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Coconut oil for hair: use for growth and against loss, recipes, tips

Since ancient times, vegetable oils have been used by women for skin and hair care. In this sense, coconut oil has the greatest value.

It contains a rich list of vitamins and amino acids that nourish curls and give them vitality. And the dense enveloping texture provides the hair with reliable protection from external damage. How to use coconut oil for hair?

What tools can be prepared on its basis?

Despite the fact that the assortment of masks, balms and serums for the care of curls is huge, more and more girls prefer to use natural products. A special place among them is occupied by coconut oil, whose medicinal properties have been valued since the times of Cleopatra.

Its use leads to amazing results, reanimated even the driest and damaged strands.

The beneficial properties of coconut oil make this product one of the most valuable of its kind. This is a real find for girls who can not find “their” hair care products.

If your strands are dry, brittle, dull and disobedient, and the dream of a luxurious long spit seems unreal, use natural care products. The benefits of coconut oil for hair can be described by eight key points.

  1. Nutrition . Under the influence of coconut oil dry hair literally comes to life. Due to the enveloping and penetrating properties of the substance, they become more elastic and less brittle.
  2. Protection. After removing the mask on the strands remains invisible film that protects them from ultraviolet radiation. And still means interferes with dryness after influence of sea or hard tap water. Do not do without this tool, and those who in windy and cold weather does not wear hats.
  3. Moisturizing. Girls who often dye their hair, do a perm or permanently straighten their hair with an iron, just have to include coconut oil in the complex of care for hair.
  4. Neutralization. Putting on masks before washing your hair prevents you from washing out keratin from your hair, because vegetable fats level the effect of aggressive ingredients of the shampoo.
  5. Stimulation. Awakens hair follicles, accelerates hair growth.
  6. Cleansing. The tool is known for its antiseptic properties. It effectively fights dryness, dandruff and itching.
  7. Recovery. If there is any damage to the scalp, the remedy will contribute to their speedy healing.
  8. Straightening. Covering hair, vegetable fat makes them heavy. Due to this, they become less wavy.

You can fully appreciate the effect of coconut oil only if the product is of high quality. Based on the reviews, four key characteristics can be identified.

  1. Shelf life . A quality product without preservatives can not be stored for more than six months.
  2. Preparation method . Most of all useful substances remain in oil of the first extraction.
  3. Producing country . Usually the product is imported from Thailand, India, Egypt and other warm countries where coconuts grow. Also, quality products are made in the USA.
  4. Price. If the product is too cheap, it means that it is not certified or characterized by low quality. Most likely, this is a second-pressed or hot-pressed oil.

If you doubt the quality of pharmacy or store coconut oil, try to cook it yourself. The procedure consists of seven steps:

  1. In the ripe coconut, make a hole and let the liquid flow.
  2. Chop the nut and scrape the flesh off the rind with a spoon.
  3. Pass the mass through a meat grinder or grind in a blender.
  4. Put the slurry in a jar, fill with hot water, wait for cooling.
  5. Put the container in the refrigerator and leave it overnight.
  6. The next day, you will see that the pulp has settled on the bottom of the jar, and frozen vegetable fat has appeared above the surface of the water.
  7. Transfer the product to a convenient container and refrigerate.

The use of coconut oil for hair does not require any specific skills. A quality product can be used as an independent tool or as a basis for masks.

For hair restoration or prophylactic treatment, the agent can be used in its pure form. The care process includes five steps.

  1. Distribution Heat the oil in the palms and distribute it over the entire length of the hair, paying attention to the tips. Back off a couple of centimeters from the roots, so that the curls are not too fat.
  2. Twisting. Twist the hair into a bundle and secure.
  3. Exposure. Wrap your head with plastic wrap, warm with a towel and leave for a period of one to eight hours.
  4. The washing up . Wash your hair with shampoo. You may have to soap your hair twice, and therefore it is better to use a sulfate-free remedy that does not overdry the hair.
  5. Drying Dry the curls naturally.

Hair mask with coconut oil at home helps to reveal the whole range of useful properties of this product. This will help you additional ingredients.

Which ones are described further in the table.

Table – Recipes for Coconut Oil Masks

Main componentAdditional componentsTimePurpose
2 tablespoons of coconut oil– Mashed half avocado;
– 3 drops of tea tree ether
30 minutesMoisturizing
– 2 tablespoons banana puree30 minutesNutritional
– Pinch ground red pepper20 minutesFor growth
– Half a cup of kefir (reheat)One hourFrom fat
– 2 tablespoons of olive, burdock, almond or jojoba oilLeave overnightAgainst section
– A tablespoon of honey;
– drop by drop of esters of bergamot and lavender
One hourFor all hair types
– 2 tablespoons of argan oil;
– 2 ampoules of “AEVIT”;
– drop by drop of rosemary, chamomile, ylang-ylang and grapefruit esters
Two hoursRestoring
– Half a teaspoon of emblica powder30 minutesFor the prevention of gray hair
– 2 tablespoons of castor oil40 minutesAgainst fallout

In order for the oil to bring maximum benefit, it must be properly applied to the hair. In this context, there are six tips.

  1. Extra moisturizing. If the curls are too dry, before applying the mask they need to rinse with herbal decoction. Chamomile or calendula is best.
  2. Additional stimulation. Applying the mask on the scalp, spend a five-minute massage. This will increase blood flow to the roots.
  3. Observe the measure. Do not apply too much oil on your hair. This does not enhance the effect of the procedure, but it will be much more difficult to wash your hair.
  4. Mask to do on clean or dirty hair? Ideally, no more than two days should pass from the moment of washing. If applied to too greasy hair, there will be no effect.
  5. Temperature . To better feed nutrients into the hair structure, the mask should be applied warm. You can also warm it with a hair dryer, when the head is already insulated.
  6. Periodicity. For preventive purposes, you can put a mask on your hair once every ten days. If your hair is badly damaged, do 15 procedures at intervals of two to three days.

The Roman philosopher Seneca said: “Nature gives enough to satisfy natural needs.” Indeed, all that your hair needs is contained in saturated vegetable oils, and not in bottles with shiny labels. Mask with coconut oil for hair gives the result after the first application.

Strands become smooth, shiny and easy to comb without air conditioning.

I use coconut hair oil for half a year. It is gorgeous.

The hair is long to the waist, dyed, there is no cutting at all, the hair is soft and shiny. I also smear my face and body.

I have been using face oils for 5 years already, what a cream is, my skin does not know, well, her, this chemistry. I am 34 years old.

I have several types of oils. Here is what I say to the note. For the face it is better to use refined oil.

For the body, it doesn’t matter what it is, and for the hair, the best is the Unrefined (fatter). I found out through trial and error.

Girls, be sure to take care of your hair, even smear sunflower, it will still be much better than nothing. Apply a cushy oil, hair before applying can be slightly moisturized, the hair should be without styling products. And after applying the oil and rinsing it out, use balm-conditioner.

Only on the roots do not apply. Good luck and beautiful hair.

I use coconut oil for about a month, to be honest, the effect is wonderful. They write different comments, about whom it suits, who does not, everyone has a different hair structure.

For dry hair – it is salvation, the result quickly makes itself felt. I put it in the same way, on the roots I apply warmed burdock oil + nettle oil + almond, and the rest of the length is coconut oil.

RESULT: Hair became stronger, a stunning shine appeared, and besides, it began to grow much faster.

I have bad curly hair, dandelion is still being said about such. Dry, brittle.

I decided to try coconut oil …. just rubbed her hair lengthwise. But not on the scalp. This is good! after 2 times the effect is visible.

Hair smoothed out, stopped hanging around, began to shine. True, now I have to wash my head more often, but nothing) I am satisfied with the result, try it!

The other day I came back from Taya I got Coconut oil, I did it for the whole length and left it for the night, after the first use my hair became much softer and glistened, I was delighted with this oil, although I acquired it only for 50 buds.

I’m in love with coconut oil! I apply on hair for the night or in the afternoon.

I add almond oil, avocado, burdock … All that is in the refrigerator and always dimexide, about a tablespoon. The drug is needed for better penetration into the hair structure. The result is amazing!

All day long, I rubbed myself on the head, as my hair became pleasant to the touch 🙂 I also began to use it instead of face cream. Absorbed and even traces of oil almost does not remain 🙂 I advise everyone

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