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Diet “6 petals”: menu for every day, reviews and results

Fast and safe weight loss promises a popular diet “6 petals”. Her food scheme allows you to get rid of about five extra pounds per week.

And the individual elements can then be used even in the usual diet, while continuing to lose weight naturally. “Petal” method is a set of alternating daily mono-diet. The basis of the principles of separate use of products.

What do nutritionists think about this approach to weight loss, and a detailed menu of the diet “6 petals” for each day – in our material.

A detailed description of the “6 petals” diet begins with a “biography” of the technique. She comes from Sweden.

It is in this country that nutritionist Anna Johansson works, offering a “floral” approach to weight loss. Therefore, in some sources, this diet is also called the “Swedish”.

The technique is designed for six days. The expected results of the “6 petals” diet are as follows: on average, a “plumb” from 500 to 800 g can be achieved per day.

Not suitable for people with diseases of the digestive system. Contraindicated in vitamin deficiency, diabetes, anemia, pregnancy and lactation.

It can also hurt if a potential losing weight just recently got the flu.

Petals in the name of the weight loss program appeared by chance. But this does not mean that the diet consists of only plant foods.

On the contrary, in the menu of losing weight there will be meat and dairy products.

The essence is different. The “6 petals” diet is distinguished from similar weight correction methods by subtle psychological overtones.

It is assumed that before you start losing weight you will draw a big six-colored on paper.

Each petal will have a serial number and the name of the product group. For convenience, each of the sheets can also be painted on the menu of the “6 petals” diet for each day with recipes for the whole week. This will be your step-by-step instruction on the path to harmony.

Next, you need to cut the flower and attach it to the kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. This art has several functions.

The author of the technique says that in reality, weight correction is not a super-task. To put the figure in order, it is enough to know how the human digestive system is arranged.

And to build your diet so that the body does not experience unnecessary culinary stress, it is easy to digest and remove food, do not put off fats “for a rainy day.”

The whole period of losing weight should follow the rule: “One day – one product.” And also provides a clear alternation of protein and carbohydrate rations.

For example, on Monday you can only eat fish, and on Tuesday – only vegetables. And what results can this approach achieve?

  • The solution to the food conflict. The digestive system of man by nature itself is designed so that different chemical composition of the products to digest in different ways. For example, for the assimilation of meat need some enzymes, and for potatoes – completely different. When combining these products in the body there is a conflict. The result is increased stress on the digestive organs, slowing down of metabolic processes. Some of the beneficial components and vitamins are not absorbed at all, and fat accumulation processes are launched. With separate meals, it is recommended to take different food groups with a break of at least several hours. “Petal” diet increases this gap for a day.
  • Cleaning the liver. Monotonous nutrition, according to the results of studies of the European Weight Loss Center, has a positive effect on the functioning of the liver. With a normal diet, it is this organ that accumulates substances that the body does not immediately consume. What happens if during the day a person eats, for example, only a protein-rich fish? Inside, the search for additional sources of energy will begin and the liver will have to part with some of its reserves. Including fat.
  • Slimming without fasting. Monotonous food, indeed, leads to the burning of domestic energy reserves. But the usual mono-diet, when losing weight is suggested to eat, for example, some proteins can seriously undermine health for several days in a row. And practice shows that the “plummet” with this approach is not fixed for a long time. But the method of alternation of mono-rations, which implies a “flower” diet, has even positive feedback from doctors. This menu allows you to saturate the body with all the necessary substances. Losing weight gets fat from the same curd, meat or fish. This minimizes stress. Fat burning, though sharply, but in the most comfortable conditions for the body. That in the future will allow us to consolidate the achieved results for a long time.
  • Changing food habits. Have lost weight changing attitudes to their diet. Even after leaving the diet, they continue to divide foods into groups, adhere to the principle of the fractional amount of the daily amount of food, avoid “dangerous” dishes. This allows not only to keep the received “plummet”. With this approach, the weight goes on and on, but without any diets.

The menu of the “6 petals” diet consists of simple products and does not require any special expenses. And the recipes of the “6 petals” diet are so elementary that there is no need to excel at the plate.

But an important place here is occupied by vegetables and fruits, so it is best to apply the technique during the period of their harvest.

What other products can be used by this method? To your table diet petals offer fish and meat, and cottage cheese.

Also allowed some seasonings, herbs and salt in reasonable amounts. And in the cottage cheese day you can drink milk.

Unsweetened tea, herbal teas, water without gas – please. Even potato on vegetable days is allowed.

And at the end of the diet you can eat a banana.

At the same time it is impossible to use such products as sugar, honey and butter, including vegetable. Alcohol, flour and desserts are prohibited.

Coffee drinking during the “flower” weight loss is also not worth it.

The diet card looks like this. First, the fish saturates the body with fatty acids.

Then the vegetables are “charged” with fiber. In the chicken day is protein reinforcement of the muscles.

On Thursday, energy will be obtained by processing complex carbohydrates. Friday – protein recovery with cottage cheese. And the program will be completed with fiber, vitamin-carbohydrate “note”.

The table below describes in detail the “flower” menu for each day in grams.

Table – Diet menu “6 petals” for every day

DayWhat to eatAmount of raw productFeatures
MondayA fish500 gYou can even fatty fish. Method of preparation – cooking, stewing or baking. Suppose broth. Salt, greens and mild spices are allowed.
TuesdayVegetables1.5 kgAllowed any boiled, baked or raw vegetables. You can cook fresh. Salt and non-spicy seasonings are acceptable.
WednesdayHen500 gNeed to take only the loin of the bird. You can stew, boil or bake with salt, mild spices and greens. Let’s say broth
ThursdayCereals300 gThe menu should be boiled on water porridge from any cereals. Sunflower seeds, nuts, whole grain breads, bran
FridayCottage cheese500 gThe product should be with a minimum percentage of fat. Cottage cheese can be combined with low-fat milk and plain yogurt.
SaturdayFruits1.5 kgYou can make fresh, baked. Use of cinnamon and vanilla is allowed.

When planning a sample menu for each day of the “6 petals” diet, consider the recommendations of experts. It is important to ensure proper drinking regime.

However, on the “petal” diet can not drink down meals and drink for about an hour after eating. Eating should be fractional – often, but in small portions. Preferably every three hours.

Below is an example of how you can build a “petal” menu for each day by the hour.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Baked in foil steak salmon.
  • Snack – 11:00. Boiled sole.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Fish broth with greens of sole.
  • Reinforcement – 5:00 p.m. Salmon Steak.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Cod or hake meatballs with greens.
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Boiled potatoes.
  • Snack – 11:00. Sauteed tomato, pepper and eggplant.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Cabbage and carrot salad. Tomato juice.
  • Reinforcement – 5:00 p.m. Vegetable casserole of zucchini, onions, peppers, tomatoes and greens.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Cucumber and tomato salad. Fresh beet and celery.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Baked chicken fillet.
  • Snack – 11:00. Chicken broth with greens.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Boiled fillet.
  • Reinforcement – 5:00 p.m. Chicken soup with greens.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Steam chicken cutlet.
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Oatmeal with nuts.
  • Snack – 11:00. Buckwheat casserole with greens.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Boiled rice
  • Reinforcement – 5:00 p.m. Bread from bran.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Porridge made from germinated wheat.

  • Breakfast – 8:00. Cottage cheese.
  • Snack – 11:00. Paste from cottage cheese, diluted with milk.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Cottage cheese with yogurt.
  • Reinforcement – 5:00 p.m. Paste from cottage cheese, diluted with milk.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Cottage cheese.
  • Breakfast – 8:00. Banana-strawberry smoothie.
  • Snack – 11:00. Orange and grapes.
  • Lunch – 14:00. Baked apples. Orange and lemon fresh.
  • Reinforcement – 5:00 p.m. Pineapple and Kiwi Salad.
  • Dinner – 20:00. Applesauce.

Reviews and results of the “6 petals” diet are ambiguous. Much depends on the original data losing weight. Some girls write that they were able to lose only one kilogram out of five promised.

And according to reviews of other forumchanok, in a week we left at once ten unnecessary kilos! Those who failed to achieve the desired effect the first time, be sure to take a break.

And after two or three weeks, you can again try to draw petals.

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