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Camphor oil for the face: indications and recipes

Camphor oil is obtained from the wood and stalks of camphor laurel. It is used in medicine and cosmetology.

It has unique properties. For example, the ability to make the skin of the face younger and more beautiful.

Beauticians use white oil camphor, and doctors – brown. In addition to the benefits, camphor oil for the face has a number of serious contraindications that you should definitely get acquainted with before using.

Camphor oil is of two types: 10-20% solution of camphor in another oil (usually sunflower oil) and pure, 100% camphor oil. The solution is usually used for medical reasons.

A cleanser is used in cosmetology – it is added to masks and creams.

If you do not know which remedy is in the recipe, then judge by dosage: the solution can be measured with teaspoons, and pure camphor can be measured only in drops. This is an unusually useful tool that can cope with many skin problems.

Camphor has a specific, but pleasant spicy flavor. The liquid may be pale yellow or colorless.

It has a number of beneficial properties that have a beneficial effect on the appearance and health of the skin.

Applying camphor oil to the skin, you can solve the following problems:

  • acne, acne;
  • oily shine, excessive sweating;
  • skin irritation and inflammation;
  • small and medium wrinkles;
  • age spots and freckles;
  • scars; scars;
  • enlarged pores;
  • dull complexion.

The benefits and therapeutic properties of this tool are explained by its unique composition, which includes many active substances. The table below shows the most significant components.

Table – Useful substances in the composition of camphor oil

SubstanceHow does
Zineol– Powerful natural antiseptic;
– It has a mild sedative effect on the skin;
– effectively fights skin rashes
Camphor (eucalyptol)– The main active component;
– heals the skin;
– eliminates irritation
Safrole– Regulates metabolism;
– eliminates excessive sweating
Camfen– Heals the skin;
– enhances the effectiveness of other components
Bisabolol– Has an antibacterial effect;
– effectively relieves inflammation

This tool is most useful for owners of oily or mixed skin types. But they should not rub at once a large amount of substance, forget about the correct dosages.

The result of this “zeal” may be allergies or other adverse reactions.

Manufacturers actively use camphor oil in the composition of various products to care for the skin of the face and body, hair, skin of the lips. Camphor can be found in such cosmetic products:

  • moisturizing lotions;
  • gels for hands, face and body;
  • after-shave skin care products;
  • various balms;
  • perfumery products.

Today, this cosmetic can be purchased at online stores, beauty salons, cosmetics stores, and pharmacies.

The most correct step would be to find the right oil in pharmacies where it is guaranteed that you can choose the product without any extra additives and unnecessary components. The cost depends on the specific manufacturer, on average – from 90 rubles per 10 ml and above.

Beauticians use camphor oil for the face of pigment spots, as well as during various medical procedures. But it can be used without the participation of experts at home.

The main thing is to follow a few rules and remember the three basic security measures.

  1. Test Before using camphor oil, an allergic reaction test is performed. To do this, a little money put on the inner fold of the elbow. The result is observed during the day.
  2. Dosage Oil is taken in a very small amount in order to avoid adverse and allergic reactions. Usually, a portion of a cream or a mask and a maximum of two or three drops of oil for one application are mixed for the skin. If used too often, camphor smell can be addictive. Even with a slight overdose, poisoning, dizziness, nausea are possible.
  3. Mucous. If the product comes into contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes, immediately rinse them with warm water. Also, the product should not get into the mouth.

If you still do not know how to apply camphor oil for the face from wrinkles, inflammations, blackheads and other skin problems, then the examples of recipes and procedures described below will be useful to you.

Universal cream mask against aging, blemishes and irritations

  1. Add to the usual one-time portion of your cream two or three drops of camphor essential oil.
  2. Apply while massaging.
  3. Best used before bedtime.

White clay mixture for moisturizing, anti-inflammation and gloss

  1. Combine two teaspoons of white clay and two or three drops of camphor oil.
  2. Add a tablespoon of kefir, mix.
  3. Hold for 15-30 minutes.
  4. Wash with water or herbal decoction.
  5. Apply daily cream or lotion.
  6. Since white clay is present in the composition, the mixture should be used no more than twice a week.
  1. In two tablespoons of honey add two or three drops of oil.
  2. Add a spoonful of milk, mix.
  3. Keep on face for 15-30 minutes.
  4. Wash off with warm water.

Only use diluted oil!

  1. Take a small piece of clean gauze, bandage, or any breathable fabric.
  2. Apply a few drops of the oil solution to it.
  3. Apply tissue to face and leave overnight.
  4. To get rid of small scars or scars, the procedure must be done several times a week during the month.

Camphor oil for the face has received positive feedback not only from those who got rid of wrinkles, pigmentation and other skin problems with it. The product has won the approval of professional cosmetologists and doctors.

However, with all the benefits of this tool, experts do not recommend the use of camphor oil for the face at home. If you carry out camphor procedures handicraft, the risk of overdose and side effects increases.

In addition, you should consider the individual characteristics of the organism. Only a specialist will be able to correctly determine whether this remedy is right for you, as well as prescribe the correct dosage and procedures that are appropriate for your skin.

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