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Bromocamphor for stopping lactation: action and effectiveness, reviews of doctors

In the past, bromo was used quite often to stop lactation, as it has always been a cheap and affordable means. And although the drug has no direct purpose to suppress milk production, it is still used for this purpose.

But bromocamphor is a controversial medicine, so it is important to understand its effect, the minuses and the advantages of using it.

Bromocamphor for many years is available in unchanged orange glass jars. Each vial contains ten or 30 tablets with a dosage of 150 or 250 mg.

This is a synthetic drug created in the laboratory. Analog names: camphor monobromic and camphor monobromate.

The instructions indicate that the tablets are stored and used up to five years from the date of their manufacture.

The reasons for the reduction and complete cessation of breastfeeding are numerous. The most common cases where you need to reduce milk production and use bromocamphor to suppress lactation are described later in the table.

Table – Reasons why women stop breastfeeding.

The reason for the collapse of lactationDescription
Large volume of milk– Excessive milk production leading to permanent stagnation and lactostasis
Mastitis– Acute purulent inflammation of the mammary gland requiring surgical intervention
Medication intake– In case of a serious illness, a woman may be prescribed treatment that is incompatible with breastfeeding.
Absence of a child– If the child falls ill, he is admitted to hospital for treatment and has been prescribed artificial feeding.
Woman’s departure– For life reasons, a woman may not be near a child for a long time
Milk intolerance– Cases when the child has a disease associated with intolerance to breast milk

The pills have a calming and soporific effect. The tool does not have a hormonal effect, it increases the processes of inhibition in the central nervous system, and also slows down the transmission of nerve impulses.

The decrease in the activity of the processes of nervous activity and causes a slowdown in the production of breast milk.

Bromocamphor does not suppress lactation completely, but only reduces it on the fifth day of admission. If other measures are added to the drug intake, milk production can be fully achieved.

The substance is easily absorbed and excreted by the liver and kidneys.

Features of receiving bromo camphor to stop lactation

Since bromocamphor is not a direct lactation drug, to stop breastfeeding, you need to know not only how to drink these pills, but what additional measures you need to take.

  • Reception scheme. Take bromcamphor need one tablet three times a day, after meals.
  • Course. You can drink the product up to ten days. At the same time, a significant decrease in milk production will be observed already on the fifth or sixth day.
  • Weaning. At the same time, we must wean the child from the breast (take it to the grandmother, leave it with the father), or gradually reduce the number of feedings. The last should be removed night feeding.
  • Decanting To strain the chest only to alleviate the condition with pain. Do not try to express milk until it is completely empty, as soon as the breast becomes slightly softer, stop pumping. Every day the number of “creeps” is reduced to their complete absence.
  • Pain relief. If painful seals occur, gently massage the seal site, you can rub Traumeel ointment.
  • Proper underwear. Use a comfortable, supporting bra.
  • Drinking Reduce the amount of fluid you drink.

Some women positively characterize the drug, while others do not. Therefore, reviews of bromocamphor to stop lactation on the forums are different.

And even with good portability, you need to remember that this remedy can have serious side effects. For example, when using drugs are observed:

  • drowsiness and inattention. A woman becomes apathetic up to indifference to others and what is happening;
  • decrease in concentration of attention. The speed of response and decision making slows down;
  • there may be pain. For example, in the stomach. As well as nausea, vomiting, trembling in the hands and feet, cramps.

In the care of a child, such manifestations can be dangerous. In addition, bromocamphor is contraindicated for persons suffering from diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart and blood vessels, intolerance to bromine preparations.

Therefore, prior to its use, consultation with the attending physician is necessary.

If a nursing mother takes the medicine, it is important that close people are present who can adequately assess her condition and provide the necessary assistance. It may be that the discomfort and changes in the state of the woman will be so pronounced that you will have to stop taking the remedy.

Of course, the advantages of bromo camphor are its cheapness, availability and the possibility of an easy resumption of lactation, as well as the absence of hormones in the composition. But the reviews of doctors about the use of this tool to complete lactation are ambiguous.

Also, do not forget that this is a sedative for the treatment of neurological and heart diseases. It is used for increased nervous excitability, various neurasthenia, asthenic conditions, cardioneuroses, tachycardia, arrhythmias, and has many contraindications and side effects.

The mechanism of action of the drug on the production of milk is too complicated and long. Therefore, today bromo-camphor is used less and less to suppress lactation.

In the modern world there are other methods, for example, more benign folk remedies, drugs of hormonal type of action, as well as the ability to complete lactation in a natural way.

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