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Compatibility female capricorn

One of the few one-digit couples, which astrologers give 100% for a successful marriage, is Capricorns. The advantage of their union in practicality.

Both partners are able to manage emotions, and when choosing a satellite they are guided by a subtle calculation. They strive for comfort, prosperity and power. For this Capricorn needs the same persistent partner.

High tandem compatibility “Capricorn Woman – Capricorn Man” in other areas of life.

Capricorns – the winter sign of the zodiac. They are born from December 22 to January 20.

In the new version of the horoscope, which takes into account the thirteenth sign Ophiuchus, the dates are shifted to January 20 – February 16.

Capricorns belong to the earth element and are influenced by Saturn. The symbols of this sign are the mountain goat, tending to the top, and the crocodile.

The first image means the desire for exaltation, and the second – represents power over others.

Capricorns are ambitious and selfish persons. These are absolute practices.

For them, money and comfort are more important than feelings. Capricorns are often called heartless.

Capricorn won’t pull anyone down. He needs a strong partner who will support.

In love and in marriage, they expect to find a profitable party, so they often get into a relationship with someone who is older and more experienced.

Features of the nature of the people of Capricorn.

  • Reasonableness. Capricorns do not make windy decisions. Having outlined the goal, they will first collect the maximum information, prepare, tune in … But then they will simply come and take the desired.
  • Caution. Capricorn will not take a step until it assesses the possible risks. This feature allows you to avoid unfavorable and dangerous situations.
  • Pedantry. Capricorns always take into account and comply with social norms and legislation. Even a piece of paper past the bins will not be thrown, because it is “not correct.” This is also manifested in love and family life. In particular, Capricorns will not change.
  • Trick. People of this sign have a strong enough character to stand up for themselves. They know how to criticize, there are cutting. But they will never clash with a person while he benefits them. Capricorns can even create the appearance of submission, bend over. But as soon as the opponent relaxes, they will strike. And get the top prize.
  • Restraint. Emotions prevent Capricorns from thinking soberly. Therefore, they suppress even anger and irritability. The same goes for positive feelings. Capricorns are stingy for affection, so the love compatibility of the Capricorn guy and the Capricorn girl is not assessed in percentage terms. Passions will not be here, so astrologers give this novel only 80% of the hundreds.
  • Wisdom Capricorns train their mind and intellect. For them, it is a tool for achieving goals. Capricorns have the unique ability to combine knowledge and experience. And not only your own. Capricorns can learn from the mistakes of others.

Positive features include self-confidence, dedication, willpower, a sharp mind. For Capricorns, it is important to develop these qualities. And also not to succumb to depression, the waves of which periodically cover the soul of Capricorn.

Strengthen the energy of this sign of the zodiac, you can use the correct talismans. This is a black cat and a turtle.

And both live, and in the form of figurines, drawings, ornaments.

What gives the sign Capricorn strength and luck.

  • Stones. Ruby, symbolizing dignity, greatness. This stone enhances the positive traits of Capricorn and helps him find love. Onyx, considered the “stone of the rulers.” He clarifies the mind, gives power. And malachite is important for good health and spiritual harmony of Capricorn.
  • Metal Lead is one of the looks of Saturn. Gives the firmness of spirit, helps to endure loneliness painlessly. It is an assistant in self-knowledge.
  • Plants . Apple tree – a tree of health, rebirth, knowledge. Mack suited Capricorn as a defense against evil spirits. Dracaena contributes to the accumulation of funds. Jasmine is needed for the development of intuition. White carnation brings luck and love to female Capricorns.
  • Colors . Capricorn fit dark colors. For example, black, symbolizing power and self-control. Blue is a sign of infinity and wisdom. Green strengthens faith in yourself, protects from ailments. Gray speaks of seriousness and discipline.
  • Days Tuesday and Saturday.
  • Numbers Three, five, seven and eight.

Capricorn man can easily get lost in the crowd. He has money, but he does not like to spend it on clothes, accessories, care products.

His wardrobe is dominated by gray tones, which emphasizes the ascetic lifestyle. He is a lover of rigor and classics.

Women, he also chooses not on clothes and beauty. He pays attention to manners, upbringing, economy, position in society.

And it is also very important that the Capricorn parents like the girl. And here the young lady of this particular zodiac sign has the highest chances.

Although, the prediction of compatibility between a Capricorn guy and a Capricorn girl does not exclude a possible misunderstanding on the part of relatives. But this is more connected with the lifestyle of the couple than with the personality of the chosen one.

Capricorns are usually determined from childhood with a choice of profession and, step by step, they acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. They are not afraid of work and difficulties.

On the contrary, they take on the most difficult projects. Capricorns achieve success in the areas of management and finance, law, journalism.

Can be builders, engineers, physicists, aviators. Such people become top managers of large corporations.

Qualities that distinguish Capricorn man.

  • Closure He does not like noisy companies and publicity. Avoids unprofitable contacts. In effect, dooms itself to loneliness. Because of what is prone to depression.
  • Conservatism. He is committed to family traditions. Adheres to generally accepted moral standards.
  • Strength of mind . Capricorn has a powerful inner core. They are able to maintain equanimity in the most difficult situations. They will not complain and pity themselves. If Capricorn fell, he would immediately rest his horns on the ground and begin to climb again to his goal.
  • Reliability Capricorn will never let you down. He said it means he will.
  • Hard work He does not expect manna from heaven. He used to work hard and hard to ensure a comfortable life for himself and his loved ones. At the same time Capricorns will not achieve the goal at another’s expense. Such a victory for them is a defeat.
  • Monogamy This is the rare case when a man does not need a million novels. For him, flirting, sex, dating – pleasure, without which you can do. Interestingly, such indifference only gets women. And Capricorn has a lot of female fans hoping to break his heart. But he usually chooses. He needs one. The same one. Her he will not just love, he will bow to her. Not in the rules of Capricorn, men change wives. The same principles and girls of this sign. Therefore, the relationship between a male Capricorn and a female Capricorn can develop according to a scenario: they have been together all their lives and died in one day.

Capricorn woman looks like a good wine: over the years, it only gets better. She has a special charm. Her attractiveness is not a symbiosis of clothes, cosmetics and perfume.

On the contrary, it is almost indifferent to fashion and accessories.

The magnetism of the Capricorn girl in her habits, manners, ability to speak. But, unlike the men of her mark, the Capricorn girl needs compliments, she loves attention.

The Capricorn Woman strives for a secure life. And for this a lot of work. But she needs more than money.

She chooses such areas of activity where power and position can be achieved. Capricorn ladies are not afraid to go into business.

Can work in state structures.

They also have creative potential that can be realized in the fields of design and fashion, and culinary art. If a Capricorn woman realizes that today’s work does not bring the desired results, she will change it.

Up to that will master a new profession.

The qualities that distinguish the Capricorn woman.

  • Sneak. She will not share plans even with loved ones. Moreover, Capricorn woman hides intentions from outsiders. Often kept aside. It is not even regarded as a competitor. But at the right time, it comes out of the shadows. And having achieved the goal, makes others be amazed.
  • Coldness She is called the “snow queen”. She never shows her feelings. Keeps indifferent to both people and events. Men are intriguing. After all, how to determine whether a cavalier is liked or not? To achieve emotions from the young lady Capricorn can only elected. This variant of the development of relations suggests tandem compatibility “Capricorn-man – Capricorn-woman.”
  • Ambition Capricorn women, in spite of their isolation, strive for recognition, leadership, and high social status.
  • Pessimism Girls of this sign of the zodiac, as well as men, Capricorns, are prone to depression. But they tolerate the decline of spiritual forces more easily. Striving for success, they do not celebrate victory ahead of time. And they look at things from the position of a pessimist, so that in case of disappointment it is not so bitter.
  • Thrift. A Capricorn woman can combine career and family, managing to do things both at work and at home. No matter how loaded Capricorn is in the office, the household will always be full and pressed.

For conservative Capricorns, the family is an indispensable component of a full life. And the house for Capricorn should be the rear, outlet.

Therefore, Capricorns choose their partner rather than with the heart, but with the mind. This does not mean that the relationship between Capricorn men and Capricorn women exclude feelings. Just such people first think, and then fall in love.

And practice shows that it is not so bad. Below are analyzed the six strengths of such a low-emotional union.

  1. Intimacy Capricorn has high sexual compatibility. This is for both the ground where the senses are allowed out. If the lives of the Capricorn spouses are strict and monotonous, then sex is another matter. This is a bright, insatiable couple. Interestingly, the men of this zodiac sign remain in shape longer than others. Problems with potency, they do not know until old age.
  2. Relationship This is a beneficial alliance in terms of psychological compatibility. If one gets to the top first, will reach out to the second. Moreover, the relationship will develop ascending. After all, Capricorn spouses are getting younger with age. Having achieved the desired status, in their declining years, they can finally relax, and together make up for lost time. Begin to travel, find a hobby for the soul, can decide on extreme experiments.
  3. Support Due to the nature of the character, Capricorns have few friends. And it is in their partner that they also find an ally. As a rule, after the wedding, all external contacts are gone. Maximum, can be friends with someone families.
  4. Conflicts. They will be at least. Capricorns are able to find compromises and negotiate. Moreover, despite the difference in roads, their final goal is the same. Assessing the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac, astrologers say that a rare union can boast of such unanimity.
  5. Money Capricorn families are not in trouble. However, a practical mindset does not allow them to glam. For life they are provided with everything necessary, but no more. The main part of the income they save or invest.
  6. Children Assessing the tandem compatibility “Man-Capricorn – Woman-Capricorn”, astrologers emphasize that these spouses have identical approaches in the education of heirs. They love children, but in their own way. Grow in severity and do not indulge. But give a good education and a decent start in life. Here the principle is as follows: donate a fishing rod, not a fish.

Compatibility horoscope “Capricorn Woman – Capricorn Man” indicates another feature in the life of this couple. The universe constantly “teaches” them, suggests a weak spot – lack of sensitivity.

To do this, their relationships come the appropriate situations and people.

The task of both Capricorns to see these signs. And to react to them correctly: to become softer, kinder, more heartily. For example, a woman should be with the child all maternity leave, and not to run to work immediately after childbirth.

A man should order not trips to a sanatorium, and a romantic tour of the island.

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