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Compatible female Taurus

Astrologers say that Taurus, who created a family with a Taurus of the opposite sex, chose the perfect fate. Such a person lives in harmony with himself and with the outside world, he is healthy spiritually and physically.

Stars estimate the marriage compatibility of “Woman-Taurus-Man-Taurus” at 100%. Their union will be reliable, stable and financially successful.

In such a marriage, happy and prosperous children are born and grow up.

Taurus is the spring sign of the zodiac. Traditionally, the birth dates of Taurus fall on April 21 – May 21.

As for the new Zodiacal circle, where the thirteenth sign Ophiuchus appeared, here the Taurus is assigned the period from May 13 to June 21.

The elements of the sign Taurus – the earth, and the symbols – the bull head and horns. It is led by Venus, the planet of love, pleasure and talent.

It is Venus that gives Taurus charm and sex appeal.

Taurus – a sign of stability. He prefers a measured, comfortable life without surprises. He is a gourmet, a connoisseur of beauty.

Taurus is not prone to risk and spontaneity. Every decision he “nurtures” for a long time.

Taurus will not chase opportunities. Why waste your nerves and health? His style: quietly wait for the right moment.

Interestingly, the wait-and-see tactics of Taurus works, and his life is generous for happy occasions.

But there are times when Taurus will not “swing” for a long time. This, for example, applies to romantic feelings for the namesake on the sign of the zodiac. The relationship between a male Taurus and a female Taurus is developing rapidly.

This couple can move in a week after they met. And this decision does not take on emotions.

Two Taurus comfortable and even profitable to be together.

Five qualities that distinguish Taurus.

  1. Patience. Perhaps no one else has such an ability to wait. The patience of Taurus people is as much as they need. Taurus is one of those who value results, not speed. For example, he will not buy an apartment in a bad area that already has enough money. Taurus will continue to collect in order to purchase real estate closer to the center or to work. And may it take more years.
  2. Hard work Taurus needs a comfortable lifestyle, loves to eat, wants to attend social events and dress well. To have this, Taurus is willing to work hard and hard. This is one of the most hardworking signs of the zodiac. However, he should like what he is doing. Taurus will not do anything from the stick.
  3. Aestheticism. Taurus admires beautiful people, objects and nature. He himself strives for outward perfection. Taurus will not communicate with those who are tastelessly dressed or smell bad. And if such embarrassment came out with one of my friends, it will certainly make a comment.
  4. Practicality. Taurus does not pursue ghostly prospects. He lives a reality, and it is in it that he finds for himself more advantageous positions. Taurus always thinks first and then does it. He knows how to handle money and properly use communication.
  5. Conservatism. Taurus invests a lot in creating a clear and comfortable life schedule. Surrounds himself with proven people, eats in the tested places. And for him it is important to achieve consistency. Therefore, any changes Taurus scary.

Taurus strives to live richly, to occupy a high position in society. However, to achieve these goals, he may not have enough flexibility.

Therefore, it is important to learn to listen not only to yourself, but also to others. And also – to be “quicker”, to leave the comfort zone.

Astrologers say that if desired, Taurus can attract the forces of nature to help. People of this zodiac sign have a “sixth sense”, capable of magical practices.

Expose the hidden potential of Taurus and strengthen its energy will help talismans.

As a talisman, Taurus chooses items with a picture or in the shape of a bull. This animal is a symbol of perseverance, power, fertility and sexuality.

The owl personifies wisdom, knowledge, insight.

For the same reasons, a winged cow and a ringed dragon are suitable for Taurus. And the elephant brings the sign Taurus longevity, credibility and helps in achieving goals.

In addition, the elephant will help Taurus to become more resolute and act faster.

Other love, spiritual and monetary charms of Taurus.

  • Stones. Emerald adds Taurus wisdom and insight, strengthens self-confidence. Sapphire cleans the energy of Taurus, attracts happy occasions and mutual love. Chrysoprase gives Taurus decisiveness and pushes for experiments, contributes to the accumulation of resources. This stone also stimulates brain activity, relieves stress. And chalcedony instills optimism in Taurus, controls energy tone.
  • Metal Copper is considered the metal of Venus. He adds Taurus decisiveness, perseverance, poise.
  • Plants . Kalanchoe helps Taurus to control emotions, prevents quarrels in the house. Lilac attracts love to Taurus, helps to let go of the sad experience of the past. A lily of the valley relieves sadness and relieves nervous tension. Walnut is a tree of winners, and also attracts true friends to the entourage of Taurus. Chestnut dispels fears and promotes spiritual harmonization. Apricot feeds Taurus with positive energy.
  • Colors . Blue calms and clarifies the thoughts of Taurus. Yellow strengthens the intellect, and green helps Taurus to keep emotions under control.
  • Numbers Four, six, 15, 24, 33, 42 and 51.
  • Days Monday Friday.

The relationship between a Taurus man and a Taurus Woman may seem boring, monotonous. After all, they do not arrange scenes in public, do not commit romantic madness.

But for the lovers themselves, such peace is the overwhelming happiness. Taurus fall in love at first sight, and they don’t waste their time.

They have high sexual compatibility. More specifically, the percentage of astrologers put one hundred percent on the love of two representatives of the sign Taurus. So, “before the wedding” lovers are not waiting.

But besides the bed, they are tightly connected by the similarity of characters and life goals.

A Taurus man tries to look courageous, even heroically. But thanks to the planet-ruler of Venus, female notes can be seen in the appearance of Taurus. This is especially noticeable in childhood.

True, time masks pretty features with bristles and a stern look.

A Taurus man is not distinguished by a stately figure, since he likes eating delicious food more than physical activities. But the external defects of a man-Taurus can compensate for expensive clothes and accessories.

What is significant for a male Taurus? Job. But not any.

And the one where he will receive well. Male Taurus is enterprising, capable of doing business.

In any operations involving money and numbers, the male Taurus is excellent.

Male Taurus does not frighten routine tasks. But at the same time he is able to express himself in creativity.

May become a writer, artist. From a male Taurus you get a great cook.

He can do physical work, do repairs, or become a farmer.

The special qualities of a male Taurus.

  • Silence. In the company of unfamiliar people, a male Taurus is unlikely to be the center of attention. At such a party, he will be silent, look around. But in the circle of native male Taurus looks different. In such an atmosphere, he opens up, becomes the soul of the company. The fact is that the close circle is the main value of a Taurus man, the source of his inspiration.
  • Slowness From the side it may seem that Taurus is lazy or shirking from some business. But it is not. Just a Taurus man must first get together, think, analyze. As soon as he is ripe, he will solve the problem in one fell swoop. It is forbidden to customize it. Under pressure, Taurus becomes enraged.
  • Enterprise. With all his sluggishness, the Taurus man is distinguished by a businesslike sense. He will never leave the project halfway. Will be collecting information bit by bit, but will achieve his own. Moreover, the proposed Taurus man exits are ingeniously simple and effective.
  • Sensitivity. In working and domestic matters, the male Taurus is an absolute cynic. But if we are talking about love, everything is different here. The male Taurus in love is caring, attentive, gentle. He is even ready for emotional, romantic deeds.
  • Devotion . Male Taurus becomes a reliable and loyal husband. He is determined to keep his family under any circumstances. He is strongly attached to the house. Especially if the spouse can provide there comfort. Such a husband should always wait for a delicious dinner and a cordial attitude of the household.
  • Domovity. A Taurus man carefully equips his house. Everything is comfortable here, modern. And usually, a Taurus man has enough money to create the conditions that correspond to his needs.

Taurus woman – owner of magnificent forms. But the features of the figure do not negate its attractiveness. She is charming.

It has an unshakable calm and subtle sense of tact. Taurus woman is not one of those who roll the scene.

She is a great companion and listener.

Taurus woman is not a proponent of an active lifestyle. Her main interests concern the family.

In the house of a female Taurus is always tasty and cozy, she grows flowers. And such a craving for the hearth is another powerful link between a man and a female Taurus.

With all the “domesticated” female Taurus works hard and hard. For her, the material side of life is important.

And she does not hope to live at the expense of her husband. In this regard, the Taurus woman is completely independent, can “make” money.

Astrologers note the high financial compatibility of Taurus men – Taurus women: their family will stand firmly on their feet.

A Taurus woman is able to engage in entrepreneurship, document flow, design, fashion, music, psychology, and animal husbandry. It is suitable for professions that do not require good physical fitness and haste.

The special qualities of a female Taurus.

  • Self control Taurus woman holds herself in her arms. To bake it, you need to try. But if someone succeeded, it is better to rush into the race. Faced with unwarranted criticism, the Taurus woman turns into fury.
  • Selectivity In things, people, work. Taurus woman can not be forced to do what the soul does not lie. And the dress that she did not like, will not wear, even if it is the last clothes on the planet.
  • Loving. This quality is “inherited” from Venus. The Taurus woman usually turns parallel novels in parallel. And each of the gentlemen is dear to her. However, after marriage, a Taurus woman closes the topic for himself, and even considers flirting inadmissible.
  • Passion A modest and conservative Taurus woman will surprise her partner in bed. She loves sex, ready for experiments. Interestingly, not every man will withstand the pressure of this young lady. If you analyze the sexual compatibility of the signs of the zodiac, then in addition to Taurus-men, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn can be well suited to Taurus women.
  • Willingness to submit. A Taurus woman can give her husband the right of leadership in the family. She appreciates strength and greatness in a man and tries in every way to cultivate his leadership qualities.
  • Thrift. Taurus women will not deny themselves food or clothing. She has a wise approach to saving. She chooses quality things that last longer. She cooks food herself, neglecting restaurant deliveries. And never spend more than earned. In the bins of the hostess there are always stocks.

Describing the “Taurus-Man-Taurus-Woman” tandem compatibility, astrologers say it is a strong pair. They will be able to establish a common life, ensure the financial stability of the family and give birth to healthy offspring.

Taurus is so good together that they can even minimize communication with friends. Moreover, both Taurus are close to nature and suffer from rural life.

It is possible that they would risk investing savings in a village house and leaving.

Despite the perfect compatibility of the guy-Taurus and the girls-Taurus, the stars advise them to pay attention to three risky moments. They need to take control, so as not to disrupt family harmony.

  1. Protracted quarrels. They are provoked by stubbornness and unwillingness to yield. Conflict on the little things in the pair will not. But the first serious question, like choosing a name for a child, will lead to the Cold War. Here both one and second Taurus should not be silent. It is important to speak out, not to save insults. High psychological compatibility will always allow this pair to find an alternative, third, solution to the problem. The main thing is to show a desire and pacify pride.
  2. Power struggle In this pair, the process of separation of spheres of influence is inevitable. If this is ignored, the struggle for leadership will begin in the house. Need to agree on the shore. Yes, the male Taurus is the head, the breadwinner, the male. And the spouse does not encroach on his power. But she must also have her own territory of freedom. Let the spouse not interfere in the issues of housekeeping, choice of clothes, continuation of breastfeeding, the need for early development of the child.
  3. Refusal to experiment. Tauruses are able to close themselves from the whole world and literally breathe each other. But even such conservatives like idyll can get bored. To avoid this turn, spouses at least occasionally need to add diversity to the relationship. It is worth experimenting. Let it be a short trip, a joint campaign for a massage, rafting on a kayak … A common emotional experience will only increase the attraction of partners.

Despite the favorable horoscope of compatibility “Woman-Taurus-Man-Taurus”, partners should not relax. In the character of the people of Taurus there is enough ambiguity. And depending on upbringing and lifestyle, not better features can prevail.

Taurus spouses will have to learn to give in and listen to each other.

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