum00
GooseIce cream
Turkey+00+Sour cream0++
Broiler00Cow Milk Cheese00
Egg00+0Sheep’s Cheese00++
Chick00Processed cheese00
HamCheese curd00++
A heart+Homemade cottage cheese00++
Liver+00Oil, fats
Fat00Cod liver oil0000
Fish and seafoodPeanut butter
Carp0+00Coconut oil
Smelt0000Corn oil
Catfish00Linseed oil++00
Caviar+Olive oil++++
Squids00Sunflower oil00
Salmon++++Soybean oil000
Salmon (Smoked)Cottonseed oil
Mackerel++++Seeds and nuts
Sea bass00++Walnuts+00+
River perch0000Cedar nuts000
Sturgeon+0++Almond nuts0000
Halibut++Hazelnut nuts00
Crustaceans0Poppy seeds0++
Marinated herring+Sunflower seeds00
Fresh herring++00Pumpkin seeds++
Salted herring0Pistachios0
River pike+0++Soy beans0+++
Som00Navy beans++
Zander0+++Black beans0+
Cod++++Chick pea0000
Tuna000+Green peas0000
Acne0Soy milk++00
Mackerel++++Soy cheese++00
Trout++++White beans0000
Hake++Spotted beans+++
Grain, flourAsparagus beans0000
Wheat bagels0Lentils++
Rice waffles0+++Spices, spices
Hot buns00Vanilla000
Corn starch0Mustard0+00
Semolina00Fruit jam and jelly0000
Pearl barley000Ketchup
Barley groats000Coriander0000
Pasta00Bay leaf0000
Buckwheat flour0+Mayonnaise00
Flour from durum wheat00Honey0000
Flour and corn grits0Nutmeg000
Flour, oatmeal+++Paprika0000
Rye flour0++Curry pepper+0++
Muesli0Black pepper0
Cracker Cookies00Parsley+0++
Oatmeal Cookies0+0Granulated sugar0000
Millet00++Pickles and pickles00
Gingerbread rye000Caraway0000
Pic00++White vinegar0
Rye0+0Wine vinegar0
Grain Bread0Apple vinegar0
Wholemeal Bread0Fennel0000
Spelled Bread0000Horseradish00++
Bread wheat-rye0000Chocolate0000
Wheat Bread0+0Vegetables, mushrooms
Rye bread00+Sweet potato+++
Rye Bread0++Swede00+0
Cornflakes0Mushrooms (oyster mushroom)0+00
Oatmeal flakes0++Daikon0000
Wheat flakes0Courgettes (zucchini)0000
Barley000White cabbage+0
Berries and fruitsBroccoli++++
Avocado0Brussels Sprouts0+0
Cherry plum++++Chinese cabbage+0
A pineapple0+++Red Cabbage+0
Grapes00++Bow feather0+00
Melon00Hot pepper+++
Blackberry+00Sweet pepper0++
Strawberry000Turnip (turnip)++00
Cranberry0+++Head lettuce0000
Gooseberry000+Sheet Salad000
Raspberries0000Leaf beets++++
Green olives0Asparagus0000
Black olives0Tomatoes00
Nectarine0000Jerusalem artichoke++00
Coconut nut++Pumpkin++0
An Apple++++Orange0
Herbal teasBirch0000
Strawberries (leaves)00+Cabbage0++
Chamomile0+0+Apple Cider000
Licorice root00++Apple000
Yarrow0000Other drinks
The thyme0000White wine0000
Echinacea0+0+Red wine0+00
Rosehip berries++++Vodka
Coca Cola
Black coffee+0+
Tinctures on alcohol
Soda Drinks+0
Green tea0+++
Black tea0

Individual tables and menu examples for each group

The menu for each week of the diet is losing weight itself, focusing on the lists of “bad” and “good” products.

When planning a menu for the week, keep in mind that diet does not limit daily calories. Also, it is not necessary to strictly adjust the portion size, but it is important not to overeat. Not fundamentally, the number of meals.

There are no additional conditions. Further – a detailed description of the features of the diet for each blood group.

This group includes more than 33% of the world’s population. The “hunters” have a strong digestive system and immunity.

The diet provides an abundance of meat and fish food for the first blood group.

People of the first group often get fat because of inhibited metabolism. To speed it up, the diet for the first blood group excludes wheat, corn, cabbage and oats from the menu.

It is also recommended to abandon aspirin and vitamin complexes, where there is retinol and tocopherol.

Table – The scheme of drawing up the diet menu for losing weight 1 blood group

What is good to eat and drinkAcceptable but rareAbsolutely notUseful supplements
– Meat (but not pork);
– offal (liver);
– a fish;
– seafood;
– seaweed;
– eggs;
– vegetables, except potatoes (especially carrots, radishes, radishes, daikon);
– greens (especially lettuce and spinach);
– pineapples and fruits (but not sour);
– rye bread (without fanaticism);
– green tea;
– herbal tea from wild rose, mint, ginger, linden;
– high-quality mineral sparkling water
– Cereals (less often oats and wheat);
– broccoli;
– beer;
– Red wine;
– White wine;
– tea from chamomile, sage, ginseng, raspberry leaves, valerian
– Cabbage (except broccoli);
– wheat and any wheat products;
– corn and any corn products;
– legumes;
– lentils;
– mandarins and other citrus fruits;
– ketchup;
– coffee;
– strong alcohol;
– tea with such components: aloe, St. John’s wort, senna, echinacea, strawberry leaves
– B vitamins;
– Calcium;
– manganese;
– iodine;
– lipase;
– amylase;
– protease

Below is an example of creating a menu for one day for blood group 1.

  • Breakfast Boiled eggs. Chicken cutlet. Unsweetened green tea.
  • Reinforcement. Braised spinach. Carrot Juice
  • Lunch Chicken broth with greens. Liver, stewed with carrots and onions. Fresh cucumber and radish salad. Tea with linden and mint without sugar.
  • Dinner . Buckwheat porridge with baked fish. Sea Kale Unsweetened green tea.

This type was transformed from a “meat-eater”, when, apart from hunting, there was a practice of farming. Almost 38% of people are carriers of the second group of blood.

Diet for blood group 2 is based on the use of plant foods.

People with the second group of blood have peculiarities in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. In particular, low acidity. Because of what it is difficult for the body to digest meat products, spicy food, salty.

In this case, cutlets, herring and pickled vegetables inhibit metabolic processes, which leads to the accumulation of unwanted fat reserves. You should also avoid food and supplements that are rich in retinol.

Table – The scheme of drawing up the diet menu for losing weight 2 blood groups

What is good to eat and drinkAcceptable but rareAbsolutely notUseful supplements
– Fresh vegetables (except pepper, potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes);
– mushrooms;
– broccoli;
– garlic;
– cereals;
– beans;
– Pineapples and fruits (but not oranges, tangerines, bananas and coconuts);
– coffee;
– green tea;
– Red wine;
– carrot, pineapple, grapefruit and cherry juices;
– water with lemon juice
– Sugar (rarely);
– chocolate (rarely);
– non-fat fermented milk products;
– soy milk;
– soy tofu;
– eggs;
– chicken (rarely);
– Turkey (rarely);
– vegetable oils
– Fish (especially salting) and caviar;
– seafood;
– meat;
– milk products;
– tomatoes;
– cucumbers;
– potatoes;
– pepper;
– cabbage (except broccoli);
– pickles;
– sour fruits;
– sour berries;
– wheat and its derivatives;
– sweets, including ice cream;
– corn oil;
– Peanut butter;
– ketchup;
– vinegar;
– spices;
– Orange juice;
– Black tea;
– soda
– Vitamins of group B;
– vitamin C;
– tocopherol;
– Calcium;
– iron;
– zinc;
– selenium;
– chrome;
– bifidobacteria

Below is an example of creating a menu for one day for blood group 2.

  • Breakfast Oatmeal. Cube of black chocolate. Unsweetened coffee.
  • Reinforcement. Low-fat cottage cheese and baked apples. Cherry juice.
  • Lunch Vegetable soup, but without potatoes. Eggplant stewed with garlic and rice. Pineapple juice.
  • Dinner . Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms. Grapefruit fresh.

Carriers of this type – almost 21% of the world’s population. The third group of blood was formed in the process of interracial mixing.

If such people eat well, then you can avoid specific health problems, because they do not have any innate “Achilles toes”.

Plus, and that their body reacts flexibly to changes in the diet. And the diet for the 3rd blood group is the most diverse.

However, excessive excesses towards veganism or meat-eating are ways to harm.

Table – The scheme of drawing up the diet menu for losing weight 3 blood groups

What is good to eat and drinkAcceptable but rareAbsolutely notUseful supplements
– Meat (except duck and pork);
– soybean;
– a fish;
– non-fat fermented milk products;
– eggs;
– cereals (except buckwheat, lentils, corn and wheat);
– beans;
– vegetables (with the exception of corn, tomatoes, pumpkins);
– greenery;
– fruit (but not coconuts);
– green and herbal teas;
– juice from cranberries, cabbage, grapes, pineapple
– Seafood;
– orange juice;
– beer;
– wine;
– Black tea;
– coffee
– Olives;
– duck;
– pork;
– buckwheat;
– wheat;
– corn;
– lentils;
– sesame;
– tomatoes;
– pumpkin;
– peanuts
– Magnesium;
– lecithin;
– licorice (licorice)

Below is an example of creating a menu for one day for the 3rd blood group.

  • Breakfast Omelette. Beef goulash Unsweetened coffee.
  • Reinforcement. Cottage cheese casserole with an apple. Cranberry juice.
  • Lunch Beef soup Lazy cabbage rolls. Fresh cucumber and cabbage salad. Unsweetened green tea.
  • Dinner . Rice with baked fish. Grape juice.

The youngest and rare blood group. Its carriers are not more than 8% of the inhabitants of the planet.

This is the result of symbiosis of the second and third types.

The diet for the 4th blood group provides for a combined, moderate diet.

The symbiosis of the main signs of A-and B-types is a source of additional problems in the fight against overweight. So, low acidity of gastric juice can be combined, as with type A. And the need for meat, like that of type B. That is, the product is needed, but to digest its resources is not enough.

As a result, the fat layer accumulates.

A set of diet food for the fourth blood group leaves the experiment. For example, we do not refuse meat, but its quantity is reduced.

It appears on the table only in the company of vegetables. And we compensate for the protein deficiency by adding soy into the menu.

Table – The scheme of drawing up the diet menu for losing weight 4 blood groups

What is good to eat and drinkAcceptable but rareAbsolutely notUseful supplements
– Meat (preferably a rabbit, turkey, lamb);
– a fish;
– seaweed;
– non-fat fermented milk products;
– soy tofu;
– olive oil;
– peanuts;
– walnuts;
– cereals (but not buckwheat, wheat, corn);
– vegetables (but not pepper, corn);
– greenery;
– Pineapples and fruits (but not sour, citrus);
– coffee;
– green tea;
– teas with chamomile, ginseng, ginger, rosehip, echinacea, hawthorn
– Legumes;
– beer;
– wine drinks;
– teas with mint, raspberry, valerian
– Seafood;
– red meat;
– Ham and bacon;
– sunflower seeds;
– pepper;
– wheat;
– buckwheat;
– corn;
– black olives;
– teas with aloe, hay, linden
– Bromelain;
– Quercetin;
– vitamin C;
– hawthorn;
– Echinacea;
– Valerian;
– thistle;
– milk thistle;
– zinc;
– selenium

Below is an example of creating a menu for one day for 4 blood groups.

  • Breakfast Oatmeal with apricots. Unsweetened coffee.
  • Reinforcement. Cottage cheese with nuts. Chamomile tea without sugar.
  • Lunch Vegetable okroshka. Courgettes stuffed with rice and poultry. Rosehip tea without sugar.
  • Dinner . Rabbit baked with onions and tomatoes. Green tea without sugar.

Reviews about the diet in the blood group are controversial. Someone is pleased and boasts of the results: for half a year, it’s really goodbye to 30 kg.

Others losing weight say it’s hard to eliminate familiar and favorite foods from the diet.

Nutritionists generally call this weight correction method a pseudodiet. And they say: the method has no scientific basis.

If the weight goes away, this is not at all due to the link between “food genetics” and the blood group is not important here.

Doctors advise to pay attention to the menu: it is dietary for each group itself. There is a semblance of protein and vegetable systems of weight loss.

Only here numerous possible medical indications and contraindications for such a diet are not taken into account. All people are conventionally divided into four parts, and in fact there are many accompanying factors.

Keep in mind that a blood group diet may not be as safe and useful as the author positions it. When removing any food from your usual table, be sure to consult with the medical supervisor.

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