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Camphor oil to stop lactation: what is appropriate, instructions for use of compresses, effectiveness

Breastfeeding is one of the factors affecting the healthy development of the child. However, there comes a time when feeding needs to be folded. Depending on the urgency of this task, different means are used: drugs with hormonal effects, folk recipes.

Camphor oil to stop lactation will be a good helper in an emergency situation with the use of hormones, and with a smooth completion of breastfeeding. It does not affect the production of a secret and is applied externally to alleviate the condition of the woman and relieve pain in the chest.

The camphor tree grows in Asia, Africa, North America and Europe. The tree grows quickly, it is not damaged by beetles and caterpillars.

That it is the main raw material for camphor. But this substance is contained not only in the camphor monastery, it is in the basilica, and in some types of wormwood and sage. And since 1934 in Novosibirsk, camphor was first synthesized from substances derived from Siberian fir.

Since then, it has become even cheaper and more affordable.

Camphor oil has both anesthetic and warming effects. They are achieved as a result of irritation of the nerve endings near the painful area when applying the product to the skin.

Also, the medicine relieves muscle spasms.

Camphor oil solution is capable of:

  • reduce inflammation;
  • reduce pain;
  • remove itching;
  • disinfect;
  • be distracting (“dull” pain);
  • cause warming effect.

Camphor oil to stop lactation: what is its role

Camphor crystals have a bright, catchy smell and white color. In medicine, the drug is often used in the form of an alcohol or oil solution and ointment.

The oil solution is produced in 10% and 20% dilution in dark bottles, as well as in 1 ml ampoules.

Instructions for use of camphor oil may differ depending on the purpose of treatment. Lactating mothers are prescribed an oil solution in the following situations.

  • Urgent folding of the production of breast milk. Camphor oil is used as an additional tool to help get rid of painful seals in the breast. Use it in the form of a compress.
  • Smooth completion of breastfeeding. The medicine is useful as an emollient and anesthetic for mom, and as a repellent for the baby from the breast. Camphor doing rubdowns of the mammary glands and impose compresses on them with this substance.

Reviews of an oil solution of camphor are often positive, but still it has side effects and contraindications to use. Before using the medicinal solution, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Camphor oil is contraindicated for people diagnosed with epilepsy and individual intolerance to camphor.

In case of intolerance or overdose of medication there can be such side reactions:

  • severe redness or rash on the skin;
  • pain in the neck or head;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • pressure increase;
  • convulsions.

If a nursing mother decided to curtail breastfeeding in a gentle, natural way, using camphor oil would be an excellent adjuvant. The oil solution does not affect the lactation itself, but in the complex of measures it shows good efficiency. How to use camphor oil to suppress lactation correctly?

It needs to be involved in the number of other measures suppressing lactation in the form of a compress, imposing on the mammary glands. To do this, follow these four steps.

  1. Choose oil. It is necessary to use natural 10% solution. Synthetic oil has the same chemical composition, but “erodes” more quickly.
  2. Heat up Oil temperature should be slightly higher than body temperature.
  3. Apply a compress. A piece of gauze or bandage moistened in oil, attach to the painful area of ​​the breast. Top with a plastic wrap, then a piece of cotton wool. Fix the compress with a warm scarf or scarf.
  4. In time to take off. Compress should be removed after a half to two hours, or when there is a burning sensation. To wipe the place on skin with a towel for removal of the remains of camphor. The frequency of the procedure is regulated depending on the effect and sensations of the mother. If there is no discomfort and special recommendations of the doctor, compresses can be put on a daily basis until the state of the breast is completely normal.

To complete lactation, we need other measures, which, along with camphor, will help the baby and mother with a difficult period of stopping breastfeeding.

  • Remove the attachment. Breastfeed once or twice a day, and then not at all applied to the breast, distracting the child.
  • Do not decant. To strain the milk only in the case of a painful bursting, later to abandon the pumping altogether.
  • Use sage. Regularly drink infusions and collecting herbs with sage.
  • Wear comfortable underwear. Choose a bra that will not squeeze the chest.
  • Line up mode. Choose such a diet, rest and games for a child who will distract the baby and fill the time previously allotted for breastfeeding.

If the mother will carefully and regularly follow all the recommendations on how to properly take camphor oil to reduce lactation, and follow all additional measures, breastfeeding will be completed quickly and gently, leaving only pleasant memories.

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