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Compatibility Aries Woman

Aries are self-sufficient, strong and energetic natures. As long as they live separately.

In one territory, the representatives of this zodiac sign turn into aggressive and uncompromising warriors. The fight goes for leadership in the pair.

Stars estimate marital compatibility “Woman-Aries – Man-Aries” only in 40% of a hundred, calling this union “explosive.”

Aries are born in spring – from March 21 to April 20. In the new astrological calendar, this period is given the period from April 18 to May 13.

The element of Aries is fire, and the symbol is the head of a ram. Mars, the planet of feats, victories and passions, is considered the ruler of Aries. And the planet itself bears the name of the ancient Roman god of war.

The sign of Aries is saturated with coarse male energy. And this is reflected in both male and female Aries.

Therefore, it is so difficult for two Aries to create a pair. The romantic relationship between Aries men and Aries women turns into a competition called “Which of us is more man”.

The winner man: 10 features in the character of Aries

In Aries, incompatible qualities are combined. They are strong and helpless. This romance and cynics at the same time.

They have infinite kindness and are frighteningly aggressive.

Which side of the character will prevail depends on the situation and the environment. If Aries needs to defend itself, it will fight to the last blood.

But getting into the atmosphere of love and recognition, Aries shows its wings and makes those who are near happy.

Ten features of the nature of man-Aries.

  1. Initiative. Aries does not herd the back. Loves experiments, risk. He also draws others into his ventures.
  2. Leadership Takes leading roles in life. He will be the head of the school, the chairman of the student trade union. Leading position is also in love and marriage. And regardless of gender. Aries woman will not wait until the man he likes shows initiative: he will take the situation into his own hands and dot the “i”.
  3. Dynamism. Any routine takes Aries out of itself. Without movement, he literally suffocates, falls into depression. Even on vacation, which implies a passive holiday on the beach, Aries is uncomfortable. He will come up with a thousand reasons just to return to the city to the usual drive.
  4. Impatience. Long-term projects annoy Aries. His road is fast and straight. If taking up the case, Aries failed, he would not go back and redo it. There are plenty of opportunities around, and he will switch to something new.
  5. Selfishness. “I” at Aries in the first place. Even with the advent of the child. Aries deep down loves himself all the same more than his own child.
  6. Purposefulness. Aries is a fighter and conqueror. He is not afraid of difficulties. On the contrary, too easy tasks seem to him boring and dubious.
  7. Cunning. For the sake of victory, Aries is ready for much. Even pretend to be weak. But as soon as the competitors relax, it will show itself in all its glory and take the main prize.
  8. Stubbornness. Aries hears only himself. In any situation, he is absolutely right.
  9. Vanity For Aries, the opinions of others are critically important. Praises, awards, awards make him happy, stimulate new feats. And, on the contrary, the slightest criticism can permanently knock out a ram.
  10. Quick temper. Internally, the flame of Aries flashes at the slightest occasion. In the emotions of Aries can say such things! The peculiarity is that Aries are quick. Very quickly, their anger is replaced by mercy. They are even ready to apologize and will try to make amends.

Aries live in a frenzied rhythm. During the day they waste their energy to the drop. Restoring power helps sleep, but Aries is neglected.

After all, at night you can still have so much time! Therefore, an external energy supply is needed here.

Aries has enough envious people and even enemies, so blocking from the negative is important.
Also, Aries need to control the desire for adventure, temper and aggression. Correct talismans will help to become more rational, rational use of force.

An ideal talisman for representatives of this sign is the golden fleece. Objects depicting the precious skin of a lamb symbolize wealth, the purification of the soul, the greatness of the spirit.

Amulets are weapons, military accessories. For example, a bullet personifies fearlessness and the achievement of goals. An amulet in the form of the hammer of the Scandinavian thunder god Thor is also suitable.

This item is responsible for fertility, protects against bad weather, brings good luck.

Other love, spiritual and money amulets Aries.

  • Stones. An “indestructible” diamond empowers, sustains in moments of despair, restrains anger. Ruby acts as a cure for mental wounds, accelerates longing and restores energy. Amethyst acts on Aries soothingly, relieves tension, helps control emotions. A sapphire makes Aries wiser.
  • Metal Gold contributes to self-control, power, and well-being.
  • Plants . Violet is a symbol of the forgiveness of sins, gives humility and patience. Cornflower protects against negative energy. Euphorbia soothes and protects from envious. Garden geranium relieves stress. The royal begonia inspires and multiplies the success of Aries. Hawthorn promotes family happiness. Oak acts as an antidepressant. Hazel warns against thoughtless actions, helps to be more flexible. Rowan protects against the evil eye and sharpens intuition.
  • Colors . Red gives Aries joy, love, power, optimism, makes them more beautiful and happier. Orange relieves depression, provides a surge of strength. Blue provides peace of mind.
  • Numbers Four, seven, nine and 11.
  • Days Tuesday, Sunday

Harmoniously the relationship between a man-Aries and a woman-Aries develop only in one area. Intimate. Two Aries may be in bed on the first date.

Astrologers rate their sexual compatibility by the highest score. In love, two Aries are 90% each other.

Up to one hundred, this connection is underdeveloped only because it will be fleeting, although bright.

In addition, Aries woman will eventually try to dominate sex, which Aries man is not ready to admit. Aries can rarely be carried away by each other, rarely, and the reason for this is the similarity of temperaments and ambitions.

Aries man is late becoming an adult psychologically. This is reflected in his appearance. The Aries male is youthful, smart, dressed in a free style.

He likes to look good, but he does not have a refined taste. Can spend the last money on expensive shoes, but in the end it turns out that they do not go to any of his suits.

But the flaws in the image more than compensate for the charm of a man-Aries. If he is in a good mood, he will charm everyone around.

Aries man knows how to joke and make surprises.

Aries man is talented and diversified. But this does not mean that he will be wasting himself on everything at once.

Career, as a rule, builds on a clear plan. And the man-Aries starts working early, combines the matter with studying at the university.

Aries men avoid routine tasks, so they choose dynamic professions. They like to travel, communicate with people, be creative, be in the center of attention. Aries man is a politician, actor, journalist, PR man, merchant.

Aries become law enforcement officers, rescuers, doctors.

The special qualities of male Aries.

  • Championship Aries tends to be ahead of the planet. He does not think – acts. And where another will slow down, Aries man “will give a gas.” He does not care about the consequences, as he is sure that he will always be able to get out.
  • Stage. Aries man needs spectators. Any of his actions are demonstrative. Even in a secluded setting, he tests his actions for “showiness.” What if someone sees?
  • Resourcefulness Aries do not stone, faced with difficulties. They will find a way out of any situation. These are excellent crisis managers. Sometimes the solution of the problem proposed by him seems crazy. So what? The main thing is the result.
  • Authoritarianism. Aries love leadership positions in work and in personal life. But subordinating people, they do not revel in power. On the contrary, they value their team. In the Aries family will not give the reins to anyone. Any attempt to encroach on his “throne” will end in divorce. For his children, Aries is the father of authority. Education is strict here, but you can usually be proud of such a dad.
  • Passion Passion absorbs the man in love, Aries. He is capable of romantic deeds, surrenders to feelings without a trace. Aries man is considered the most skillful and tireless lover in the whole zodiacal circle. For example: Casanova was Aries. Interestingly, the Aries man himself does not value his own capabilities so highly. And, being afraid to disappoint an experienced partner, she prefers timid and shy ladies. If you evaluate the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac in the bedroom, then the best Aries fit partner Twin or Fish.
  • Jealousy The man-Aries exacerbated a sense of ownership. He can even watch his passion to check for cheating.
  • Wastefulness Aries is able to earn well, but to save money and properly dispose of it – alas. Therefore, he needs a more practical partner. And assessing the monetary compatibility of “Man-Aries – Woman-Aries”, astrologers make a forecast not in favor of this pair.

Aries woman does not doubt its own irresistible. And, indeed, her charisma eliminates any natural flaws. In addition, Aries woman watches herself, looks spectacular.

Although, at times it can overdo it with decorations, perfume or paint in clothes. But in general, it is an image of a confident and dear woman.

Aries woman is able to present themselves. She is a great actress, so she masterfully adapts to the circumstances. Need to pretend to be a sheep – please.

It is required to show claws – also not a question.

She will give odds to any man. And often chooses non-female professions. She can prove herself in business and even in military service.

Although, the creative vein leads her to journalism, design, cosmetology.

Aries woman laid out at work to complete. Even with the advent of the family, she does not turn into a classic housewife.

Her child will meet her nanny early so that Aries mom can return to her normal life style.

  • Vanity And it is better not to infringe. Aries woman easily steps over the offense, but remembers them until the end of life. And if once a man allowed himself a barb at Aries women, let him not meet again on her way.
  • Assertiveness. Her inner strength can be envied. The arguments of a woman Aries are hard to argue. If it is “burning” with something, it will turn mountains.
  • Autonomy. Aries woman lives by the principle: “If you want to do well, do it yourself.” This quality often prevents her from managing positions: she assumes part of the duties of subordinates, believing that this will be faster and better. In an informal setting, it is also independent. Itself drives the car, itself drags bags from the store. Maybe put the tiles in the bathroom, and attach the eaves to the wall.
  • Strength . Aries woman will come to work, even if ill. Having received a bruised arm, he will first sign all the documentation in the office, and only then he will go to the traumatology department. She does not tolerate pity for herself, she will never cry in public.
  • Power. Aries woman strives to be at least a notch, but higher than others. This is manifested in work, and in friendship, and in personal life.
  • Sexuality But not vulgar, but refined. And a man who will achieve the location of a woman-Aries, will not be disappointed. She is ready for experimentation and unbridled passion.
  • Reliability Aries woman will not fail those whom she loves. For her husband, she will become not only a lover, but a friend and ally. Aries woman will not throw in difficult times. Helps her man to achieve success in work, and at home will create for him an atmosphere of goodwill and comfort. She cherishes her family, so the breakup of relationships can be resolved only as a last resort. But Aries woman’s partner should take her leadership, and not limit her freedom.
  • Inefficiency. Money from a woman Aries does not linger. She loves to live in a big way and does not think about tomorrow. Aries woman is able to throw a gorgeous party, even if she understands that she spends her monthly budget.

Assessing the family compatibility of the boy-Aries and the girl-Aries, astrologers say that the two leaders find it difficult to get along in the same territory. Yielding to emotions, they can get married.

But the first months of living together will put everything in its place.

The character of the people of this zodiac sign is complex. And Aries’s ideal partner should be able to give in, put up with vanity and the pride of her chosen one.

Aries themselves are hardly capable of such concessions.

Other reasons why two Aries should not marry.

  1. Feelings pass quickly. Aries cool to each other as suddenly and abruptly as they fall in love. And a union in which there are no feelings and sincerity is not needed by any of the partners.
  2. The houses are uncomfortable. It’s not just a constant emotional stress. Aries are constantly faced with the problem of lack of money. In addition, both spouses spend much time outside the family, so shelves are gathering dust at home and the refrigerator is empty.
  3. No flexibility. The compatibility of Aries woman and Aries man is complicated by the fact that both rested go right through. Everyone defends their interests, ignoring the needs of the partner.
  4. There is no motivation. Aries need praise, but they themselves are more prone to criticism. They are not able to feed each other with compliments, inspire, emphasize dignity and motivate.
  5. Little attention. Aries need the constant attention of a partner, but they don’t know how to give it back. Each of the partners is more concerned about his own persona.

Usually, people of the same zodiac sign have high psychological compatibility, which allows them to be good friends. But Aries is a little different. They will communicate only on equal terms.

And in this case, they will find understanding and a faithful adviser. But as soon as one of the Aries becomes more successful, the second will perceive it as a personal defeat and become angry.

Especially, a man is difficult to put up with the achievements of a woman-Aries.

As for business compatibility, Aries can work in one team. And they will be doubly productive. But again – while occupy equal positions.

At the first hint of competition, between the two Aries in the team will begin a tough confrontation. True, direct, honest, without undercover games that deserve respect.

Not only humans, but also circumstances are capable of enhancing tandem compatibility “Male Aries – Female Aries”. Sometimes fate itself stands for a similar union, and then gives signs.

For example, Aries can meet its Aries, being in difficult life circumstances. Is this not a reason for one to become a hero, and the second to submit?

In addition, Aries, born in the twenties of March, adopt a number of qualities from Pisces, who know how to bypass sharp corners, are capable of calmness and dedication.

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