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Compatibility Scorpio woman – Scorpio man: love on the verge of crime

Astrologers compare a family in which both spouses are Scorpios, with a natural disaster. They say this alliance resembles a meeting of two tsunamis.

This is a tough confrontation of characters, where the “world” is possible only in exceptional cases. Stars rate marriage compatibility “Scorpio Woman – Scorpio Man” only in 40% out of a hundred.

Although, at the romantic stage, these relations may well satisfy the interests of both partners.

Scorpio is an autumn sign. Traditionally, the period of birth falls on October 24 – November 22.

And in the new Zodiacal circle, Scorpios are given only six days to be born, and the dates are as follows: November 23-29.

The element of Scorpio is water. There are two governing planets for this zodiac sign. This is a militant Mars, symbolizing activity, struggle and desire to win.

And also Pluto is a planet of death, leadership and global change. People ruled by Pluto are called Plutonians.

Scorpios are in a state of eternal war. And if there is no external enemy, then they conflict with themselves. They are prone to aggression, violence.

But at the same time, they are noble and aggravated with a thirst for justice.

Astrologers, depending on the traits that dominate the character of a particular Scorpion, divide the representatives of this sign into three groups.

  1. Poisonous. Such Scorpions are greedy and vengeful. They are filled with anger, capable of assault and do not know mercy.
  2. Noble. These Scorpions are compared to a hovering eagle. In this group – smart, reasonable and fair personalities. They stand up for the disadvantaged and never hurt the weaker.
  3. Gray lizards. In their character the same features as in the “poisonous” type prevail. But they masterfully hide their hatred and outwardly show friendliness. And it is even more dangerous. Since the Scorpions are “lizards” can sting on the sly.

At the sign of Scorpio pronounced male energy. This is a warrior, conqueror, hero.

Moreover, these qualities are inherent in a man and a woman-Scorpio.

These are courageous and hardy personalities. Even if Scorpio is knocked down, he will not accept a fiasco.

While he is alive, the battle is not over.

Scorpio is disciplined and resembles an army commander: strict, demanding, rude, proud and independent.

Five features of the nature of man-Scorpio

  1. Courage Scorpio is not afraid of danger and even death.
  2. Self-confidence. Scorpio is unreal to embarrass and make you doubt your own abilities. He believes in his innocence and invincibility.
  3. Will. Scorpio is able to keep himself in hand and does not retreat before difficulties. Willing to accept temporary hardship if he knows that in the end it will lead to victory.
  4. Insight. Like scorpions see people through, read the thoughts of others. This quality allows you to anticipate events and choose a winning path.
  5. Magnetism. Despite the harshness, sharpness and aggression in character, Scorpions attract people to themselves. This is especially true of relationships with the opposite sex: Scorpions are the gurus of broken hearts.

The fate of Scorpio is generous with passion, money and enemies. The last representatives of this zodiac sign – with a slide in each pocket. Therefore, Scorpios need constant energy protection.

It is also important for them to get external help in curbing anger. This will help talismans.

Although the Scorpions are skeptical towards love of magical items, they still need to pay attention to “their” charms. And those can make a brooch or pendant in the form of a scorpion.

This talisman sharpens intuition, protects from enemies, gives Scorpio power and power.

Objects depicting the sacred Egyptian insect scarab beetle are important for attracting fortune. Another talisman of wealth is the frog.

Also, weapons and elements of military uniforms can serve as charms for militant Scorpio.

Other love, spiritual and monetary charms of Scorpio.

  • Stones. Pomegranate is a stone of hypnotists. He awakens the best qualities in Scorpio, pacifies negative emotions, is a source of moral and physical strength, gives power over others. Topaz contributes to the development of creative abilities, attracts wealth. Ruby protects Scorpio from disease and natural disasters, attracts love and makes Scorpio more authoritative. Alexandrite, changing color, warns the owner of the danger.
  • Metal Iron protects against the evil eye and damage, attracts good luck to the house. And steel is considered the metal of Mars. It strengthens the strength of will, the determination of Scorpio and displays clots of negative energy.
  • Plants . Peony attracts success and love, gives peace of mind. Carnation protects Scorpio from catastrophes and feeds additional energy. Chrysanthemum allows Scorpio to find spiritual harmony and true friends. Walnut is considered a victory tree. Chestnut relieves tension and dispels fears. And bamboo controls aggression.
  • Colors . Rich red color brings Scorpio power and love. For the same reasons, Scorpio is suitable for scarlet and crimson colors.
  • Numbers Four, five, eight, nine, ten, 11, 21, 100 and 666.
  • Days Tuesday.

The relationship between Scorpio men and Scorpio women does not hold water when it comes to marriage. But the romance between such partners is more than real. After all, astrologers appreciate the sexual compatibility of Scorpios.

The percentage is the entire hundred.

And since the Scorpios attach great importance to the intimate side of life, it is not easy for them to let go of each other, even after a one-time closeness. Yes, this relationship will be painful for both. But passion on the love front is also war.

So, the ideal habitat of Scorpio.

The love relationship between a Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman can imprint their destinies. This pair is able to converge and diverge to infinity.

Even having created other families, Scorpios will probably periodically run off to each other. Here bilateral magnetism plays an important role, as well as similarity of temperaments and similarities in characters.

Scorpio man is hard not to notice. Even if he is dressed in a strict dark suit, he still stands out from the crowd. Glance, gait, posture … His image is one continuous aphrodisiac.

The young ladies goosebumps run over the skin. Scorpio man can add special effects.

For example, she can purposely undo a few buttons on a shirt.

Scorpio man is a risk-taker. And the profession chooses the appropriate.

For example, if he was attracted by medicine, then by specialization he would be a resuscitator or pathologist. Working in a rescue service, will be a sapper.

Can do industrial mountaineering.

They are born law enforcement officers, criminologists, military. Charisma, thirst for power and money lead a Scorpio man into politics, civil service and big business.

The special qualities of Scorpio men.

  • Sharp mind Scorpio men have a solid set of knowledge in various fields. They can work with huge data streams, remember information well. And at the expense of oratorical talents correctly present what has been accumulated in the head.
  • Stiffness Scorpio man does not make concessions. It must be like he said. And the point. Scorpio does not know pity, and no one makes discounts. He will not grieve when he fails. Instead, the Scorpio man will soberly analyze where the failure occurred and eliminate the “weak link”.
  • Leadership Scorpio man does not go on about the crowd. On the contrary, he is the one who leads others and shapes public opinion.
  • Purposefulness. If a Scorpio man has planned something, then he will “burn out” to the remainder, but he will achieve his goal.
  • Polygamy Scorpio men have many hobbies. Even the name of a permanent partner, he can drop left. Scorpio man does not consider treachery to be physical intimacy on the side. Of course, while we are talking about his adventures. Wife treason man-Scorpio will not forgive.
  • Power. The rare woman is capable of “ringing” Scorpio. He is demanding and independent. In love and family life, he needs a strong and self-sufficient partner. Which at the same time is ready to submit. Or, at least, can wisely imitate the subordination of the powerful Scorpio.

The fatal lady. This description is perfect for a Scorpio woman.

She is confident, sexy and deftly manipulates men. Not always women of Scorpio are beautiful by nature.

But due to the skillful self-supply and strong internal energy, they still look more advantageous than the more handsome competitors.

Scorpio women really turn the heads of men, ruin other people’s families and destinies. Only a strong, desperate and brave knight can truly interest a Scorpio woman.

And Scorpio-man, this “casting” will take place.

Scorpio woman prefers dark tones and bright makeup. She is seductive and intriguing.

It wonderfully combines sophistication and a masculine character. Even showing aggression and eccentricity, the Scorpion woman causes admiration.

What profession chooses a woman Scorpio? Such ladies look good on stage, so they sing, act in films, play in the theater.

Also, a Scorpio woman has a communication gift, so she can become a presenter on radio or television, as well as a psychologist or teacher.

She is ready to become an operational officer in the internal affairs bodies, a prosecutor or a judge. Also a female Scorpio can go in for extrasensory and alternative medicine.

The special qualities of a female Scorpio.

  • Sneak. Even for close people Scorpio woman remains a mystery. She perceives excessive frankness as a manifestation of weakness. Therefore, even in moments of despair, a Scorpio woman will not cry on someone else’s shoulder.
  • Vengefulness Scorpio woman will not be offended. And everyone who goes her way, repay the same coin.
  • Energetic. Scorpio woman is able to grasp the immensity. It works in multitasking mode. Scorpio woman is not afraid of the need to combine motherhood and career. She has the strength to achieve any goal. Where even men sometimes surrender, a Scorpio woman will build a throne for herself.
  • Self control She is able to cope with her feelings and desires. A Scorpio woman has a predisposition for alcoholism and even drug addiction. However, such dependencies are overcome by female Scorpio rarely. After all, they have a tremendous power of internal resistance to potential danger.
  • Excitement Scorpio woman loves risk and challenges. The unattainable goal seems, the more Scorpio is committed to it.
  • Intuition The Sixth Sense allows a Scorpio woman to anticipate events and emerge victorious from the most stalemate situations.
  • Reliability For her man, a Scorpio woman is ready for much. She will love without reserve, will not betray and will help in achieving goals. However, even being happily married, she is capable of passing connections on the side.
  • Monetary “snap”. A Scorpio woman is able to earn and correctly manage money. She invests a lot in education, the creation of comfortable and modern living conditions, the interior of the house. Able to save and save. With the money “friends” and the man-Scorpio. And if this couple were able to find a compromise, one could talk about the good financial prospects of their union.

The horoscope of compatibility “Scorpio Woman – Scorpio Man” emphasizes the need of both partners in thrills. On this basis, they are addicted to each other. Rough sex in crowded places, sharing extreme hobbies, common enemies …

Such a relationship can continue even for years, especially if a Scorpio woman is interested in this. Then she is ready to pretend to be driven, smooth corners and portray submission.

However, the moment of truth will come sooner or later. And then strip the pitfalls of this relationship.

What prevents Scorpios to be together.

  • Selfishness. Low family compatibility “Scorpio Man – Scorpio Woman” is largely due to this quality in the characters of both partners. Everyone is fixated solely on his desires, ambitions and requires full commitment from the second half. However, not one of the Scorpions is willing to sacrifice their interests for the benefit of others.
  • Dominance. Scorpions are fighting for leadership in the pair. Everyone wants to dominate and break a partner, remake it for themselves.
  • Jealousy Both Scorpios are proprietors and at the same time both are not at all against entertainment on the side. Needless to say, how do such incidents end? This is the case when even criminal scenarios of development of events are not excluded.
  • Energy disasters. Even one Scorpio at the energy level attracts misfortunes, and two Scorpions are doubly. Therefore, such a union may threaten the health and lives of both partners.

High psychological compatibility allows two Scorpios to establish friendly relations. But nuances are possible.

Namely, from time to time sex between a closely communicating Scorpio man and a Scorpio woman happens. Without commitment and continuation.

Like a discharge.

If we talk about the business compatibility of Scorpions, here, too, not without surprises. Working in the same team as equals, they will conflict, fight for awards and prizes. And the struggle will not always be clean.

Up to the fight. Moreover, it can provoke her lady.

More successful is the working compatibility of the guy-Scorpio and the girl-Scorpio, if in the collective hierarchy they are at different levels. For example, a man holds a leadership position, and a woman works under his command.

In this embodiment, he will receive a reliable and qualified employee, and she is a fair and valued chef.

Chances to increase family compatibility Scorpio-men and Scorpio-women are. But for this, both partners need to change.

Such spouses must recognize the strength of the partner and accept the mutual right to freedom. Whether Scorpios are ready to reshape their own “I” directly depends on the strength of their feelings.

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