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Black Soda Face Mask: Recipes and Reviews

Soda – an indispensable thing in the house. It is this powder that helps to clean the dishes and surfaces, it is added to the dough, used for heartburn, with its help to eliminate unpleasant odors and stains on clothes.

This substance is also used in cosmetology – a face mask of soda cleanses the skin, evens out color and gives freshness.

This powdery substance consists of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and sodium. For skin, such a composition is extremely valuable, because these components provide serious and, at the same time, natural assistance.

Judge for yourself: oxygen, combining with hydrogen, produces water, which, by softening carbon, removes toxins and improves cell performance. Thanks to carbon, the pores are cleaned, normal functioning of the sebaceous glands is restored, microcracks heal.

And all these actions are enhanced by sodium.

Soda mask cope with problem skin, make it healthy in just a few sessions. First of all, it is necessary for deep cleaning of the dermis, disinfection, disinfection and softening.

With these procedures, you can get rid of the rash, acne, black spots and blackheads.

The soda face mask has received positive feedback from women with oily skin. If you follow all nine recommendations, you can eliminate the main problems – greasiness and acne.

  1. The quality of the basics. For the mask you need to take only fresh soda, and not the one that has stood in the closet for years. If the powder has a yellowish color, loose consistency or a strange smell – refuse to use it.
  2. Water quality Take water for masks purified, boiled, filtered, bottled or mineral, after releasing the gas from it.
  3. Testing. Before applying the mask, you need to do a test – lubricate the elbow bend, the skin behind the ear or the wrist. If after an hour there is no itching, redness, rash, you can safely use it.
  4. Steaming. To achieve a good result, the face must be steamed and pre-cleaned with a non-aggressive scrub.
  5. Places are taboo. Gently apply the mask around the eyes and lips.
  6. Time. In order not to get a burn, carefully watch the time – no more than ten minutes, such a mixture can be on the face.
  7. Flushing. Wash off the mask with extremely cool water. For these purposes, you can make a decoction of the grass.
  8. Post-feed. After the procedure, do not forget about the cream – it must be applied necessarily.
  9. Periodicity. Repeating the mask is recommended no more than once a week – then there will be a benefit.

Soda is a potent substance that is used in cosmetology both in pure form and with the addition of various ingredients. Usually the base is enriched with other components in order to soften and moisturize the skin during the action of the mask.

To help. Useful for rough and greasy skin, in the presence of acne, comedones, blackheads.

Such a face mask with soda will help get rid of dirt and toxins that have eaten deep in the pores. If you need to exfoliate dead cells or improve the work of the sebaceous glands – can also be used.

  • Dilute soda with water in such proportions to make gruel.
  • Lubricate the face weekly for a month.

To help. Recommended for aging skin with acne and comedones.

A face mask with honey and soda will help supply the necessary nutrition, moisturize, remove dead cells, rejuvenate, remove impurities from the pores, restore the sebaceous glands.

  • Mix a tablespoon of honey and cream.
  • Add a pinch of soda.
  • Lubricate the face twice a month.

To help. It is recommended for oily, wrinkled and fading skin, for acne, black spots.

With this tool you can remove dead cells, cleanse and replenish the skin with essential nutrients, stimulate the cells, give the derma youthfulness, removing fat and dirt.

  • Oatmeal (better flakes) grind into flour.
  • Mix 200 g of the obtained oatmeal “powder” and a small spoonful of soda.
  • Add water until the mixture turns into a slurry.
  • Apply no more than once every ten days.

To help. It is recommended for acne and acne, with oily skin, with disorders of metabolic processes in the epidermis.

Get rid of not only the black dots, but also simply cleanse the pores of grease and dirt, remove coarse particles, dry, add softness.

  • Mix soda with water in a slurry.
  • With a thick layer to lather the face with baby soap without additives.
  • Over apply soda mixture.
  • Use twice a week for severe skin problems.

To help. It is recommended for acne and pimples, greasiness.

A face mask with soda and salt removes coarse particles, changes skin color, removes dirt, normalizes the glands, relieves oiliness, and brightens.

  • Mix soda and salt in equal amounts.
  • Add some water (either sea water or special cosmetic).
  • Stir until complete dissolution of salt.
  • Apply no more than once every ten days.

To help. It is recommended from oily shine, from black spots, when withering and from blackheads.

The mask with soda and honey for the face not only nourishes, but also cleanses the dermis from toxins and dirt, gives youth and freshness.

  • Mix soda and honey in a ratio of 3: 1.
  • Add water to the consistency of sour cream.
  • Apply once every two weeks.

To help. It is recommended for acne and oily skin, with problems with the sebaceous glands.

This mask will help to remove inflammation, tighten enlarged pores and eliminate oiliness.

  • A teaspoon of soda and a tablespoon of flour mix.
  • Add water just enough so that you can knead slightly watery “dough.”
  • Apply once every seven days.

To help. It is recommended for oily skin and unhealthy complexion.

A peroxide and soda face mask is a good way to cleanse the skin, reduce inflammation and eliminate acne or acne.

  • Mix in the ratio of 1: 2 soda and peroxide.
  • Apply, massaging, twice a month with equal frequency.

To help. It is recommended for acne, greasiness, acne, severe pigmentation.
If you need a whitening mask that also disinfects the skin, relieves inflammation and redness, try to make a mixture with the addition of aspirin.

  • Crush five aspirin tablets.
  • Mix with a spoon of soda.
  • Add water to gruel.
  • Apply twice a month.

To help. Recommended for acne.

This tool is used in the event that complex therapy is needed, which will help to get rid of several problems at once: inflamed bumps, comedones, small wrinkles.

  • Mix in equal parts soda and yeast.
  • Add vitamin C (capsule) and water.
  • Apply, allowing to dry, no more than two or three times a month.

Despite the beneficial properties of soda, this substance can harm. Make a slurry of this powder, remember that soda mask will give a strong alkaline reaction.

Watch your feelings carefully. If you feel discomfort, you must immediately stop the session.

Otherwise, you can get a serious burn of chemical origin. Be wary of the mucous membranes, do not allow to get into eyes!

I have oily skin prone to black spots and pimples. Once a week I consistently make a mask with soda or just washing.

I make a mask like this: I wash my face with warm water and soap … I put wet fingers in soda and apply a soda with a thin layer on the face of that soda that stuck to them – and so on the whole face, excluding the areas around the eyes and mouth. I wait for it to dry out and wash it off with a cotton pad moistened in warm water.

I want to warn you that the procedure is very unpleasant – the soda pinches my face very much, during my years of struggle with acne, my face normally belongs to painful procedures, but even I squeaked and whined while the mask was drying.

If you have oily skin, you should apply an anti-bacterial lotion or a tonic that does not clog pores, if you have dry skin, I think you should apply a nourishing cream – because then it tightens your face.

And I wash my face like this: I wash my face with warm water with my own soap, but I do not wash off the foam, but put some more soda on top and massage my face gently – it turns out a wonderful and natural peeling for the face!

After such procedures, a very pleasant sensation and effect: the skin becomes elastic, it is cleared of black dots, and since Soda has antibacterial properties, the skin is decontaminated, pimples are dried and treated. Even this mask lightens the skin a little and washing with a face massage cleanses the skin of dead cells and stimulates healthy blood circulation.

In short, I am very pleased with the effect – on the face heals little by little old scars and the greasy luster disappears.

Today, I will share another homemade recipe for beauty. This time, it will be a face mask that will magically help get rid of black dots. To prepare this mask, you will need:

  • First, two handfuls of oatmeal (I ground them with a blender, but this is not necessary) …
  • secondly one teaspoon of soda.
  • in the third, milk (add it until you get the consistency of sour cream).

The resulting mixture is applied to cleansed skin. The exposure time is 10 minutes.

Then rinse with cool water and apply a moisturizer … All ingredients are natural and very good for the skin.

And one more tip, do not make a mask for the future, just immediately before applying.

I can not say that I have a lot of terrible black dots right there, this is not so. Like many, clogged pores from cosmetics, dust, sebum, and so on.

What I just did not try, different mask films, strips for the nose, gels, scrubs from black dots – nothing really helps! Already tired of wasting money.

Finally found – the usual high-speed, very effective and cheap home remedy: a scrub of salt and soda. This miracle recipe was suggested to me by my aunt, and now I have been using it for half a year, with which I am very pleased.

This folk remedy is not recommended for those who have very sensitive skin with pimples and other inflammations …

For three such cleansing my pores were completely cleansed, even on the nose. As if there were not any black dots.

I am very pleased – this is not only the coolest and most effective way in dealing with black dots, but also the cheapest! I advise everyone.

… I love soda very much, I know that it cleans and softens the skin well.

The fact that she dries – I hear for the first time, we, when we were at school, used to treat teen acne, helped!

You can also get rid of black points.

If I doubt, I advise you to try baths with soda (only without salt) – so you will see that the skin becomes unusually soft and tender from soda, you never notice any dryness ….

I especially liked the mask – soda, cream, honey – the perfect combination, I can imagine how pleasant and effective it is.

Today I will try a cleansing mask – soda + hydrogen peroxide, I used to do it without peroxide, and there was also a noticeable result.

Soda itself perfectly cleanses, with peroxide, the skin will probably be snow-white.

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