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Cough during lactation: what to treat for colds and allergies

A nursing mother is vulnerable to viruses and is in the first risk zone during the cold season. This is facilitated by factors such as reduced immunity, lack of sleep and fatigue. Very often a cold is accompanied by a cough.

Also, there is an allergic cough. How to treat a cough during lactation, so as not to harm the baby?

When breastfeeding cough should be treated with caution. The components of many drugs can penetrate into the milk, which is unsafe for the baby.

Therefore, in the first place, try the treatment of folk remedies that do not harm the baby and do not violate lactation.

Breastfeeding cough causes severe discomfort in nursing mothers. A woman is not getting enough sleep, feels tired, afraid to infect a child. In addition, if the “cold” cough is not treated, a complication of a viral disease may occur later.

And the initial “bucking” develops into bronchitis, pneumonia and other diseases of the respiratory system.

You can not run and problems of the respiratory tract of an allergic nature. A careless attitude to the situation in this case can lead to such complications as asthmatic bronchitis, bronchial asthma.

Treatment of cough during breastfeeding involves a set of measures. And the whole family should be involved in the process. First of all, you need to arrange a regime for mom so that she can rest and get enough sleep.

This will give strength to the body, set it up to fight a viral infection.

For example, dad can help, who will take care of the baby in the evening and at night. Either someone from other relatives and friends should try to help in everyday life.

Cough, as a symptom of a viral disease, develops according to its laws. There are several stages and each has its own characteristics of treatment, especially during lactation.

A dry, unproductive cough appears in a nursing woman at the beginning of the disease. It irritates the throat, causes pain. What will help mom and how to treat a cough during breastfeeding at this stage?

There are three main recommendations.

  1. Drink plenty of water. It is necessary to “moisten”, alleviate the symptoms. Need to consume a lot of fluid. For example, cough during lactation helps warm milk with a piece of butter and a teaspoon of honey. Of course, if there is no allergic reaction to honey and the mom is not diagnosed with intolerance to dairy products. Also useful are “vitamin” drinks – decoction of wild rose and dried fruit compotes.
  2. Fresh air . A very important mode of ventilation in the apartment and a walk in the fresh air, if the nursing mother has such an opportunity. However, you can not supercool, you need to provide heat to the legs, as well as the area of ​​the trachea and bronchi.
  3. Inhalation. This is what is especially advised to treat cough nursing mom. Useful inhalation steam boiled potatoes. Or with saline using a nebulizer.

From the third to the fourth day of the disease, the attacks soften, sputum is released, the cough becomes wet. At this stage, the task of treatment is dilution of sputum, so that it is easier to separate.

It is necessary to continue to drink plenty of warm, airing the room. Plus, the treatment is joined:

  • infusions and syrups. Help cough and lactation allowable pharmaceutical infusions and syrups, which include anise, thyme, thyme;
  • alkaline inhalation. Inhalation should be with the use of alkaline solutions. For example, suitable steaming solution of baking soda in ordinary water. Or you can use a nebulizer and mineral water “Borjomi”.

During the recovery period, a residual cough may disturb a woman for some time. Now it is important not to cool, continue to drink warm milk, peppermint tea, eat foods rich in vitamins.

And also enough to rest.

If a nursing mother has an allergic cough, here is another treatment principle. An allergic reaction can be on pollen of a flower plant, house dust, detergents and cleaning substances (shampoos, washing powders, gels, soaps), perfumery (perfumes, cream, cosmetics), food.

In this case, the attack occurs suddenly, can last for hours, probably the occurrence of shortness of breath. From allergic cough during breastfeeding folk remedies can not get rid of. It is required individual consultation of the doctor.

But here’s what will need to take necessarily.

  • Wash off the allergen. If it is on the skin. To do this, take a shower. If we are talking about seasonal allergies to flowering plants, you must take a shower several times a day.
  • Identify and eliminate the allergen. Try to prevent the allergen from entering the body. To do this, calculate it. There is often no medical help. The doctor can competently analyze the history and assign appropriate laboratory tests. If the allergen is food – it is excluded from the diet. If chemical – do not use in everyday life.
  • Take an antihistamine. If you want to alleviate the condition before the arrival of the doctor, you can take a child’s dose, again, a child’s antihistamine. Such means, as a rule, are in the standard family “first aid kit“ mother and child ”.

Treatment of folk remedies is considered to be quite effective if it is conducted from the very beginning of the disease. If the moment is missed or the measures taken do not bring relief within a few days, you need to contact the doctors.

Most likely, in this case, the doctor will prescribe additional drug treatment for cough during breastfeeding.

For example, some mucolic drugs are loyal to lactation. Perhaps, in your case, Lasolvan, Ambroxol or ACC will do.

These cough medicines during lactation are used not only orally, but also in the form of inhalations. Also, the doctor may advise suitable disinfecting bryzgalki local action.

If the cause of the disease is not a virus, but bacteria, the situation here becomes more complicated. Treatment of cough during lactation in this case will require antibiotics. But this is not critical, because there are a number of antibiotics that are permissible when breastfeeding and not harmful to the baby.

To confirm or exclude bacterial bronchitis, a woman will have to undergo blood and sputum tests.

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