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Compatibility Sagittarius female – Sagittarius male: in love and family life, at work

If lovers loudly and emotionally clarify relationships in public, then do not go to a fortuneteller – two Sagittarius perform. Their relationship is emotional, on the verge of a foul.

Quarrels are almost every day. At the same time, the compatibility of the “Sagittarius Woman – Sagittarius Man” is high enough to create a strong pair.

But for the family – this is still not the best tandem.

The distinctive feature of Streltsov is straightness. They, like little children, always tell the truth.

Any As they see it. And in combination with sarcasm it gives the effect of a bombshell.

In this case, Sagittarius do not understand why others call them tactless.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. The symbol of the sign is a mythical hunter centaur with arrows.

This is the embodiment of wisdom, providence. Sagittarius – VIP sign.

Such people are called “daughters of fate” and “eternal optimists.”

Sagittarius is rich and lucky. They are always in the thick of things, endowed with special power over others.

And the right talismans and charms can enhance the well-being of Streltsov.

What brings luck to Sagittarius.

  • Colors . Blue, cornflower, ultramarine. Personalize faith, devotion to tradition, harmony.
  • Stones. Turquoise – “lucky stone.” Chrysolite is needed to protect against heartache and rash acts. Also helps in disputes and strengthens family ties. Amethyst is important as protection against alcoholism and for sports victories.
  • Metal Zinc, which helps restore mental and physical strength, heals wounds, protects against unnecessary risks.
  • Ward Items in the form or with the image of a lizard, a salamander. These are symbols of courage, courage, balance. They help Sagittarius to recuperate, saturate with powerful energy.
  • Plants . Citrus cultures that increase vitality, protect against disease and strengthen memory and attention. Palm gives confidence. Laurel helps in the development of mental abilities and work. And bonsai eliminates false dependencies and heals the soul.
  • Numbers Three and multiples of three.
  • Days Thursday.

Both men and Sagittarius women have a sharpened sense of justice. This manifests itself again childishly, with maximalism.

For them, there are no halftones and compromises. They are on the side where the truth is.

But the truth is different, and archers are not always able to distinguish false. So, among the representatives of this zodiac sign, there are especially many people who are passionate about various religious trends.

Traits characteristic of Sagittarius.

  • Kindness and generosity. If you need to borrow money, please. Sagittarius will give the last. If the loan is not returned, he will enter the position and offer additional assistance.
  • Fearlessness. Archers love drive, danger and travel. These are gambling people. They are attracted by speed and sport. If you get in trouble, do not call for help. We are ready to defend ourselves to the last blood. And in a verbal dispute, and in a real fight.
  • Humor They are always on the positive, they love to make fun of others.
  • Frivolity. Sagittarius loves to walk and drink. So, with the adventures of no interruption.
  • Discretion After an emotional conflict, Sagittarius experience a sense of desolation and try to make peace with an opponent. If we are talking about a loved one, then Sagittarius will make amends with the “special effects”. There will be stars from the sky, and serenades under the window, and new horizons in sex.

Archers “shoot” right in the heart. The male Sagittarius has many novels, and the female Sagittarius has as many fans.

Both look good, achieve success in school and work. But constantly need praise and compliments.

It makes them happier.

Strelets Troops easily fall in love, but quickly burn out. For them, freedom is more valuable than proximity. And in order to firmly hook the representative of this zodiac sign, something special must happen.

For example, the meeting of two opposite-sex Sagittarius.

Male Sagittarius has an outstanding appearance. He dresses expensively and loves solid decorations.

He is on the crest of Fortune and “infects” the good fortune of his loved ones.

Sagittarius has a humanitarian mindset, which is why professions of a philologist, writer, translator, and journalist are suitable for him. Given the appearance and charisma, Sagittarius can try themselves in the role of TV host or artist.

Other qualities that distinguish male Sagittarius.

  • Excellent student syndrome. If Sagittarius takes the case, then he must make it at the highest level. The main thing is that the deadlines for completing the task are as short as possible, and the conditions – dynamic. After all, monotony and routine are abhorrent to Strelets.
  • Sharp mind Sagittarius is erudite, well-read and willing to learn any new information.
  • Ease. Especially in relationships with ladies. If the woman you like is not reciprocating or playing catch-up, he will not fanatically pursue her. Exploits and conquests are a waste of time for Sagittarius. After all, there are still many people and events in life.
  • Freedom Sagittarius does not tolerate obligations and obvious restrictions. Therefore, his lady will have to wait a long time for a marriage proposal. If she takes the initiative in her own hands, he can break the relationship. Even if so far the couple was happy together. If he marries under the pressure of circumstances, then such a marriage will be short-lived. In general, polygamousness is characteristic of male Strelets.
  • Activity Sagittarius will not stay home for days with his wife and children. It is important for him to be in the center of events, to communicate with new people, to gain new experience. If he is tied, in love and in marriage he will not be happy.

The female archer is the personification of positive and vitality. She is always on the move, always smiling.

Even if the cats scratched the whole soul. Against her background her friends look phlegmatic and gray.

She comes to the corporate in jeans and stretched T-shirt, but even in this form gathers around her all the enviable gentlemen. When she speaks, her appearance no longer matters.

In the head of the girl-Sagittarius ocean of crazy ideas. Paradoxically, she will gather a whole team of like-minded people and realize the intended insanity. The Sagittarius woman is one of those who easily meets in the street.

And such spontaneous meetings often develop into a strong friendship.

Her monotony kills her, so a Sagittarius woman is looking for a job that involves a stream of events. This is a PR, advertising, politics, stage, tourism business.

Sagittarius is a career woman and she is seeking leadership positions.

Other qualities that highlight a Sagittarius woman.

  • Looseness Sometimes her actions are even vulgar.
  • Willfulness. If someone wants to make a Sagittarius timid and docile housewife, let him immediately get ready to lose.
  • Jealousy And pathological. Even if the beloved cat jumps into the hands of a stranger – already trouble. Especially not to be good for her man, who suddenly invited someone else to the dance.
  • Education A female archer knows even what he really does not know. In half an hour she can understand the subtleties of molecular chemistry, if circumstances so require. She has a good memory and a high degree of adaptation to any situations.
  • Immediacy Sincerely expresses his feelings, emotions. Able to enjoy the little things, like a little girl. That is why children love her and she becomes an excellent mother.

Two Sagittarius: ideal lovers, but unfaithful spouses

Astrologers predict the paradoxical tandem compatibility “Male-Sagittarius – Female-Sagittarius”. As a percentage, it looks like this: 100% fit each other in love and only 40% married.

How does the relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Sagittarius woman in different areas?

  • Communication Due to the similarity of temperaments and characters they have a high psychological compatibility. Two Streltsov unite common interests. They love hiking, traveling, noisy parties. In general, there is always something to discuss. Another thing is that they both like to talk a lot, but they don’t know how to listen.
  • Intimacy The sexual compatibility of two Sagittarius is so powerful that after parting each of them is difficult to find a new partner. Because in comparison, many lose.
  • Friendship . Also the high compatibility of the Sagittarius guy and the Sagittarius girls is noted by astrologers in friendship. Considering their tendency to get involved in various movements and trends, they can converge on the basis of certain political or religious views. And then become like-minded, comrade, spiritual partners.
  • Job . Streltsov has a high rate of business compatibility. They will get along within one team. They can work together on a large project, make it at the highest level, and then bonus together. In addition, together it is easier for them to tamp the rest of the team into eccentricities and team building activities. If a Sagittarius man will have to work under the authority of his namesake on the sign of the Zodiac, then he will assume the role of a link between the authorities and the rest of his subordinates. But a more productive scheme when a Sagittarius woman works for a Sagittarius man. She will be the strongest and most loyal member of his team.

If after all a wedding: 5 laws for a family of Streltsov

Despite the fact that the horoscope of compatibility of a woman-Sagittarius and a man-Sagittarius does not recommend such a marriage, you cannot command the heart. And if the two Sagittarius still bring the matter before the wedding, they should stick to some rules of behavior in love and in family life.

  1. Make the relationship mature. Early marriages are not for Sagittarius. Let the relationship “infuse.” Only closer to 30 years both partners can be ready to create a family.
  2. Tell jokes . Each conflict is better translated into the plane of humor. Especially because they love to joke in this pair of both.
  3. Search for diversity in each other. Groundhog Day depresses Sagittarius. So that spouses do not look for new horizons on the side, it is important for them to change, to open new faces in each other. And if desired, in this pair, both can remain a mystery to extreme old age.
  4. Surrender to the common cause. The relationship between a Sagittarius male and a Sagittarius female can strengthen a family business or one of two hobbies. Spouses need a common object of investment of strength and energy.
  5. To find a compromise . No matter how many dishes the quarreling Sagittarius broke, each time they need to collect fragments. And in the event of a tough conflict of two interests, find a third, compromise, course of action.

Tandem compatibility “Sagittarius-male-Sagittarius-female” is possible under one condition. Partners need to be ready to forgive each other. “Amnesty” will have to give insulting words, and reckless actions.

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