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Black Clay Face Mask: 9 Best Recipes for Acne and Aging

Black clay differs from its clay counterparts in its high fat content and dense consistency. Its shade can vary from light gray to rich black.

It depends on the percentage of minerals. Official medicine uses black clay in physiotherapy. And cosmetologists call it “the elixir of youth.”

However, a black clay face mask can not only prevent the aging of the dermis, but also eliminate many other skin defects.

If acne occurs periodically on the face, cosmetologists recommend applying cleansing cosmetics. With high fat content – necessary for oily dermis. If the covers are combined, then you need to purchase several types of cosmetics.

And in the event of the first wrinkles or “crows feet”, anti-aging remedies will help. An alternative to this cosmetic “Bermuda Triangle” will be a single black clay.

With skillful use, it will make any skin ideal.

Black clay, extracted from the depths of the Dead Sea, refers to the universal means. Its versatility is simply amazing.

Experts advise using black clay in caring for problematic, greasy and mixed integuments. It cleans the skin well, removes acne, relieves comedones and blackheads.

Equally useful are black clay face masks for mature dermis. Due to its mineral composition, clay accelerates cellular metabolism and saturates tissues with necessary microelements. Filling the mineral deficiency and activating the metabolism contribute to the rejuvenation of the dermis.

When combined with fatty ingredients, black clay is successfully applied to dry dermis.

The well-known soothsayer Vanga spoke about the benefits of clay for the organism. Communicating with an acupuncturist, she emphasized that the needles treatment is a very useful exercise. But for maximum success, it is better to use clay needles, not metal ones.

That is how they were treated in antiquity. Clay needles were heated with fire, not electricity.

Wanga claimed that the human body itself has electricity, and metal needles strengthen it. And clay, acting on acupuncture points, can bring great therapeutic benefits.

Speaking about the benefits of black clay for the face, cosmetologists especially emphasize the following properties:

  • eliminates inflammation, irritation;
  • cleans, remove toxins;
  • prevents the appearance and relieves acne, comedones, blackheads;
  • renews cells, improves shade;
  • activates collagen synthesis and smoothes wrinkles;
  • normalizes fat production;
  • tightens pores.

A unique product from the shores of the Dead Sea, adding the right ingredients will benefit any type of epidermis. But in order that the oily powder does not cause harm, it is necessary to take into account some contraindications.

It is forbidden to resort to black clay in the following cases:

  • kuperoz – a grid of capillaries on the face;
  • fungal skin infections;
  • infectious and inflammatory processes;
  • hypertension;
  • open extensive damage;
  • heat.

In order for the black clay face mask to fully justify all the hopes placed on it, it is necessary to correctly apply dark powder. Beauticians give five recommendations. Ignoring them makes the procedure meaningless.

And in some cases it can result in the development of serious skin diseases.

  1. Skin preparation. Before the procedure it is necessary to clean the dermis from makeup and impurities. To ensure the opening of the pores and the deeper penetration of the agent into the epidermis, it is recommended to steam out the skin over the steam bath. For her, you can use both ordinary water and a decoction of chamomile, sage, and a succession.
  2. Cooking masks. Black clay has a dense consistency, so it is poorly soluble in cold liquid. Oily powder must be diluted in warm water, but not hot. And, like any kind of clay, the gift of the Dead Sea should not be exposed to metal. After all, from such an impact the useful components of clay are destroyed. Masks can be made in ceramic, porcelain, glass or wooden dishes.
  3. Application of funds. For the application procedure, it is better to use a soft brush or cotton pad. If the mask is applied with your fingers, then touching the skin should be light. Distributing means, it is necessary to avoid areas around eyes.
  4. The duration of the procedure. Mask hold no more than 15 minutes. At this time it is necessary to exclude any facial expressions. It is forbidden to smile, drink, talk. Drying areas should be moistened periodically with water. It is important to focus on their own feelings. If the mask causes a feeling of tightness, then it should be immediately washed off. Wash off the oily mixture with warm water.
  5. The regularity of the procedures. Women with oily, problem or mixed skin can apply a mask twice a week. For young ladies who have a dry, normal or sensitive type derma, one mask per week is enough. Having done ten procedures, it is recommended to give the skin a two-week rest. Then you can resume the clay care of the dermis again.

When choosing a black clay face mask recipe, focus not only on the desired result, but also on your skin type. In dry epidermis, oily powder should be diluted with fatty components: sour cream, kefir, milk. In the case of problematic and oily derma, black clay should be supplemented with drying components: egg, ground coffee, cinnamon, mustard.

And in the fight against wrinkles will help honey, vitamins A, E, essential oils.

The mask is successfully used to improve the condition of oily and problem skin. It will provide a narrowing of the pores, cleansing the epidermis, getting rid of redness.

The tool will make covers smooth and velvety.

  • Clay – a tablespoon.
  • Hot water – one glass.
  • Rose hips – ten pieces.
  • Avocado oil (jojoba, peach) – three drops.
  1. Rose hips pour hot water. Capacity cover and cover with a towel. Rosehip insists two hours. The liquid is filtered.
  2. Clay bred a tablespoon of rosehip infusion.
  3. The selected oil is added to the mixture.
  4. Remains of rosehip infusion use as a lotion for evening and morning rubbing of the dermis.

This tool is recommended for fatty integument. The mask reduces skin greasiness, provides deep cleansing and elimination of toxins from the epidermis. The combination of mustard with clay and honey triggers the natural process of burning subcutaneous fat.

Therefore, this mask is recommended to use to obtain a smooth skin, to improve the shape of the face and eliminate the second chin. And also – in the fight against cellulite.

Due to the content of mustard, the mask becomes burning. Therefore, carefully monitor your feelings.

With a strong burning sensation, rinse the mixture early.

  • Clay – two tablespoons.
  • Dry mustard powder – half a teaspoon.
  • Liquid honey – one tablespoon.
  • Water – two tablespoons.
  1. Clay is mixed with mustard.
  2. Warm water is introduced into the powder mixture and mixed well.
  3. Then the mass is diluted with liquid honey.

The mask allows you to improve the condition of dry and normal dermis. It eliminates peeling, irritation.

The tool copes with inflammation and provides good nutrition to the integuments.

  • Sour cream (preferably homemade) – two tablespoons.
  • Black Clay – one tablespoon.
  • Milk – of necessity, about one tablespoon.
  1. Sour cream is added to the clay.
  2. If the tool is too thick, then dilute it with warm milk.
  3. The mass must be kneaded well so that there are no lumps left in it.

This mask is recommended for fading, tired skin. It contributes to tightening the dermis, smoothing wrinkles.

The tool nourishes the integument, saturates with minerals and improves the texture of the epidermis.

  • Rosemary oil – six drops.
  • Clay – two tablespoons.
  • Milk – two tablespoons.
  1. Black powder is poured with warm milk and the mixture is ground to homogeneity.
  2. To the resulting mask add rosemary oil. For oily skin is better to use camphor-borneol ether. For dry skin care, it is recommended to choose rosemary verbenone oil.

This mask helps in the care of fat or combined type of the epidermis. It clears the integument from black spots, contributes to the narrowing of pores, eliminates inflammation and restores the structure of the epidermis. It is recommended to fight comedones only once a week.

The mask affects not only black dots. It helps reduce sebum production.

Too frequent use of this tool is fraught with overdrying of the dermis.

  • Lemon – half citrus.
  • Clay – two teaspoons
  • Rose oil – two drops.
  • Water – a teaspoon.
  1. From half a lemon you need to squeeze the juice. For the mask will need one teaspoon.
  2. Lemon juice diluted clay.
  3. Add water to the mixture.
  4. Rose oil is then added and all ingredients are well mixed.

This mask is recommended to cleanse sebaceous and problem skin. It eliminates acne, comedones, eliminates skin inflammation.

  • Apple cider vinegar – two teaspoons.
  • Clay – two tablespoons.
  • Ether tea tree – four drops.
  • Water – a tablespoon.
  1. Clay is combined with vinegar.
  2. Then pour in some water so that the mixture will get the necessary consistency.
  3. The essential oil is then added to the mask.

The mask is used for deep cleansing of the epidermis. It contains activated carbon, which provides absorption.

In other words, it absorbs all impurities from the surface of the skin and effectively cleans the pores. The tool helps to align the color, structure of the skin and does not injure the dermis.

  • Activated carbon (black) – two tablets.
  • Clay – two teaspoons.
  • Gelatin (powder) – two teaspoons.
  • Milk – two tablespoons.
  1. Tablets need to crush in a mortar.
  2. The crushed pills are combined with clay and gelatin powder is added.
  3. The dry mixture is poured with warm milk and stirred well.
  4. To gelatin qualitatively dissolved, it is recommended to warm up the mask. But the temperature of the product should not rise above 40 ° C. Otherwise, the beneficial components of the clay will begin to split.

The mask will come to the aid of any type of dermis. It nourishes the skin with vitamins, eliminates inflammation, accelerates cell regeneration.

  • Clay – two tablespoons.
  • Aloe juice – two tablespoons.
  • Honey – three teaspoons.
  • Applesauce – two teaspoons.
  1. Black clay must be diluted with aloe juice.
  2. Apple grate on a fine grater until pureed gruel.
  3. Apple puree and honey are added to the clay mixture.
  4. The mixture is well mixed.

Well cleans the skin from acne and acne, as shown by reviews of women, a face mask of black clay and ground coffee. This combination allows you to enhance blood circulation, accelerate the removal of toxins, and normalize the dermal greasiness.

  • Ground coffee (it is allowed to replace the coffee grounds) – a tablespoon.
  • Clay – a tablespoon.
  • Mineral water – two tablespoons.
  • Essential oil (lemon, mint, lavender, patchouli, jojoba) – three drops.
  1. Clay powder is mixed with coffee.
  2. Water is poured into the mixture. If coffee grounds were used instead of ground powder, then mineral water is added in a smaller volume.
  3. In the resulting mass is injected selected essential oil. You can apply several oils at once. But it is important to monitor the amount of air. It is allowed to add no more than three drops to the mask, regardless of whether one or several means are introduced.

Black clay face mask at home does not require large financial expenditures. Hundred-gram packaging means, according to April 2017, an average of 40-50 rubles. But the tool is able to completely transform the appearance of the skin.

And it will do it no worse than expensive salon procedures.

“Use, but with the mind” – reviews of black clay cosmetics

Clay is an adsorbent, it effectively cleans the pores, it “sucks” sebum and other filth, and black is the best! Why are there sebum! It also absorbs fatty deposits, and it cope well with cellulite.

It is necessary to make masks not more often than 2-3 p a week, not to wait until it dries, but to moisten it. For 20 minutes. You can mix with sea salt – the effect will be better.

In general, clay is pilling – it dissolves a layer of skin, removes acne and is very useful.

I have been using black clay for a month 2-3 times a week and have not noticed much of an effect. I have oily skin.

The only thing that is good, the skin dries the clay and then it does not shine, as before.

Do not hesitate, clay is known since ancient times as a healing product! Black is more effective than all others for its excellent mineral content. I was not advised because of dry skin, but I diluted it with wheat germ oil a couple of times and made cleansing masks.

The pores cleared, stretched out, and the face began to look better, but I was afraid to continue, so as not to dry my face anymore. If you have a different skin type – bolder, this is a remedy for you.

Clay very well cleanses the face, black especially helps from black spots, removes toxins from the face. I did the first time, and my inflammation was mild on my face, I had a small pimple, I think it passed, because the clay helped.

After the mask you need to moisturize the skin, it dries a little, held it for about 15 minutes, and after washing it, I felt that my skin was breathing. So use it, but wisely.

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