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Coffee grounds face mask: recipes for acne, wrinkles and homemade tanning

If you are wholeheartedly for natural cosmetics, made with your own hands, then pay attention to the ground coffee, invigorating not only the spirit. Remains in your cup benefit your skin.

Facial procedures, including coffee grounds as the basis, differ, in addition to the inimitable aroma, a huge coverage of the problems to be solved. Coffee grounds face mask is rich in active substances that improve the function of the dermis cells.

One of the main advantages of home “coffee” cosmetics – cheap. A rare modern family does without the morning coffee awakenings.

And to get an effective cleanser and tonic for the face, the hostess simply collect the cake remaining in the Turk or coffee machine. But the value of the product is not only in its availability.

Coffee “crumbs” have a rich palette of components useful for feminine beauty.

Caffeine is the most famous ingredient of the drink. It improves blood circulation and activates the skin tone. Smoothing wrinkles and eliminating bags under the eyes is his merit.

Also, coffee is saturated with potassium, calcium, phosphorus, contains vitamins PP and B2, and this is not the whole list. What else is different thick?

  • Antioxidants. They affect the body more strongly than green tea extract or vitamin C. These substances are able to reverse the aging process.
  • Polyphenols. Provide a tightening effect and also slow down aging. Thanks to this component, the skin becomes elastic and resilient.
  • Chlorogenic acid. In tandem with antioxidants, it protects skin cells from free radicals and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Carotenoids. They are responsible for the complexion and help to end painful yellowness and various rashes, including acne and teenage acne. Thanks to this substance, cosmetic “caffeine” masks are famous as a source of golden skin tone.

Coffee grounds face mask: prescription table for all skin types

To create a homemade face mask of coffee and complementary ingredients, take the thick of the classicly brewed beverage without cream, milk or sugar. Apply instant coffee granules is meaningless, they will not have the desired effect.
Before you mix all the components of a cosmetic product until a homogeneous slurry, make sure that the thick of the drunk coffee is cool.

Interestingly, coffee can help solve various skin problems, suitable for all types of epidermis. The main thing is to know prescription secrets.

The table below contains proven and simple combinations of components for coffee masks “for every occasion”.

Table – Coffee grounds masks for various skin types

Mask / skin typeRecipeTimeEffect
With honey for any skin– A teaspoon of coffee grounds;
– a teaspoon of honey
20 minutes– Moisturizes;
– nourishes;
– aligns color;
– relieves inflammation
With oatmeal for any skin– Two large spoons of base;
– two small spoons of oat bran or flakes;
– 1/3 small spoonful of sour cream
Up to 15
– Moisturizes;
– nourishes;
– aligns color;
– relieves inflammation
With olive oil for dry skin– A large spoon of thick;
– a large spoon of olive oil;
– a pinch of cinnamon or salt on the tip of a knife
15-20 minutes– Moisturizes;
– saturates with useful microelements;
– pulls up
With “sour”
for oily skin
– A large spoon of coffee base;
– a large spoonful of low-fat cottage cheese, which is completely replaced by citrus juice, kefir or other dairy products, as well as egg white
25 minutes– Dries;
– cleans;
– tightens pores

Coffee is able to “erase” facial wrinkles, and return the girl’s face to the freshness. It does not just feed the surface of the dermis, but activates the mechanisms of its regeneration.

The following are examples of five anti-aging home-made coffee products.

  1. Stir banana puree with two teaspoons of cream.
  2. Combine with the main ingredient – you need a small spoon base.
  3. Apply and leave to dry.
  4. After 15 minutes, use warm water and a mirror to admire lightning-fast achievements.
  1. Combine in the dishes one tablespoon of indispensable thick from the morning coffee cup with ordinary rye flour.
  2. Supplement with egg yolk.
  3. The procedure lasts ten minutes.
  1. You will need three tablespoons of good ground coffee. Three quail eggs, three tablespoons of cocoa powder without sugar, two tablespoons of liquid honey.
  2. Break the eggs with a mixer, add them to the dry ingredients.
  3. Then put the honey and bring to homogeneity.
  4. This mask should be applied in layers and let it dry.
  5. Gently moisten the resulting crust with a cotton pad and then remove it with warm water.
  1. Blend a pair of chicken egg whites with a blender and add to the large spoon of the main ingredient.
  2. Pour in a large spoonful of liquid honey.
  3. The time it takes for the mixture to work on your dermis is 15 minutes.
  1. A large spoonful of thick, mixed with a whole egg, add a teaspoon of honey.
  2. For a nutritional effect, dilute the mixture with a teaspoon of sour cream.
  3. The mask can be removed after 15 minutes from the start of the procedure.

In the fight against acne, even the simplest coffee masks are considered a panacea only if there are no wounds and inflammations on the face. Due to the absence of chemical components, these recipes are suitable for adolescents who want to get rid of acne, which due to age-related hormonal changes do not give them peace of mind.

All ingredients from the above recipes are available at your local convenience store.

  1. Adding grated apple to ground coffee (the amount is determined by eye), dissolve it with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.
  2. Rub your face in a circular motion after applying the mask, without touching the eyes and the area next to them.
  3. Wash off the residue in half an hour.
  1. Separate the egg white.
  2. Add a large spoonful of the main ingredient.
  3. Pour in a small spoonful of unsweetened yogurt.
  4. It is desirable to hold such a mask on the face for 20 minutes.

Thanks to carotenoids, coffee grains give the skin a dark shade. According to reviews of women who practice such masks, after two procedures a light tan appears.

A simple way to achieve a “beach” effect is to mix the remnants of a morning drink with what is in the kitchen.

For oily skin, a mix of ground coffee with warm water is suitable. And with a feeling of tightness, mixtures with oil, for example, olive oil, will help better.

Spread the brown mass over the face, neck and the open part of the chest evenly.

Scrubs have a peeling effect, removing dead cells from the surface of the dermis. Thanks to the massage with hard grains, the blood flow is accelerated, the skin is saturated with oxygen and acquires a healthy tone.

Depending on the type of skin, you can prepare a scrub based on coffee grounds with different ingredients. But universally you can add to the basis of fruits, oatmeal, dairy products.

And for problem skin, you can choose the simplest recipe: mix ground coffee with the nourishing cream that suits you.

Unlike face masks with coffee grounds, the procedure with a scrub is much less. It is enough to massage problem areas for five minutes.

But due to the fact that the scrub contains solids that cleanse the skin, it is necessary to comply with certain security measures.

  • Defer application. So you need to do in the presence of damage, ripening acne, wounds on the face.
  • Apply from time to time. Often it is impossible to use such purification, it is better not more than two times a week.
  • Soften the effect. After the procedure, be sure to apply a softening cream.

Cosmetic companies are actively using the capabilities of coffee beans, produce the whole “coffee” line. But why pay for the brand when the main component of popular industrial products is available to you every day? Coffee face mask – always at hand.

Just by entering the kitchen, you can create your own unique cosmetic product.

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