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Compatible Female Twins

Two Gemini lovers remind an Italian couple. In this relationship, scandals are the norm.

In the case of real Italians, such a format of communication is a feature of the mentality, and quarrels are even shown to them. But in Russian families, communication in a raised voice is a bad sign. And even the stars are not advised to converge two brawlers.

Astrologers estimate the marital compatibility of female twins and male twins at only 30% of the hundred.

Gemini – natures are ambivalent, ambiguous. Their element is intangible and dynamic air.

And Gemini is ruled by the planet of intelligence and sociability Mercury.

Gemini birthdays fall in the spring-summer season: from May 22 to June 21. But in the new Zodiacal circle, they are given the period from June 21 to July 20.

In people with the sign of Gemini, the mood can change a hundred times a day. They are in constant search of themselves and the meaning of life. Laughter, anger, tears, passion – all in one bottle.

Living with a Twin is not easy, but not boring.

In Gemini lie two conflicting personalities. Sometimes it is a battle of good and evil.

Duality manifests itself even in appearance. Can change the color of the eyes and hair.

Peculiarities of human character – Gemini.

  • Activity Twins do not sit still. They are always busy, they constantly talk to someone, they are in a hurry somewhere. Like Caesar, they can simultaneously solve several problems.
  • Variability. Twins, I do not think, can change jobs, the city and even the country. And without any nostalgia. With the same ease, the Gemini man will throw a bored woman. And vice versa. So, in love and marriage of constancy from Gemini, too, should not wait.
  • Cunning. Twins can easily adapt to any situation, come out dry from the water.
  • Eloquence. Twins love communication and have high communication skills. “Blink” any. But listen, alas, do not know how.
  • Dissatisfaction. People of this zodiac sign are always unhappy with their own results. Even the name of a Swiss bank account will want more. And after marrying a superstar, a Gemini man will eventually think that his star could be brighter.
  • Impatience. Gemini has the necessary knowledge to live richly. But their mistake is to get everything at once. For success, Gemini lacks patience.
  • Uncertainty. The twins do not know how to lose. Any lesions knock them off track. Twins become irritable, aggressive, lose faith in themselves.

Twins can not live without adventures. Ready to take risks, get involved even in the most dubious projects.

Therefore, people of the sign Gemini especially need protection from rash acts. It is important for them to become wiser so as not to go along the curved road.

And in order to develop a personal life, Gemini should strive for emotional balance.

Strengthen the positive qualities and attract the good fortune of the right talismans. For example, a mask.

It symbolizes the transfiguration of Gemini. Also as a talisman for Gemini, suitable keys that will allow you to find a common language with loved ones.

Plus items with the image of an elephant and a crow. The elephant personifies wisdom and prudence.

Bird – a sign of insight, prudence and longevity.

If we take into account the dynamic nature of Gemini, then charms symbolizing movement are also useful to them. For example, a toy car.

And amulets in the shape of hands protect the Gemini and give power.

What else contributes to the harmonization of personality and the success of Gemini.

  • Stones. Agate, giving the Gemini confidence, protecting from bad weather. Alexandrite, which, changing color, warns of danger. Emerald, defeating the bad qualities of Gemini: the tendency to deception and scams, infidelity.
  • Metal Gold that protects from the evil eye and enhances the power of love. As well as silver, healing the body and soul of Gemini, contributing to the development of intuition. Also silver charms inhibit temper and nervousness.
  • Plants . Daisies protect the Gemini from evil spirits, help build love without betrayal. Pansies soothe. Jasmine strengthens faith in yourself, normalizes the emotional background. Ash is a symbol of renewal. The hornbeam helps to soberly assess power. And apricot protects from stress.
  • Colors . Yellow is encouraging and helps to achieve emotional balance. Orange restores strength, makes Gemini more patient. Violet is useful for neurosis. Blue brings peace into thoughts and relationships.
  • Numbers Three, all multiples of five, as well as 12 and 18.
  • Days Wednesday and Sunday.

When a man and a female Gemini fall in love, their romance can be long. Yes, marriage is not the best union. But the astrologers as a percentage rate the love affair of two Twins without stamps and obligations much higher than average.

The odds are 80%.

Gemini is able to combine a common hobby, a craving for travel. Both are constantly changing roles, what intrigues the partner.

At the dawn of the relationship they have something to interest each other.

Man-Gemini nature has awarded a bright appearance and strong texture. Even with age, Gemini do not lose their shape. Gathering “in the people”, male twins dress with taste, adhere to fashion, do not disdain cosmetics.

But in everyday life they prefer convenient things of a sporting plan or casual style.

The twin is not made for hard physical work. Intellectual spheres of activity suit him. But monotonous information processing is not that.

Twins men need impressions, drive, risk. As, for example, in the areas of advertising and feast.

The gift of eloquence makes them unsurpassed in commerce. These guys and snow will be sold to the Eskimos. In general, Gemini can make money out of thin air.

Therefore, commerce is their path. Here the main thing is to conduct business within the law.

Gemini men are politicians, journalists, public figures, actors. A close connection with the air element makes them potential pilots.

They are energetic and enterprising. But not all male Gemini can boast a brilliant career.

Successes are achieved only by those who were able to curb the thirst for adventure, showed patience and perseverance.

Much depends on who is near at the moment of possible recovery. Alas, the astrological assessment of the compatibility of male twins and female twins is skeptical in this regard.

With such a union, none of the partners will make a career.

The special qualities of male twins.

  • Intellect The twins are well-versed in knowledge. And constantly increasing their intellectual capital. By the way, in women, male Gemini attracts exactly mental abilities, the spiritual world. Appearance and sexuality – in bit parts.
  • Charisma. Male twins magically affect others.
  • Sociability. Gemini men can find common ground with anyone, but they get real pleasure from conversations with those whom they consider to be an intellectual equal.
  • Freedom The Gemini man boasts a solid list of broken female hearts. He is a fan of flirting and free relationships. Long novels with a claim to marriage scare him. And while strong enough, Gemini will run from family life.
  • Selfishness. Manifested in the sexual life. Therefore, male twins can hardly be called good lovers. They are not masters in the field of sex. And they consider this side of the relationship secondary.
  • Wastefulness It’s paradoxical, but despite the fact that Gemini men can earn good money, they absolutely do not know how to save and rationally allocate resources.

Female Gemini radiates energy drive. She is tall, slim and restless.

She likes to take care of herself. Especially the Gemini woman looks after the figure.

But physical exertion strengthens not only her body. At the gym, she throws out emotions, relieves her head.

And this is necessary for the Gemini woman, because in her thoughts she lives several lives at once.

Gemini woman does not like fancy dresses. She looks like a teenage girl.

Even with age, it does not “go out.” And attracts the attention of younger fans.

The Gemini woman is an intellectual. She is interested in languages. Especially French.

She has developed literary abilities, so she can find herself in publishing, the media.

She will be a great teacher. Thanks to the oratorical ability, even the complex mathematical calculations of the female Gemini explains creatively.

It seems to her listeners that they were not in a lecture, but in a movie.

She can become a business coach, engage in politics, design, art, perform in the theater. And her “airy” nature is calling to the sky: from female Gemini, professional flight attendants are obtained.

The special qualities of female Gemini.

  • Unpredictability. Female Twins are even more impermanent than men of this sign. You never know what the young lady will give out in the next second. Now she is docile and “fluffy”, but suddenly people around see a strict and arrogant lady. She can talk peacefully with her friend on the phone. But then he collapses into the next room, where he begins to rearrange the furniture.
  • Sociability. This is a master of communication. Talk can even chronic silent. And if necessary, the Gemini woman will make friends with the devil himself.
  • Unorganized. There are dozens of positions in the daily to-do list. And there is no time for lunch there. And she manages to do everything. But at such a frantic pace, many significant issues are solved chaotically, superficially. The Gemini woman lacks organization and prudence. She has difficulty setting priorities, and because of this, she wastes energy.
  • Internal conflict. Especially about the romantic relationship. One side of the nature of Gemini feels the need for love and family life. And the second is eager for freedom. As a result, a Gemini woman cannot agree with herself. The search for personal happiness can go on for decades. But if she still dares to love and be loved, she will survive the catharsis, will reach spiritual comfort.
  • Windiness The Gemini woman is prone to treason. But it is not driven by lust. She needs new sensations that she seeks in intimacy with different men.
  • Inaccurate in everyday life. Twin women are not the best mistress. She doesn’t care about dusty shelves and an empty fridge. Actually, it happens at home infrequently. Therefore, it is easy to step over a mountain of laundry. Although, the mood of the woman-Gemini can bring “marafet”. And cleverly and quickly.

Romantic relationships of male twins and female twins are more like friendship. There is no passion, romance.

But in view of the high psychological compatibility there is a genuine interest in each other, a thirst for communication.

Even more prosaic – Gemini is comfortable together. The twins do not demand the impossible from each other.

She does not expect him to be at home all the time. And he does not ask for exquisite dishes and perfect order.

And everything will be fine, as long as they change their roles, every day bring new stories to dinner, plan trips and forays.

But in the life of each of the Twins, there is a period of calm. Covers depression. A dull and dull partner Gemini is not needed.

That’s all. Sorry and wait for things to get better, Gemini does not want.

Other problem areas in the relationship of two Gemini.

  1. Monotonous sex The sexual compatibility of the two Gemini is close to zero. Yes, the bed is not the main thing for people of this sign. But Gemini does not intend to completely deprive themselves of intimate joys. They are not at all against bright sensations. At the same time, they have nothing to surprise their loved one with. On the contrary, they expect to be surprised themselves. Therefore, in the intimate life of Gemini fit more temperamental signs. The zodiac sign compatibility table says that both male and female Gemini will be good with Aries.
  2. Burnout It comes with the advent of family responsibilities. For example, she should sit with the child, and he should earn money and help with the housework. This routine angers both. They quickly forget all good things, burn out. And constant quarrels begin. Because of every little thing. Stormy and offensive.
  3. Treason Disappointed in the partner, each of the Twins will try to relax on the side.
  4. Instability. Assessing the family compatibility of the Gemini guy and the Gemini girls, astrologers say that their home will not be a full bowl. Neither spouse knows how to handle money. All earned they will be mindlessly spending. This is life from project to project, from paycheck to paycheck. Without promising intellectual and monetary investments.
  5. Spoiled children. Children – Gemini weak spot. They love babies. But to dwell on the child, to pay him maximum attention will not be one of the parents. Children in such a family are left to themselves, grow spoiled and with a sharp temper.
  6. Loss of self. The Gemini, who was seized by life and boredom, is changing in character. All his best qualities go out. He may even break the law. Appear bad habits. And from the budding clever Gemini turns into a talkative, grumpy gossip.

Business compatibility Gemini provides a lot of “if.” As colleagues, they communicate perfectly, do not compete.

They can drink coffee together, discuss their bosses. But they cannot help or complement each other.

Working on the same project, both of them will freeze when faced with routine tasks.

What happens if a female Gemini heads the office? It all depends on the nature of a particular lady. If it is aimed at a result, it will be able to captivate subordinates.

But female twins are not usually the leader. She is more important than she leads. In such an atmosphere, the team will go racing.

And the Gemini man will be the main ringleader.

Stars say that the perfect tandem compatibility “Man-Gemini-Gemini-Woman” is possible only in friendship. Here it is difficult for Twins to find a person more congenial. In this format, they can communicate all my life.

Even more. Having a Gemini friend of the opposite sex, another Gemini is charged with the necessary energy, gets emotional support.

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