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Compatible female Aquarius

Zodiacal affiliation man-Aquarius can be determined from the first minutes of communication. His life goal is to make the world a better place. The inner voice says to Aquarius: “To be an angel is difficult, but necessary.”

And the most interesting thing happens when such a celestial being meets his own kind and. falls in love. The compatibility of the Aquarian woman and the Aquarian man is indisputable.

But in this magic of feelings there are pitfalls.

Aquarius – idealists. They say about such people: “Out of this world.” They strive for the sublime, they value the purity of thoughts and actions.

Someone else just admire the rainbow, and Aquarius are ready to settle on it. Examine each color in detail.

And they will dream that someday new, even brighter shades will appear in the sky.

But not always Aquarius just waiting for miracles. Willingly “chudyat” themselves, realizing themselves in innovation.

Invent things, systems, approaches that become socially significant discoveries.

But Aquarius is not at all naive and will not give offense to themselves. If necessary, remove the “rose-colored glasses”, and quickly adapt to the prosaic circumstances of reality.

If necessary, they will be calculating, cold, cynical. But it gives the Aquarius discomfort.

Up to the pain.

Aquarius is not sinless. Their main drawback is disobedience, rebellion.

True, the representatives of this zodiac sign do not see anything bad in such quality. On the contrary, they are proud of a similar trait in character.

If you focus on the traditional astrological calendar, you need to assume that Aquarius is born in winter. Specific period: January 21 – February 18.

However, after scientists discovered the thirteenth zodiac sign, some astrologers set aside other dates in the calendar for Aquarius: February 16 – March 11.

The symbol of Aquarius is two waves. Also, the sign is visualized in the form of zigzags, wings, silver hands.

Aquarius is positioned as a man pouring water. It is believed that this is a servant of society, whose mission is to quench the thirst for knowledge. Aquarius is under the influence of Saturn and the patronage of Uranus.

Aquarius attracts luck with the help of nature, time, numbers and objects.

What gives Aquarius strength and success:

  • stones Aquamarine guarantees Aquarius peace of mind, and turquoise – a victory in business. Pomegranate is needed to find true friends and love. A chrysocolla protects against fear;
  • metals. Tin rarely suits anyone. This is the metal of Jupiter. Does not rust and is corrosion resistant. Endowed with such a powerful energy that can suppress the aura of an ordinary person. But for people of special destiny and character, this is protection from misfortune and poverty. Metal sharpens intuition, and helps to look into the future. Tin amulets and jewelry are advised to wear to politicians, public figures and clergy. Interestingly, only this metal is recommended to Aquarius;
  • colors . Ultramarine, purple and green with blue tint;
  • plants . Violets that symbolize the forgiveness of sins. Daffodils – a sign of self-love and self-love. Myrtle, restoring strength, health and beauty. Unpretentious cypress, as well as a proud and brave poplar;
  • charms Ornaments in the form of keys and divine images;
  • numbers Two, four, eight, nine, 11 and, contrary to all prejudices, – 13;
  • days Wednesday and Saturday.

Compatibility of two Aquarius in love, in friendship and in work

Aquarius is often not taken seriously. It’s not easy for them to find a suitable companion.

After all, not everyone can live “on a rainbow”, disdaining money and household amenities. With pleasure it will only make the same unpredictable idealist – Aquarius.

The relationship between a man-Aquarius and a woman-Aquarius have a chance to take place. Such people suit each other in many ways.

How are the relations of two Aquarius in different spheres of life?

  • Love In love and in family life, Aquarius can be happy together. But only if they learn to give in. Each of the Aquarius at all has its own point of view, and takes a third-party position, gritting his teeth. Therefore, the relationship between a man-Aquarius and a woman-Aquarius is better to build on compromises. For example, he wants meat for dinner, and she wants fish. But why not come up with something third? For example, order a pizza.
  • Understanding. Nobody understands Aquarius, better than the same Aquarius. They have high psychological compatibility. These are people who go the same way towards a common goal.
  • Intimacy Because of the similarity of temperaments in Aquarius, good sexual compatibility. Intimate relationships in this pair are the tenth thing. For both Aquarius, spiritual closeness is more important. Sex will be infrequent, but bright and with fantasy.
  • Friendship . It was she who determines the compatibility of two representatives of this zodiac sign. Friendship is based on sex, and love, and the life of Aquarius. Even if over time, the passion in the pair goes away, both partners will be configured to communicate further. And even make friends with new families.
  • Job . The Aquarius of different sexes have good business compatibility. They can work in the same company or even create a common business. But the working compatibility of the Aquarian man and the Aquarian woman dictates the mandatory separation of areas of responsibility. For example, one Aquarius leads finances. Another Aquarius manages the staff. And be sure to agree on the shore: advice is accepted, but instructions are not. It is impossible to impose your point of view on Aquarius and enter its monastery with its charter.

Aquarius men and Aquarius women: special qualities

Aquarius man and Aquarius woman are similar in their madness on ideals. But everyone can have their own.

In women and men, Aquarius has a differently complex mind, hormones work differently.

Astrologers, making up the horoscope of compatibility between the Aquarian woman and the Aquarian man, take into account different interpretations of the characters. And it turns out that a man in such a union of Aquarius expects full dedication from her partner.

She literally should dissolve in it. Interestingly, the Aquarius girl is ready to do it.

But only if he will share the goals of the chosen one, he will believe in him.

Male Aquarius will try to walk in the bachelors to the victorious. At the same time he has a lot of women. And he loves each.

Aquarius generally loves everyone. Therefore, when meeting with the only one he will have a backlash.

He will defiantly try to isolate her from the crowd with indifference or even antipathy. “You are not interested, I hate, do not come,” – in the case of Aquarius, this means that the man hooked, and finally fell head over heels.

And when the object of his sympathy still be close, he will show himself in all its glory. He will not insist on sex.

The concubine does not need him. In love and in marriage
a woman should become Aquarius best friend, companion, helper, and even partly a servant.

The distinctive qualities of a male Aquarius.

  • Originality. In behavior, in clothing, in communication, in relationships, in courtship. If he decided to surprise a woman, then he easily organizes salutes in the form of her name in the night sky.
  • Kindness. He is ready to help. Even to strangers and stray animals.
  • Sociability. Quickly finds a common language with people. Moreover, an equally interesting conversation unfolds with the top manager of a large company, and with a homeless boy on the street. It is also surprising how easy an Aquarius man can soothe a sobbing child. He has an approach to people with mental disorders. He has many acquaintances, but real friends – units.
  • Learnability Aquarius does not have a phenomenal memory, it is very easy to grasp everything new. Can quickly master almost any profession.
  • The ability to earn. Fate is always ready to offer Aquarius several cash ways to choose from. Men of this sign can be politicians and businessmen. But they are far from interesting. Aquarius is not attached to things and money.
  • Intuition Often, male Aquarius in advance see upcoming events. This helps them avoid losing or even dangerous situations.

Aquarius woman may not be the most beautiful lady at the party. But the brightest will be required. She knows how to apply herself unusually, constantly changing images.

Experimenting with hairstyles. She likes to wear clothes from the past.

In this case, the lady of Aquarius so change the grandmother’s dress, that even the secular lionesses will envy.

She is often called a madman or a witch. From it breathes secrets.

It can only be interested in a self-confident man who sets himself a super task and knows how to achieve his goals.

The empty girl Aquarius calculates quickly, and moves away from such contacts without further explanation. You can’t tie her sex.

As for the men of Aquarius, sex for her is only one of the many facets of the relationship.

The distinctive qualities of a female Aquarius.

  • Extravagance. In appearance, in words, in manners, in actions;
  • Freedom Like a male Aquarius, she has to literally pull down the aisle. And it’s not at all a fact that at the crucial moment she will not run away from there. It is oppressed by bytovuha. And endless burgers and starched collars are her nightmare.
  • Intellect Smart, erudite with a great sense of humor.
  • Creation . Such women are talented. They can realize themselves in the profession of a designer or fashion designer.
  • Dedication She understands people well, feels their needs and is ready to invest a part of herself in others. Therefore, women-Aquarius often work as teachers and educators.
  • Self sufficiency. She is confident in herself and in her abilities, therefore she is not satisfied with scandals and jealousy scenes. For the same reason, it does not save offenses. If someone annoy her, just laugh in response and sympathize with the offender.

The stars speak of the high compatibility of the Aquarian couple and the Aquarian girl. But they will not be given this relationship easily. In order for the Aquarius union to take place, one of the partners must be able to sacrifice their own interests.

And, most likely, it will be a woman.

She does not make much effort to gain the attention of a partner. Moreover, he listens to the signs from above.

And the very fact of the appearance in his life of a charming namesake on the sign of the Zodiac is regarded as a crucial moment. He is waiting for constant care.

And if she is in love, she gives this care selflessly.

What will this union be?

  • Free. Aquarius will not go to the registrar and fenced off from all relatives who dared to insist on the wedding. This event is possible only with the advent of the child, but will put pressure on both spouses.
  • Soulful. They talk a lot. Or rather, they dream.
  • Friendly. It is the feeling of friendship and unlimited mutual trust that are the basis of this pair.
  • Atypical. Perhaps the couple will open a common cause. But not for the money. For the sake of achieving a higher, more noble goal. For example, to invest earned in the creation of perpetual motion.
  • Not rich Family budget is the weak link in this pair. Both do not know how to save, but squander, on the contrary, they get professionally.
  • Mysterious . And the more puzzles in store each spouse, the better. As soon as the crossword is completed, the union will exhaust itself. And any of the two Aquarius may well leave, even if he is already 70 years old and there are five joint grandchildren.
  • Not boring. The couple will travel, learn something together, experience new sensations and do crazy things. Moreover, pair skydiving is the most banal that such partners try.

Surely, the scattered Genius Evgenievich Chudakov and his assistant Lizonka from “Fixico” are also Aquarius. At least, the images of these heroes clearly echoes the characters of the “living” people representing this zodiac sign.

And in real life, it would be a perfect couple – an example of the compatibility of the Aquarian-male and the Aquarian-female. They already have their own “rainbow” in the form of a laboratory.

He is absorbed in discoveries, and she is always there, and he always admires him.

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