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Couperosis on the face: causes and treatment with medicines, folk remedies, a cosmetologist

In the view of people, the stereotype is firmly rooted that a bright blush on the cheeks is an indicator of good health, and a red nose is a sign of alcoholism. In fact, this is not the case. Redness on the face may indicate the presence of skin disease – rosacea.

Its manifestations are most often localized precisely in the area of ​​the cheeks and wings of the nose. Such an aesthetic defect causes great disappointment.

Especially in women who are willing to try any means to eliminate the causes and treatment of rosacea on the face.

Kuperoz do not belong to life-threatening pathologies. But discomfort delivers considerable.

With rosacea, girls have to constantly powder problem areas or apply foundation. Such events only mask the problem, rather than eliminate it. Kuperoz gradually progresses.

And soon, the face becomes like a geographical map, faded with bright red capillaries. To prevent this, you need to understand the causes of rosacea and determine how to properly treat it.

Before touching on the treatment of an unpleasant phenomenon, it is necessary to determine what is couperosis on the face. This pathology, which is based on the violation of microcirculation. Insufficient blood circulation provokes the appearance of stagnation in the capillaries.

On vessels increases the load. To cope with it, they have to expand. Broken microcirculation leads to another problem.

The walls of blood vessels do not receive the necessary nutrition, against which they lose their elasticity and become brittle.

Visually, couperosis looks like a bright blush or a red nose, but on closer examination, dilated capillaries are easily seen, which are well visible under the skin. They form on the face of “mesh”, “stars”.

Couperosis, which physicians commonly call telangiectasia, can develop anywhere. But most often it occurs on the face.

Why do stars appear? 4 provoking factors

The appearance of the mesh on the face is a signal of the disrupted vascular function. Therefore, rosacea is often regarded by doctors as a symptom of some diseases. To find adequate treatment it is important to correctly identify the source of the problem.

Most often, the reasons for the unaesthetic mesh are hidden in the following four pathologies.

  1. Vascular disease. Vascular dilatation is characteristic of vegetative-vascular dystonia, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and hypertension.
  2. Digestive ailments. The basis of rosacea may lie gastritis, enterocolitis. Liver pathology and dysbacteriosis are capable of provoking the problem.
  3. Hormonal disorders. The mesh on the face often appears during pregnancy or the menopausal period when hormones are disturbed in the woman’s body. Cuperosis can signal some gynecological problems, such as cystic formations, fibroids. Sometimes the body expands to respond to the abuse of oral contraceptives.
  4. Endocrine diseases. Cuperosis is a symptom of diabetes. It may indicate the development of thyroid abnormalities or malfunctioning of the adrenal glands.

Methods of dealing with rosacea can be divided into three categories: cosmetic therapy, drug treatment and the use of folk remedies. Of course, the best results will provide a competent combination of all these methods under the supervision of a physician.

But regardless of the chosen method of treatment, special attention should be paid to the care of the couperose skin of the face, your diet and lifestyle.

Table – Care, food, procedures – what can and cannot be done with rosacea

Procedures / activities / componentsHelpfulProhibited
Face cleaning– Lotions and tonics for sensitive skin
– light homemade scrub formulations
– Alcohol-containing infusions;
– drying means;
– cosmetics with fruit acids;
– mask film;
– rough peelings;
– steaming
Washing– Decoction of recommended herbs;
– water at room temperature
– Hot water;
– excessively cold water;
– contrast procedures
Components in the composition of cosmetics– Esters of lavender, wild carrot, geranium, chamomile, neroli, parsley;
– rosehip oil, apricot, jojoba, almond, rose, avocado, tamanu, grape seed;
– horse chestnut, chamomile, calendula, yarrow
– Honey and its derivatives;
– aloe;
– menthol;
– oils of dill, cinnamon, anise, cloves, eucalyptus
Lifestyle and care– Walking in the air;
– yoga classes;
– swimming;
– adherence to diet;
– professional massage
– Visiting saunas, baths, tanning salons;
– long stay in the sun;
– the use of cosmetic massagers, except for dorsonval;
– rubbing the face with coarse towels
Nutrition– Potassium-rich foods (parsley, celery, rye, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, tomatoes, plums, avocados, wheat, oats, green tea);
– food containing vitamin C (any currant, garlic, red pepper, wild rose);
– food enriched with rutinus (black chokeberry, red rowan, pomegranate, sea buckthorn, bananas, buckwheat, walnut);
– products containing Omega-3 (seafood, sea fish, fish oil, flaxseed, olive oil);
– Protein food (turkey, rabbit meat, legumes, eggs, homemade chicken, hard cheese)
– Fat, spicy, salty;
– smoked meat, spices, pastes;
– citrus;
– alcohol (red wine is especially harmful);
– liver;
– veal;
– lamb;
– red pork
– beef;
– coffee;
– chocolate;
– products containing preservatives;
– semi-finished products

Only a doctor can prescribe how to treat rosacea on the face. Drugs allow you to deal with the main pathology, against which developed rosacea.

They help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase their elasticity, improve microcirculation.

To combat couperosis can be prescribed such drugs.

  • “Askorutin”. The drug contains the necessary vitamins C, A, R. The medicine provides vascular strengthening, reduces capillary fragility and permeability. It helps reduce puffiness, activates collagen synthesis and reduces the severity of rosacea. The remedy is contraindicated in diabetes, gout, thrombophlebitis.
  • Vikasol. These tablets are a synthetic analogue of vitamin K. They improve the elasticity of the skin, restore blood clotting, prevent bleeding of various origins, including capillary. Banned drug for thromboembolism, high blood clotting.
  • “Troxevasin”. Drug, manufactured in the form of tablets, ointments, gel, contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and rutin (vitamin P). Reviews of people telling about the treatment of rosacea on the face with “Troxevasin” show that the best results are achieved when combining a tablet administration with treatment of damaged areas with ointment. The drug is contraindicated in case of exacerbation of gastritis, renal failure, ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract.
  • Heparin ointment. The tool has the ability to eliminate inflammation, increase resorption of hematomas, improve blood circulation in the vessels. For good results indicate reviews of heparin ointment from rosacea on the face. However, it must be remembered that the drug has many contraindications and can provoke irritation, itching. And with prolonged use may worsen blood clotting and even cause bleeding.
  • “Dirozeal”. The action of the cream is aimed at activating the metabolism in the skin. Improved exchange leads to accelerated cell renewal. The cream helps to strengthen the blood vessels, stimulates blood flow, reduces the severity of rosacea. Means “Dirozeal” has a thick consistency. Therefore, it is not desirable to use it for the treatment of rosacea on oily surfaces. And for dry it fits perfectly.
  • Cora. The tool has extracts of verbena, green tea, rutin, vitamin C. Cream “Bark” activates metabolic processes in tissues. It is well restores fragile and weak vessels damaged by rosacea. In winter, it is not recommended to apply the cream, due to its high moisturizing properties.

To remove couperosis on the face, you can resort to cosmetology manipulations. Procedures are selected by a dermatologist on the basis of the examination, individual characteristics and stage of neglect of the problem.

In the cosmetology salon can offer the following four activities to combat couperosis.

  1. Laser treatment. An effective procedure that leaves no trace. The laser instantly heats the vessel, and then solders it. The event is painless and allows for a short time to process a large surface of the skin. Removal of rosacea on the face with a laser ensures good results after the first session. But the main disadvantage of the event is the possibility of relapse (return) of rosacea.
  2. Photorejuvenation. The areas affected by couperosis are affected by high-frequency light pulses. Light energy acts selectively and does not affect healthy areas. It “works” only with injured vessels, ensuring their adhesion. Photo flash – an effective way to completely defeat the couperosis on the face.
  3. Mesotherapy. The procedure is based on the point injection of microinjections under the skin with small needles. Special medications are introduced directly into the focus of the problem. They provide the necessary narrowing of blood vessels, improve their elasticity and nutrition. Drugs injected subcutaneously, for a long time retain their effect – for about six months, couperosis will not be felt.
  4. Ozone therapy. A small microneedle provides an introduction into the vessel of a combined mixture of ozone and oxygen. This combination allows you to return the vessels to their original state. After ozone therapy, kuperoz leaves without a trace, leaving no pigmentation or scarring on the face.

When kuperoze many home procedures aimed at cleansing and facial, just contraindicated. Aggressive effects can cause irritation on sensitive surfaces.

The redness will increase, and peeling and even itching will join the “geographical” grid on the face.

But if you listen to the recommendations of specialists, then with the help of properly selected folk remedies, you can significantly reduce and sometimes completely get rid of rosacea.

  • Pharmacy chamomile – three tablespoons.
  • Boiling water – one glass.
  1. Chamomile flowers pour hot water. Capacity should be covered with a lid and infuse the tool for about 30 minutes. When the mixture is cooled, infusion filter.
  2. Pieces of natural cotton fabric moistened in the resulting infusion. Wet compresses impose on areas affected by rosacea. Leave a compress for a quarter of an hour.
  3. It is recommended to use these compresses from rosacea on a daily basis, before going to bed.
  • Water – eight tablespoons.
  • Apple cider vinegar – two tablespoons.
  1. Vinegar is mixed with purified water.
  2. This tool must be daily, twice a day to wipe the couperose mesh.
  • Ground ginger – 5 g.
  • Hot water – half a cup.
  1. Ginger is poured with water and gives the agent time to infuse.
  2. In a mixture that is still warm, a tampon is moistened and applied to couperose patches.
  3. Such anti-roper face masks at home are recommended daily.
  • Potatoes – one tuber.
  • Chamomile decoction – a few tablespoons.
  1. Raw peeled potato tuber is ground on a fine grater or in a blender.
  2. Fresh gruel is applied to couperose zones.
  3. Ten minutes later, the tool is carefully removed from the face with a cotton swab, previously soaked with chamomile decoction.

If it was not possible to find an anti-couperose cream, then this remedy can be easily prepared by yourself.

  • Day cream (better to take for sensitive dermis) – two tablespoons.
  • “Askorutin” – one pill.
  1. The tablet must be crushed into powder.
  2. Powder “Askorutina” is added to the cream and carefully knead the tool.
  3. The resulting cream-ointment must be applied to the couperose mesh daily.

Another exercise that is recommended for dealing with rosacea is face massage. But it is acceptable to use only lymphatic drainage technology, during which the pathological blood pressure in the vessels decreases.

Japanese or lymphatic massage, implying pressure on the integument, is absolutely contraindicated. Beauticians, explaining how to get rid of rosacea of ​​the skin of the face, recommend including special gymnastics in the complex therapy, which strengthens the facial muscles and thereby reduces the visibility of the unattractive mesh.

“We need to treat the problem, but not its derivative,” – reviews and experience of girls with a vascular mesh on the face

Girls, kuperoz is not completely treated! You need to constantly care for your skin. All cosmetics should be hypersensitive with the prefix.

You can not eat spicy, fried, sweet. High temperature drops. Give up alcohol.

Yes, I agree, the laser removes blood vessels, but after a while they will appear again (it did not help me). Personally, I go to the beautician 1 time a month for the treatment program for rosacea + she prepared a cream with essential oils for me, I use it every day. That really helped me.

The rest is all nonsense.

Cuperosis is a rather complicated problem in cosmetology. Only the systemic method is suitable for its treatment – nutrition, refusal of bad habits, only proper home care, mesotherapy course 2 times a year, venotonic oral and intramuscular.

Treatment is prescribed by a doctor. And you need to be patient – to pause the process – time is needed.

The laser does not solve the problem, new vessels will appear again, which is why it is necessary to select the treatment.

I have a rather pronounced couperosis. Was.

Especially on the wings of the nose, under the nose, under the eyes (it seemed that these were big bags). Did the procedure of photo rejuvenation.

I made 3 procedures once a month. The price of the question was (this was 3 years ago) 6000 each.

It hurts scary. I just cried on the first procedure and another 40 minutes after it. When I came the second time, my cosmetologist (I have been visiting her for 9 years already) said: I was sure that you would not come again.

And I came. After the course the face became very bright, pores narrowed.

Now, 3 years later, my damned rosacea is just beginning to manifest itself. I think this winter (or next) will repeat for sure. I recommend to everyone.

The effect is amazing.

I was told at the very first procedure that peels are contraindicated to me .. since the rosacea is present … … although well, I have it in very weak form .. in some places …
Assigned 10 nitrogen therapy .. to strengthen the blood vessels and 3 months. drink Askorutin. Required with ascorbic acid or orange juice.

In short, according to the results, I see that some of the vessels have generally become invisible. In general, an adequate doctor will treat the problem for you, and not its derivative …

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