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Cosmetic oils for the face from wrinkles: the pros and cons of use

The muscles of the face make up to 15 thousand movements per day. This leads to creases or folds in the skin. In youth, they quickly smoothed out.

But over time, the dermis loses its ability to recover. Because of what appear all the deeper wrinkles.

To deal with them will help cosmetic oils for the face from wrinkles.

Essential and cosmetic oils are natural skin care products. They are produced by squeezing out the “juice” of seeds, grains, sprouts, roots and other parts of various plants. The advantage of such cosmetics – in its composition.

Anti-wrinkle face oils contain a set of useful natural ingredients. There are dozens of species – from apricot to coconut.

Sold these “elixirs of youth” in pharmacies and cosmetic stores.

The peculiarity is that oils, especially essential ones, have to be combined with other components. Need to prepare a special mixture.

And since the stores now have a wide selection of high-quality cosmetics, it is easier for many women to simply buy ready-made anti-aging cream. But is it better for the face – industrial cream or natural oil?

Each of these tools has its strengths and weaknesses.

Some experts advise using only oil. They say that in this case the result will be faster and more persistent. The first changes are noticeable in a month.

What are the benefits of these skin care products compared to store cosmetics? There are five key benefits.

  1. Good price . Oil can pick up at a price of 150 rubles per 100 ml. For example, so much is squeezed sea buckthorn. For 50 ml of anti-aging cream popular brand will have to pay from 360 rubles.
  2. Versatile use. Vegetable pomace is needed not only for facial rejuvenation. In one bottle – care for hands, legs, and hair.
  3. Naturalness The natural substances that make up the oils stimulate the production of collagen, protect the epidermis, saturate it with oxygen and moisture. Shopping cream can not boast of such a noble composition. Flavors, colors, preservatives and other synthetics are added to the creams.
  4. No addictive. Beauticians say that creams are addictive. And here there are two options for the development of events. First: you will have to use the same tool all the time, because with a brand change, all the improvements achieved earlier are leveled. The second: on the contrary, it will be necessary to change the trademark periodically, since wrinkles quickly “adapt” to a permanent cream and do not react to “treatment”. Natural cosmetics is not addictive. It is effective and with constant use, and at breaks.
  5. Long lasting effect. Oils solve the problem of skin aging at the cellular level. They reduce the depth of existing wrinkles and temporarily block the process of the emergence of new ones.

Other experts believe that you should not apply cosmetic oils for the face instead of cream. And that’s how they argue their opinion.

  • Act aggressively. The oils contain a lot of fat, which can harm women suffering from disorders of sebum production. The composition of the creams is more balanced. There are also fats here, but their amount does not exceed 40%. And the remaining components are selected depending on the skin type and other features of the target audience.
  • Clog pores. Oil for the face instead of the cream is not suitable for regular use in oily skin type. This remedy clogs the pores, causing acne.
  • Dry the skin. When a woman constantly applies wrinkle oil on her face, the natural fat metabolism is disturbed. This tool creates a special film that prevents the skin from breathing, does not allow the excess of moisture to evaporate. Metabolism slows down, the skin becomes even drier.

If a woman decides to use oil for wrinkles on her face, cosmetologists advise you to follow some rules. This will allow you to get the maximum benefit from natural cosmetics, to avoid side effects.

  1. Take breaks. It is better not to use regularly. Apply oil courses from time to time.
  2. Focus on problem areas. Use the tool point, putting only on problem areas.
  3. Alternative to cream. Sometimes, if your cream was not at hand, you can use butter instead.

What are wrinkle oils for face use? Much depends on the condition of the skin and the expected results. So, some oils are used only to soften the skin under the eyes.

Others are acceptable to apply on the entire face. Therefore, every woman has her own “best” anti-wrinkle face oil.

Starting the search for a suitable product, note that there are ready-made cosmetic oils for the face from wrinkles, and there are essential oils. This is not the same thing. They may even be called the same, but have a different purpose.

Therefore, you need to pay attention to the packaging, which indicate which group – essential or cosmetic – is a specific product.

For example, olive, jojoba, grape seed, sea buckthorn. This is a standalone product that can be used by simply opening the tube.

This already includes base oils, esters, extractives.

Recommended for aging, dry skin and under the eyes. Some are also suitable for the fat type because they can relieve inflammation.

How to use? Apply with a cotton pad on wrinkled areas. To remove excess oil after the procedure, a paper napkin is suitable.

This oil is also used to create handmade face cream. You can add a few drops in the finished product.

This, for example, fir, clove, orange, lemon. Essential oils for the face of wrinkles are distinguished from cosmetic consistency.

They are concentrated, characteristic smell and evaporate in the room. Esters are used for flavoring, treatment, relaxation.

And, on the contrary, to increase mental activity, to become more cheerful.

Essential oils for the face must be combined with other components, otherwise there will be irritation. You can, for example, add to the foam for washing.

But not in the cream.

Some types of oils cope better with folds on the forehead and in the nasolabial triangle, while others are needed to treat the area around the eyes. What is the “elixir” and for what purpose is the best?

Wrinkles appear even in young women. This is due to the quality of cosmetics, stress, bad habits.

Oil in the early stages of the formation of such depressions are particularly effective. Here is a list of those who can lubricate the face.

  • Camphor. In cosmetology white camphor oil is most often used. Suitable for those who have oily skin, a lot of acne. It helps to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, fights acne, prevents their appearance.
  • Flaxseed It is necessary to take the crude, because it contains more vitamins – retinol, tocopherol, vitamin F. Flax juice softens and nourishes, has a peeling effect.
  • Jojoba It soothes, relieves irritation, removes redness and pimples. Thick, so it is best to dilute it. In its pure form, it is possible to process only certain areas.
  • Cocoa Helps to rejuvenate and make firming skin more elastic. He is advised to use in the winter to protect against obvetrivaniya. Solid, but instantly melts, touching skin.
  • Coconut. This tool will help to quickly eliminate the peeling, dryness, prevent coarsening. Smoothes, removes shallow wrinkles. It is applied before going to the beach to get a tan. And also after, to cool and soothe the skin.

The skin around the eyes is thin. There are no sebaceous glands, so fine wrinkles are easily formed.

They are also called “crow’s feet”. Get rid of the “legs” will help some types of natural oils.

  • Castor. Prepared from castor seeds. Suitable for dry skin. It nourishes it, softens, copes with peeling, coarsening.
  • Olive Softens dry skin, nourishes, helps retain water, but does not clog pores.
  • Peach. Removes dryness and flaking, smoothes wrinkles, relieves inflammation.
  • Rosehip oil . It contains about 15 types of acids, but most of all – linoleic, oleic, linolenic. They are needed for elasticity. If the body lacks these substances, the skin frowns ahead of time.
  • Apricot. It is necessary for skin that suffers from a lack of nutrients and moisture. Tones, softens, nourishes, smoothes folds.
  • Wheat germ. The record for the amount of beauty vitamin – tocopherol. It helps if lips are weathered.
  • Sesame. Prevents the formation of new wrinkles, removes peeling, soothes irritated skin, relieves itching and swelling of the eyelids. In the composition there is lecithin, which softens and moisturizes. And protein contributes to the preservation of elasticity.
  • Sea buckthorn Removes folds, softens, moisturizes, “erases” freckles. It is advised to use in combination with other oils.

As a rule, oil from wrinkles does not cause allergies. However, individual intolerance is possible, so you should always check the reaction on the crook of the elbow.

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