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Care for oily skin at home: tips and recipes for different ages

Girls, whom nature has endowed with oily skin, are constantly experiencing discomfort. Greasy shine, unhealthy shade, enlarged pores – and this is not all “gifts”. It is on such skin that acne and comedones appear constantly.

To protect yourself from such aesthetic problems, you need to organize competent care for oily skin. Derma will be flawless only if the procedure is carried out correctly and regularly.

Oily skin delivers a lot of trouble. She needs daily proper care.

For any errors in cosmetics, and even in the diet, it can react with increased greasiness. But do not complain about fate.

After all, the owners of oily skin longer than others remain young. Unlike dry skin, oily keeps its firmness and elasticity longer.

The increased fat content of the epithelium is most clearly manifested in adolescence. Over time, women adapt to the characteristics of their skin.

And thanks to the skillful care it masks the gloss, wide pores and other shortcomings. After 30 years, greasiness gradually decreases.

However, the main manifestations of skin characteristics may persist to some extent throughout life.

Four main signs that you have oily skin.

  1. Bold shine. Enhanced functioning of the sebaceous glands leads to accumulation of sebum.
  2. Gray shade. Excess fat is mixed with dust and dirt from the environment. The face looks gray, polluted.
  3. Enlarged pores. Fat, combined with dirt and dead cells, clogs pores. Late cleansing leads to their expansion. The skin becomes an orange peel.
  4. Acne, inflammation. The accumulated excess fat and dead epithelium create a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria. Pathogenic microorganisms in the dermis trigger the processes of inflammation, which leads to the appearance of acne, comedones (black spots).

The appearance of fatty plaque on the skin is dictated by the intensive work of the sebaceous glands. Their greatest accumulation is observed in the area of ​​the forehead, nose and chin. That is why the T-zone is characterized by high oiliness.

Dermatologists highlight several main causes of increased greasiness.

  • Natural hormonal imbalance. Such changes are observed in adolescence, during pregnancy or during menopause. This is due to increased production of sex hormones. The breach is temporary.
  • Hormonal disorders. The basis of hormonal imbalance may be endocrine diseases, pathologies of the female reproductive system, uncontrolled use of oral contraceptives.
  • Disorders of the digestive tract, liver. Oily skin can signal malnutrition. Increased greasiness is characteristic of people who are fond of flour, fatty, spicy dishes, soda and alcohol. Oily integuments can be symptomatic of diseases such as colitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis.

The secretion of the sebaceous glands is significantly increased during adolescence. Over the years, it decreases.

After 30, most people no longer experience severe discomfort caused by oily skin. And by age 40, the dermis usually gets dry.

Therefore, in skin care, it is necessary to take into account age-related features.

The main task of proper care of the dermis in youth is the removal of excess fat. Proper cleansing helps eliminate oiliness, narrow pores and preserve the natural tone of the face.

Beauticians explain how to get rid of oily skin of the face, if the girl is only 20 years old.

  • Means for washing. It is necessary to eliminate fatty discharge on the face twice a day. If the covers have a low fat content, it is recommended to use soap or special lotions. If the epidermis is characterized by high oiliness, then for cleansing pick up the funds, which include fruit extracts. They provide not only the elimination of fat, but also pores.
  • Creams. Choose cosmetics that have a light texture. The cream, designed for young oily skin, should contain many moisturizing ingredients, vitamin E and a small amount of fat (lipids). It is these tools that retain the necessary moisture in the greasy epidermis.

The production of sebum after 30 years is noticeably reduced. Therefore, the face no longer looks so oily.

But at this age, the dermis begins to lose its elasticity. Metabolism is slower, cell renewal deteriorates, and blood flow is reduced.

And although oily skin remains young for a long time, after 30 years you can notice the first, barely noticeable, news of aging.

Therefore, the “30+” face care includes some features.

  • Means for washing. Removal of fat from the surface of the face is carried out in the morning and at night. For the procedure is not recommended to use soap. Benefit will bring foam or gel. And in the role of lotion, “washbasin” can act infusions of herbs: chamomile, parsley, mint. Hot water is not recommended for oily skin. It dilates blood vessels, activates the production of fat and provides the expansion of pores.
  • Means for toning. To narrow the pores, it is recommended to wipe the skin with acidified water. To prepare tonic water, add lemon, cucumber, orange juice.
  • Means for scrubbing. Deep cleansing of the dermis is recommended once every three days. Suitable scrubs based on clay, brown sugar, yeast.
  • Masks. To normalize the condition of the skin are recommended products containing aloe, lemon. If the skin has a high fat content, then egg masks will benefit.

Synthesis of sebum is reduced by almost three times. However, even after 40 years, some features of oily skin persist: a tendency to inflammation, enlarged pores, and increased derma contamination.

Women over 40 years old beauticians give such recommendations.

  • Cleansers The procedure for cleansing the dermis is carried out after waking up and at night. For washing use special cosmetics designed for oily epidermis, labeled “40+”.
  • Tonics. Be sure to use tonics. As the reviews show, cosmetic ice raises the tone of the epidermis, especially if it is made from herbal decoctions, infusions.
  • Means for scrubbing. Deep “peeling” will provide scrubs containing lemon juice, sea salt, honey, bran.
  • Masks. Protect fading greasy skin from wrinkles and improve its appearance will help funds, which include honey, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, milk.

It’s not easy to look beautiful every day, especially if the skin is constantly blown by a cold frosty wind or burns by the hot sun. In such conditions, the dermis becomes capricious and needs appropriate care.

The epidermis is acutely responsive to lower temperatures. A person not protected from frost suffers the most.

In the dermis dramatically decreases the production of sebum, begins peeling. As a result of a drop in air humidity, the tissues become dehydrated.

And sudden changes in temperature lead to slower blood circulation.

Care for oily skin in the winter includes five important rules.

  1. How to wash. Slightly warm water with grape seed oil or tea tree is suitable for washing. Five drops to half a liter of water is enough. This will help the skin to become soft, supple and protect against moisture loss.
  2. How to apply the cream. You can use the cream for an hour before going to frost. For the winter time, it is better to choose light agents rich in vitamin E.
  3. How to scrub. The procedure of scrubbing in the winter is carried out once a week.
  4. Do I need toning. It is better to refuse to rub the derma with ice cubes. Skin has to cope with weather conditions, so you should not overload it with contrasting procedures.
  5. Special “frosty” cosmetics. If you have a long stay in the cold, you need to take care of the skin. Use cream and lipstick, which are designed to protect from the cold.

It is widely believed among girls that the sun helps to dry the oily discharge on the face and fights acne. Therefore, owners of greasy skin try to sunbathe as much as possible.

But this is a mistake. Such a “sun therapy” turns into activation of the sebaceous glands, the formation of new inflammations and the spread of acne.

Recommended care for oily skin in the summer contains five simple rules.

  1. How to wash. Wash your face twice a day. For the procedure used cool water. It is recommended to apply gels, foams, lotions that contain components that reduce the fat content of the integument. It can be extracts of sea buckthorn, chamomile, rosemary oil, lavender.
  2. Do I need toning. Toning the skin can and should be. Desirable three to four times a day. This will significantly reduce the release of fat. It is useful to use tonics with the addition of citrus juices.
  3. How to scrub. The procedure of deep cleansing of the skin in the summer period is carried out more often. It is recommended to scrub the dermis every three days. For the event pick up cosmetics, which include salicylic, glycolic, citric acid.
  4. What is needed cream. The cream in the summer is used only soft consistency and always includes the SPF-factor. He points to the protection of the dermis from the sun. The optimal protection index is SPF 30. It “hides” the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation and allows you to get a tan.
  5. Vitamin “bonus”. In the summer it is useful to feed the dermis with fruit masks.

How to start taking care of your dermis? The best solution is to visit a specialist.

A dermatologist will prescribe a treatment for problem skin. Will recommend suitable cosmetics.

And the most important: only the doctor is able to promptly assume the diseases of the internal organs and refer the patient for additional diagnostics.

To properly care for oily skin at home, you need to take care of mild cleansing, moisturizing, periodic scrubbing and mandatory toning.

Daily care must begin with facial cleansing. Owners of a greasy derma are sure that frequent washing is useful for their skin.

It’s a delusion. The condition of the epidermis will not improve on the frequency, but on the quality of the procedure performed.

Cleansing the skin consists of three important points.

  1. Water temperature . It is necessary to begin with warm water. It will help open the pores. Hot water is not used. Complete the procedure with cool water.
  2. The choice of “washbasin”. In the presence of inflammation and acne is better to stop the choice on gels containing zinc, salicylic acid. For oily skin are useful tools enriched with essential oils of tea tree, basil, with a pH not higher than 4.5. Categorically contraindicated cosmetics, which includes alcohol.
  3. Special brush. For morning cleansing, it is recommended to use a special soft brush. It will help to properly massage the skin, will ensure the opening and cleaning of the pores.

After cleansing, the dermis needs toning. This contributes to the tightening of the epidermis, its strengthening.

Tonic tightens pores and protects them from pollution. It cleans the integuments from bacteria, preventing the occurrence of acne.

You can prepare such products for oily skin care on your own. Here are simple homemade tonic recipes.

  • Lemon. In half a glass of water, add one teaspoon of squeezed lemon juice. Is done.
  • Chamomile. Pour a glass of boiling water with one tablespoon of chamomile flowers, strain after 20 minutes and apply to wipe the skin.
  • Of nettle. One tablespoon of squeezed nettle juice pour a glass of boiling water. The juice of nettle is obtained as follows: they pass the leaves of the plant through a meat grinder and filter the resulting gruel with a gauze cut.

In the evening, cosmetologists recommend using oil. It is a good replacement for night cream.

Properly selected oil will help clean the pores, start cell regeneration and reduce fat production.

The following oils are useful for greasy epidermis.

  • Hazelnut. Tightens pores, gently cleanses, restores tissue.
  • Sesame. Normalizes fat production, tightens pores.
  • Grape seed. Improves the appearance of the skin, moisturizes it.
  • Tea tree. Eliminates inflammation, fights acne.
  • Black currant. Responsible for the elasticity of the dermis, tones and provides antibacterial effects.
  • Almond. Eliminates redness, deeply cleanses pores.
  • Lavender Provides anti-inflammatory effects, gives a matting effect.

Periodically, the skin needs deep cleansing. The use of exfoliating agents helps to eliminate the dead epithelium, prevent the appearance of acne.

The scrubbing procedure improves the blood flow and nutrition of the dermis.

It is necessary to remember what to do with oily skin for deep cleansing.

  • Herbal compress Face wash well. After it is desirable to steam it with herbal compresses. For example, chamomile, string, sage.
  • Massage with scrub. A scrub is applied and the skin is massaged for two or three minutes, excluding strong pressure, so as not to injure the skin.
  • Moisturize and tone. Wash off the mixture and necessarily moisturize the epidermis with a cream or tonic.

For skrabirovaniya skin beauticians recommend the use of both professional cosmetics and home remedies. But before using a must test for allergies.

Such scrubs are recognized as effective.

  • Clay You can use green clay, black, white. For the mature dermis is suitable red. One spoon of the selected clay is diluted with a spoon of water. Sour milk products can be used instead of water.
  • Lemon-saline. A tablespoon of salt is mixed with half a spoonful of lemon juice and half a spoonful of water.
  • Sugar. Two teaspoons of brown sugar are combined with three teaspoons of warm milk.

To effectively cleanse the skin, you can use masks. Such procedures are carried out no more than three times a week. The mask is applied on the face for about 15-20 minutes.

At home, you can resort to such recipes.

  • From protein, honey and flour. Egg white is whipped into a thick foam. Gradually add a teaspoon of liquid honey to it. Wheat flour, about half a teaspoon, is injected to make a mushy mixture.
  • From oatmeal, kefir and lemon. Three tablespoons of flakes are ground. Two spoons of kefir and one spoon of lemon juice are added to the powder.
  • From yeast and cranberry juice. 20 g of fresh yeast is ground and mixed with a spoon of cranberry juice. If necessary, add a little warm milk to the desired consistency.

What to do at home with oily skin? Along with cosmetic procedures, you need to revise your diet.

Nutritionists note that spicy, fatty foods, seasonings, and flour products can activate the sebaceous glands. To normalize their functioning, it is recommended to take lactic acid products, lean fish, cereals, white meat, fruits, bran, vegetables, veal as a menu basis.

Such a diet is better than any cosmetics.

Hello girls Home scrubs for oily skin is a very useful and effective technique. But I also really like the procedures in the salons, I go to the center of non-surgical rejuvenation.

There I also do professional peeling with the use of chemicals. It works very effectively, after peeling from oily shine and highly enlarged pores, there is no trace left. So I can also recommend you to contact a cosmetologist.

The wizard will tell you exactly how to make your skin better.

Adeline Andropova, https://lady.mail.ru/forum/topic/zhirnaja_kozha/?page=1#comment-42727

Recently discovered a wonderful tool – decoction of chamomile. Well dries inflammation, but it does not overdry the skin. I use instead of tonic.

Face fresher, no inflammation. I advise!

And I freeze the chamomile broth, then I rub my face with this ice in the mornings, the effect is even better, try, I think you will like it too))) Sometimes I alternate with nettle, it also helps to remove the edema, if any

Now the post, I eat less fat and sweet, the skin looks much better, it does not shine and the pores are almost not noticeable. So take care not only outside. My girlfriend’s skin was constantly shiny and there were rashes on her face.

One dermatologist advised her to refuse for a while from sweet, to understand, from this or not. So she became so beautiful!

A month later, the skin became completely clean, and after six months it lost 6 kg! Such a little girl has become!

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