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Blue clay face mask: 12 recipes and recommendations by cosmetologists

Blue clay is an old, time-tested beauty tool. Today it is just as relevant as in the time of Queen Cleopatra.

And no wonder. After all, a blue clay face mask is able to get rid of most skin defects in a short time.

With its help acne, spots, wrinkles and irritations disappear.

Clay got a blue tint due to the high content of silver ions. They saturate the product with antibacterial properties. Blue clay will help to cope with all the disadvantages of oily or problematic dermis.

It is used to treat acne, narrow pores, eliminate scarring and post-acne. And by adding additional components, the clay will provide the necessary nutrition for the dry epidermis.

Blue clay face mask: benefits and rules of application

Blue clay has a unique composition. Includes minerals that provide improved cellular processes.

These are macronutrients and microelements that activate the blood circulation, normalize the hydrobalance in the tissues, stimulate the metabolism.

Women’s reviews of the blue clay mask for the face show that regular use of fine-grained rock allows for incredible results. This is the effect this remedy gives:

  • eliminates acne, blackheads, acne, post-acne;
  • reduces the severity of inflammation;
  • normalizes the greasiness of the integument;
  • tightens pores;
  • discolorates age spots;
  • improves the complexion;
  • restores elasticity and resilience.

The mountain product created by nature does not contain harmful components or chemical additives. Therefore, the clay has almost no contraindications, except for individual sensitivity.

However, it should not be thoughtlessly applied. Improper use is fraught with the development of skin diseases.

How should a blue clay face mask be prepared at home for the rock to bring only benefit? Beauticians are advised to adhere to the five rules.

  1. Face preparation. Before using clay, the skin should be cleaned and it is advisable to steam it using warm compresses from herbal decoctions. If you ignore this recommendation, the nutrients contained in the clay, penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis, “taking” with him all the dirt and toxins from the surface.
  2. Cooking means. Clay does not make contact with the metal. She immediately enters into a chemical reaction with him and loses some of its useful properties. Therefore, for the manufacture of clay tools used glass, porcelain, wood, ceramics.
  3. Mask application. The prepared mixture is applied to the face, trying to evenly distribute throughout the dermis, excluding the area around the eyes. Clay mask provides a tightening effect. Therefore, during the procedure, you should refrain from talking and laughing. Any facial expression can trigger the appearance of microtraumas on the skin.
  4. Completion of the procedure. Leave the mask on the skin until completely dry. Approximately 15 minutes. If the tool causes discomfort, then wash it off before. It is strictly forbidden to tear off pieces of the mask. To wash it off, moisten it with warm water and carefully remove it with a cotton pad or fingers.
  5. Systematic procedures. To ensure good results, you must apply masks regularly. With the help of clay in the presence of many acne and increased greasiness, you can resort every other day. For dry skin, use the Cambrian product once a week.

Cambrian clay for its ability to eliminate acne and provide an antibacterial effect, is considered a care product for teenage skin. However, a unique breed can not only help in the treatment of acne.

With the right combination with additional components, it will become an indispensable tool for all types of epidermis.

This blue clay face mask recipe is recommended for women with high oily skin. The tool will allow you to open and deep clean the pores.

Mask gently but effectively eliminates shine.

  • Cambrian clay – one tablespoon.
  • Rice – one tablespoon.
  • Water is about two tablespoons.
  1. Rice is ground with a blender and mixed with clay.
  2. Water is gently poured into the clay-rice powder, constantly stirring the mixture.
  3. Liquid is added until the consistency resembles homemade sour cream.

The combination of clay with baking soda and egg white provides a complex effect on sebaceous integument. This tool can be used for the combined dermis.

The components of the mask are able to penetrate the deep layers of the epidermis and ensure the removal of slags. Cosmetologists recommend applying this tool to owners of age spots.

The product whitens the face and provides the skin with a natural tone.

What you need

  • Baking soda – half a tablespoon.
  • Clay – a tablespoon.
  • Raw protein is one.
  • Water – a tablespoon.
  1. Protein whipped in a cool foam.
  2. Soda is carefully added to it.
  3. Then clay is introduced and mixed until homogeneous.
  4. To achieve a normal consistency, add a little water to the mixture.

This effect will have a tool that combines the Cambrian breed with lemon juice and calendula tincture. Cosmetologists recommend using this tool for oily skin.

The mask allows you to eliminate greasiness, prevents the appearance of acne and contributes to the narrowing of pores.

What you need

  • Clay – a tablespoon.
  • Lemon juice (squeezed from citrus) – a teaspoon.
  • Calendula tincture (pharmacy) – a teaspoon.
  1. Lemon juice is added to pre-sifted clay.
  2. Add tincture. All carefully mixed.
  3. It is important that the mask does not contain lumps that can scratch the dermis.

For the epidermis, prone to the formation of acne, beauticians advise the use of tools that provide high-quality cleansing of pores. The ability to remove contaminants and remove slags from the dermis has a mask that includes the Cambrian breed, honey, ground coffee and cinnamon.

This tool will not only cleanse clogged pores, but also heal the epidermis, returning its elasticity.

  • Cinnamon powder – half a teaspoon.
  • Clay – a tablespoon.
  • Ground coffee – half a teaspoon.
  • Honey – a teaspoon.
  • Water – about two tablespoons.
  1. All powdered components are mixed.
  2. Honey is added to the mixture.
  3. Then gently pour in water to obtain the desired consistency.
  4. Diligently knead the product so that there are no lumps in it, which easily traumatize the skin.

An agent that combines ground coffee and Cambrian breed is recommended for problematic skin. The mask provides deep cleansing of the dermis and its toning.

It will help eliminate foci of inflammation, reduce the number of black spots, prevent the formation of acne.

  • Ground coffee – one tablespoon.
  • Clay – one tablespoon.
  • Water – about two tablespoons.
  1. For the manufacture of cosmetics apply ground coffee. Soluble – not suitable. Ground powder can be replaced by coffee grounds remaining after drinking a drink.
  2. Clay is mixed with ground coffee or thicket.
  3. Add water in the required amount.

The addition of tea tree oil and sour cream to the clay makes it possible to provide comprehensive care for the problematic epidermis. The tool has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect.

It reduces redness and irritation, well cleanses the dermis and protects it from acne.

What you need

  • Tea tree oil – three drops.
  • Clay – a tablespoon.
  • Sour cream (medium fat) – two tablespoons.
  1. Pour clay into sour cream and knead the mixture until smooth.
  2. Then enter the tea tree oil.
  3. The last component can be replaced by ether of lemon, lavender, mandarin, grapefruit. They will provide a similar impact.

The product is intended for dry skin care. But it can be used for normal dermis.

The mask nourishes the tissues with nutrients, improves color, gives the skin elasticity.

  • Honey – one tablespoon.
  • Clay – one tablespoon.
  • Olive oil – one tablespoon.
  • Egg yolk is one.
  1. Initially mix butter, honey and yolk.
  2. These components are mixed until uniform.
  3. Clay is introduced into the viscous mass obtained with constant stirring.

Means on the basis of clay and natural yoghurt can be used only for dry, prone to peeling covers. Mask nourishes, moisturizes tissue. It affects the deep layers and cleans the epidermis well.

The mixture provides a slight whitening effect and evens out the shade of the dermis.

  • Clay – two tablespoons.
  • Yogurt (without the addition of fillers) – one tablespoon.
  • Water – by eye and if necessary.
  1. Cambrian product diluted with yogurt.
  2. Carefully rub all the lumps.
  3. If the mixture is quite thick, then you can correct its consistency with the help of water.

The face mask containing blue clay and aloe juice, has a strong antiseptic effect, provides the elimination of inflammation. The tool cleanses acne, promotes healing of the dermis and well dries acne.

  • Clay – one tablespoon.
  • Aloe juice – one tablespoon.
  • Water – by eye and if necessary.
  1. Aloe juice is better to cook yourself. The plant, which is not less than three years old, is cut off the bottom piece. It is wrapped in cotton fabric and placed in a refrigerator for two weeks.
  2. The leaf of aloe, aged in the cold, is crushed. From gruel squeeze juice.
  3. Aloe juice is poured into the clay.
  4. If the mask turns thickish, you can pour a few drops of water into it.

The main direction of this tool is the purification of the dermis from acne, blackheads, comedones, and acne. The mask eliminates inflammatory elements, soothes the skin, evens tone. It will help eliminate the oily shine of the dermis and ensure the pores are tightened.

And lemon juice will give the skin a light whitening effect.

  • Lemon juice – one tablespoon.
  • Clay – two tablespoons.
  • Egg protein is one.
  • Water – one tablespoon.
  1. Initially mixed lemon juice and pure water.
  2. The resulting liquid is poured blue clay.
  3. In a separate container, whisk the whisk.
  4. Foam is carefully added to diluted clay. The product is well mixed.

Cambrian clay has a unique ability to eliminate the spots left on the skin after acne. When combined with a badagi such effect is enhanced several times.

Mask is recommended for smoothing the epidermis, eliminate pigment spots, post-acne, smoothing wrinkles. The tool can significantly reduce the severity of scars, stretch marks.

  • Clay – two tablespoons.
  • Badyaga (pharmaceutical powder) – one tablespoon.
  • Water – two tablespoons.
  1. Badyagu mixed with clay.
  2. The mixture of powders is diluted with water.
  3. A wooden pestle mixes the product well, carefully breaking all the lumps.
  4. If the skin normally carries this mask, then the procedure can be increased to 20 minutes.

The main purpose of blue clay is to cleanse the dermis from acne and improve the condition of fatty integuments. However, the Cambrian product can also be successfully applied to mature skin, in the fight against premature aging.

The combination of rock with honey and linden infusion allows you to restore the hydrobalance of tissues disturbed for years, rejuvenate the skin, reduce the severity of fine wrinkles and outlined folds.

  • Linden infusion – two tablespoons.
  • Clay – one tablespoon.
  • Honey – one tablespoon.
  1. Clay diluted with warm infusion of lime.
  2. Honey is added to the mixture. Well stir all ingredients.
  3. It is recommended to rinse this agent not with ordinary water, but with slightly warmed milk of medium fat content.

Of particular benefit will bring a face mask with blue clay in the spring and autumn, when the dermis, like the whole body, suffers from a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Correctly selected means will allow, after the first procedures, to return the lost elasticity to the integument and nourish the epidermis with useful components.

“The face is fresh, and all sorts of pimples go away”, – reviews of the doctor and women

Blue clay, if mixed with different ingredients, helps very well against excessive oily skin. In my younger years, my face also suffered from small pimples and excessive gloss of the T-shaped zone.

But it is worth remembering that blue clay masks should not be done more often than recommended otherwise dryness and flaking of the skin can appear the other way around.

I like to mix clay with sour cream, then a very good effect is obtained. The face and fresh, and all sorts of pimples go away, and sour cream perfectly nourishes the skin.

Nadezhda S, //flap.rf/meditsina/Golubaya_glina

With the help of blue clay, I got rid of black dots and shine. Once I tried, I fell in love with this remedy, which makes the skin whiter, much more fresh and helps to get rid of black spots, acne and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Usually, I dilute the clay with warm water or a decoction of chamomile flowers, in the summer I add cucumbers and apply a brush to my face and décolleté, neck. Then with a plastic wrap I cover, for the best effect, I put on a mask so as not to affect the area around the eyes.

Then wash it off with warm water and apply a nourishing cream.

When I have time, I make steam baths for the face, and only then I make a mask with clay. An excellent tool for removing dead skin, getting rid of black spots, which are especially noticeable when the skin is oily.

Z. S., //flap.rf/meditsina/Golubaya_glina

Blue clay is a gift of nature for humanity. It should be noted that the clay has extremely healing elements, and the main of them is radium.

Many therapeutic properties of clay are explained by the action of radium. First of all, this is the natural radiation moment or background that really exists. Due to this radioactivity, the following useful property follows: bactericidal action.

This is useful because it is radiation in micro doses, it has really healing properties, it activates the cell membrane, that is, it enhances the magnetism of the cell itself. The next action of clay is its magnetism.

Radioactive radium changes the electromagnetic structure of the cell itself, destroys pathogenic cells, heals cells capable of vital activity, improves metabolic processes in the cells themselves.

Dmitry Varlamov, Head of the Department of Traditional Medicine of the Irpinsky Hospital, //malahov-plus.com/main/synopsises2/2598-tayny-lecheniya-glinoy.html

I am 20. I have a mixed-type skin, oily for the most part, thin sensitive, light. Cleaning and peeling in the cabin give only irritation.

Oddly enough, from the means of popular brands, the skin becomes even more fat or begins to peel off. (I tried a line of products for oily and sensitive skin). Clay became a real salvation. Visibly reduces the number of black dots, smoothes the skin, mattes for a long time.

The effect is more noticeable if the mask is allowed to dry out, but then the skin actually becomes oily faster. It is better to use clay constantly not letting it dry.

Blue clay suits me. I add in it the essential oils of orange, rosemary, palmrose and jojoba oil (only natural, not synthetic), if there is no almond a couple of drops.

I recommend to everyone.

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