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Compatible Woman Scales

A couple in which the girl and the boy were born under the same zodiac sign are doomed to quarrel and separation. Such a stereotype exists.

The explanation is the following: in the relationship there will be both “pluses”, and for harmony there must be a combination of “plus” and “minus”. But astrologers have a different opinion on this. Not all marriages where spouses celebrate birthday with a difference of several days are hopeless.

This, in particular, proves the tandem compatibility of the female Libra and the male Libra.

People born under the stars of Libra are distinguished by a duality of character. Libra is changeable in opinions and moods.

All life Libra seek balance. They are so hard to understand!

And by and large, only “their own” can do this.

In many ways, the compatibility of the guy-Libra pair is girl-Libra and is explained by the oscillations of the Themis instrument bowls in their characters. Their “plus and minus” is achieved through the constant fitting of new images, the search for balance and the desire of Libra for new emotions and experience.

After NASA’s statements about the global displacement of the Earth’s axis in some astrological layouts, another zodiacal meaning appeared. Now signs 13. So, pressed the “colleagues” new Ophiuchus.

As a result, there was a shift of dates in horoscopes.

It is now recommended to consider that Libra is born from October 30 to November 23 inclusive. Nevertheless, many prefer to find out the fate of Libra in the old way, focusing on the period from September 24 to October 23.

The same dates are still taken into account when calculating the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac.

Libra in the old and in the new zodiac circle is the only inanimate name. Patrons of Libra are Venus and Saturn.

Libra is an air sign symbolizing justice. His attributes are scales and a book.

  • Numbers For Libra, two, six, seven, eight, nine and number 15 are considered happy.
  • Colors . The clothes of Libra and the interior of their home should be dominated by pastel colors. Scales and options are green. And also blue, but not bright.
  • Precious minerals. Weights are recommended to wear jewelry with emerald, sapphire, coral, crystal.
  • Flowers Ideal for Libra plant – rose. Libra is also endowed with calendula marigold and violet with good energy.
  • Talismans Things made in the shape of a heart and books. Or items with the image of these characters.

The sexual factor makes its own adjustments to the fate of Libra. Therefore, it cannot be said that the Libra man and the Libra woman have absolutely identical character traits.

Have their own features.

She loves expensive things, perfumes and cosmetics. Scales invest a lot of time and money in their appearance. By the way, it is in the fashion market that the Libra girl can make a successful career.

But to consider a Libra woman as a pretty dummy is nonsense. She is so smart that she can beat any man in chess.

And he is cunning in such a way that he will never do this if he has a personal interest in him. What qualities are still inherent in the young lady-Libra?

  • Eloquence. Easily supports conversation on any topic. Even the one in which absolutely does not understand anything.
  • Good taste . Her ability to dress and serve herself causes snake envy among her girlfriends.
  • Wisdom Beauty Balance calculates ten moves ahead. And a man should listen to her advice. Even in business, she can see what the profile expert does not see.
  • Loyalty Girl Scales will not be exchanged for intrigue. She has global goals: to find her man and get the most out of relationships with him.
  • Devotion . With her man, the Libra girl is ready, as they say, to die in one day. But if she was betrayed at least once – will leave at the moment and without regrets.

With a man, Libra will not be bored. He knows how to create the right impression of himself.

Read, has an outstanding mind and a good sense of humor. Scales – creative nature. Therefore, future musicians, writers, and actors are often born under the sign of Libra.

A keen language and a heightened sense of justice helps Libra in diplomatic and social work, in a career as a lawyer. What else makes this man different?

  • Intuition Sometimes a Libra man literally guesses events. May make successful bets.
  • Indecision. Having a good intuition, he does not always trust her. Often doubts, because of what it avoids the dual situations and delays the adoption of complex decisions.
  • Kindness. Man Libra never intentionally hurt. And if you need help – will not stay on the sidelines.
  • Dedication Ready for anything for the beloved. Maybe even get a star from the sky. And this is manifested not only in courtship, but also in bed.
  • Love While the Libra man is not ringed, he is experimenting. Women are the same passion for him as art. He loves bright, well-groomed girls, with whom you can not only have fun, but also talk heart to heart. But everything changes radically after meeting with that one.

Relationships between Libra men and Libra women are likely to develop rapidly. In order for the Libra pair to take place, not so much is needed: good external data of the partners and conditions for one-on-one communication.

Literally immediately, Libra sees a soul mate. And the Libra novel is simply inevitable.

And after the first intimacy, this pair of Libra just won’t be at odds with you: they have peremptory sexual compatibility.

If the Libra girl is also not from a poor family, almost 100% will soon receive a marriage proposal. The fact is that Libra men want to live in a big way.

But love is not very zealous … It will not be a typical marriage of convenience, but marriage with calculation is definitely.

Happy spouses, reliable partners and useless friends

At the same time, astrologers constitute a very favorable horoscope for the compatibility of the woman-Libra and the man-Libra. It is believed that each of the partners in the Libra union reaches equilibrium, finally finds its second “I”.

  • Family and marriage. Weights have excellent psychological compatibility. There is an understanding in this couple; the Libra spouses feel well and complement each other. In love and family life, Libra will be happy together.
  • Business area. Women and men of this zodiac sign also have good business compatibility. Scales are interesting to work together, they support each other in the implementation of any project. Scales are excellent colleagues, partners and even can comfortably work in subordination to each other.
  • Friendship . But the usual friendship between the girl-Libra and the man-Libra will not work. They can communicate against the background of common interests, maintain relationships and even occasionally drink coffee together. But if Libra does not bind affinity or money, in a difficult moment both will simply dissolve.

Good tandem compatibility Libra-men and Libra-women is also explained by the similarity of interests and goals of partners. Spouse-Libra strive for a beautiful, dear life.

They create, care about the comfort in the house, love money.

Libra is an interesting art. They are light on their feet, travel with pleasure, attend social events.

Both spouses-Libra have a sharp mind, well erudite, carefully look after themselves.

From the outside, it seems that Lovers of Libra have an ideal relationship and life. But there are troubles, like everyone else. Just the Libra spouses never take the rubbish out of the hut and, together, easily cope with adversity.

If only the troubles do not concern the family budget … Libra is harder than other zodiac signs to suffer from lack of money.

The paradox is that the very unifying craving for a prosperous life can ultimately spoil the relationship between the Libra man and the Libra woman. Quarrels, reproaches, tantrums are inevitable if financial difficulties arise.

And since both spouses are unable to work hard for pennies, both spouses cannot work physically and for wear, there may simply be no one to resolve the money issue.

Therefore, Libra should always have a reserve that allows you to relive the “dark days” without serious consequences. But this is also difficult to do, since the Libra spouses are elementary not able to save.

But if a willful decision is made to save the situation, it is better for a man-Libra to step on the throat of his own pride. Oddly enough, the right way out: to entrust the solution of financial problems to the spouse.

“More than love,” they say about the famous French writer pair Libra, Elsa Triolet and Louis Aragon, who lived together until the end of their days. Their feelings are described even in books.

And this only proves the formula for compatibility between Libra men and Libra women.

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