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Burdock oil for hair: clean and with pepper, recipes for growth and against baldness

Well, you and burdock! This is a compliment when it comes to burdock oil.

It first comes to mind when you need to do auxiliary procedures for hair at home. Strengthening the structure and eliminating the cross section at the ends, increasing the thickness, preventing excessive loss – these are the effects of burdock oil for hair.

Due to its gentle and gentle effect, burdock oil is applicable even for the skin of a newborn. It instills strength in the hair follicles, gives them the continuation of shine, elasticity and silkiness.

This product is made from burdock roots of various species. Its active influence on the hair and the epidermis is directly dependent on the composition.

  • Vitamins. The content of such vitamins as A, E, groups B, C, PP, has a beneficial effect on the surface of the skin, which receives the necessary nourishment.
  • Unsaturated fatty acids. They stabilize fat metabolism in tissues, have anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Mineral salts. Actively participate in the process of cell regeneration, normalize water metabolism.
  • Inulin Especially worth noting this element. This is a natural polysaccharide that can be a natural replacement for artificially created hair conditioners. Inulin is able to retain moisture, forming a film on the surface of the skin, so that the epidermis is not only protected, but also gets softened. Hair also becomes pleasant to the touch. Another feature of polysaccharides is the retention of oil-soluble components and fragrances on the curls and dermis. Therefore, home use of burdock oil is an affordable and effective way to feed and lengthen hair.
  • Tannins. Preserve the dermis from loss of elasticity. Creating a seal between the cells, they are a protective mechanism against cracks, tears.

Burdock hair oil: features of “burdock” procedures

If you decide to engage in strengthening hair, stimulate follicles, then choose carefully the means for this. It is better to buy a quality product from burdocks in the pharmacy, where there is tighter control of the product, or prepare it yourself.

For the preparation of a therapeutic elixir, you need to collect burdock roots on a site distant from urban mud.

  1. Wash, cut into small pieces, dry the plant.
  2. After that, pour any high-quality vegetable oil in the amount of one cup per 100 g of root.
  3. Put in a dark place for a week.
  4. The next stage of cooking will be cooking the resulting mixture for 15 minutes.
  5. Cool, strain and place the resulting product in a glass dish with a tight lid.
  6. Keep it necessary on the door of the refrigerator.

Self-made oil is better to use within a month. But the tool, manufactured in an industrial way, retains its quality for two years.

But given the observance of all standards: lighting, temperature, capacity. Pharmacies often sell this potion with additional ingredients:

  • with nettle;
  • with red pepper extract;
  • with keratin.

These supplements enhance the effect on the hair, strengthening them, eliminating increased fragility, preventing their damage.

This product is not allergenic, and homemade masks with it have no contraindications. But no one has canceled individual intolerance, so before using any product, do a verification test on the hand or wrist.

And also elbow fits.

Put oil on the selected area of ​​skin. Spread and wait ten minutes.

You should not have a rash, itching, irritation, redness.

These six tips answer the question of how to properly use burdock oil for hair growth, while not having frustration after doing the “homework”.

  1. Wet strands. It will be more convenient to distribute the product if you wet your hair with warm water. Although dry oil can also be applied.
  2. Heat the oil. Product temperature should be around 45 ° C. To identify it without a thermometer, dip a finger in the oil. As soon as you feel not burning, but pleasant sensations, it means that the desired warmth is achieved.
  3. Rub and distribute the mask. First rub the oily mixture thoroughly into the skin, and then distribute the comb through all the hair, dividing them into strands. Pay special attention to the tips.
  4. Wrap your head. Put on a special cap, if there is one. Otherwise, take a film or bag and cover the entire head with the mask so that the heat inside is created. Wrap a terry towel over the top or put on a wool cap.
  5. Wait. The procedure takes one hour.
  6. Wash off. In order to clean hair from oil, immediately apply shampoo. And just soaping your head, turn on the water. But objectively, the oil is hard to wash off, so it is better to use a special tool. Its composition is described below.

In many reviews, women complain that the hair after burdock oil remains coiled and ugly. They can not wash off the fat mixture at a time with just shampoo.

Yes, this case is a special recipe for flushing.

  1. Dilute four large spoons of rye flour with warm water. In appearance should get a batter.
  2. Beat thoroughly and distribute through hair.
  3. Rub thoroughly so that the flour absorbs the remaining oil over the entire surface of the head, as well as the curls.
  4. Wait seven minutes.
  5. Rinse while continuing to massage.

For ease of combing and adding gloss instead of the usual balm, make an apple vinegar rinse, a large spoonful of which dilute with a liter of water.

It is recommended to use the balm at the end of the home beauty session, so that the hair after applying the masks with burdock oil becomes supple for combing. If you are an ardent supporter of natural cosmetics, then make a decoction of suitable herbs, and at the end of the treatment-and-prophylactic session, rinse them with your head.

“Burdock” cosmetic sessions perform several functions: they moisturize the epidermis, at the same time feeding it, stimulate the bulbs to work more intensively. To enhance the effect, burdock oil for hair growth is often mixed:

  • with yolk to care for the structure of the curls;
  • with mustard powder that regulates the blood flow and functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • with pepper tincture that warms and dries the skin;
  • with cognac, a fighter with excessive greasiness;
  • with yeast, including the protein from which the hair is built.

What to expect. Hair after such a beauty session will increase in length, their structure will be restored.

And the skin will receive additional hydration.

  1. For half a glass of butter, take three large spoons of real honey. Remember that the base should be warm, for which use a water bath.
  2. Add two slightly whipped yolks.
  3. The time to leave the mixture for exposure is one and a half hours.

What to expect. Due to the additional saturation of useful elements, the layers of the dermis and hair will be revived, will gain a healthy look.

And castor oil will protect against the negative influence of the urban environment, will contribute to the stimulation of the hair follicles, restore the fat metabolism of the epidermis.

  1. To implement the recipe will need in addition to the main castor oil.
  2. Mix both ingredients, one large spoonful of each.
  3. Get in advance in a pharmacy vitamins A and E. They need in the amount of ten capsules – each five.
  4. The mask is applied first to the head, rubbed into the roots, and then distributed to the curls.
  5. It is advisable to leave the mixture soak for two hours.

What to expect. Hair mask with burdock oil and mustard speeds up blood flow, which is important for hair growth.

But this option is not suitable for those who have fresh irritations or wounds on their heads.

  1. You will need three large spoons of butter bought or made by yourself.
  2. Mix a large spoonful of dry mustard powder in the water. The consistency should be like sour cream.
  3. Attach the egg.
  4. Apply this paste only on the hair roots, because it starts the active work of the bulbs.
  5. Waiting time with these components is reduced to 30 minutes. Do not overdo it, because you get the opposite of the expected result.

What to expect. The principle of operation is similar to the above: the tool “works” for the length of the hair.

  1. Take a small spoonful of the main ingredient.
  2. Brew in ½ cup boiling water two large spoons of dry nettle.
  3. Cool herbal decoction.
  4. Strain and mix the ingredients.
  5. The duration of the procedure is one hour.

Hair mask with burdock oil causes blood to circulate vigorously and acts as a fighter against hair loss. It helps to forget about such problems as:

  • split ends;
  • seborrhea;
  • fragility;
  • itching;
  • dull hair.

What to expect. This mask protects against hair loss, but it is not its only plus. Feeding and energizing the skin, it also accelerates the growth of strands, saving them from weakness and lethargy.

  1. Dissolve one large spoonful of cocoa powder with warm water, making thick, similar to sour cream.
  2. Whisk the yolk.
  3. You will need three large spoons of the main product.
  4. The exposure time is one hour.

What to expect. Burdock oil prevents baldness, successfully fights dandruff, relieves greasy skin and gives shine to the hair.

  1. In this recipe you will need no fruit fresh. For hair, fresh onion juice or aloe is best.
  2. The ratio of ingredients: two large spoons of butter fall on five large spoons of squeezed juice.
  3. Wait with a mask on your head for one hour.

If you want to increase the growth of curls with the help of strong and biting means, you can use this method of stimulation. Burdock oil with pepper for hair is a source of immediate awakening of hair follicles and active blood flow in the layers of the epidermis.

But be sure to check your skin’s reaction to these components before the procedure.

  1. Take the main component and red pepper pepper tincture bought in a pharmacy in the ratio 1: 2.
  2. After applying the mask, you must wait one hour.
  3. Very gently rinse the mixture from the hair.

The method of application written on the labels is always the same, but the composition and color of the product may differ. And you need to pay attention to this.

The main thing – burdock oil should be located first in the list of components. This suggests that it dominates the purchased bottle.

Look at the color of the oil: if it is greenish, it means that minimal cleaning has been carried out. This is an important point for blondes: they can randomly color their hair.

Owners of blond curls need a more transparent and light oil.

Hair mask with burdock oil – an affordable tool, although not always easy to use due to the characteristics of the wash. But the result covers all the discomfort.

This is confirmed by the opinions of women who have experienced homemade “burdock” procedures on themselves.

Reviews: “The result can be seen after the third use”

I was constantly painted – my hair became thin and brittle. I bought cosmetic burdock oil in the store — 43p thought garbage. I decided to put a risk on the whole length and on the roots.

I used a hairdryer for a long time and often dyed my hair when the roots grew, the entire length, but only the roots needed to be. It really helps, and the result can be seen immediately after the third use.

I use oil not so long ago, but my hair already looks much better. The scalp has become less dry.

The oil has a pleasant aroma and it is easy to wash it off. I bought for trial, but I will definitely order more.

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