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Apilak “: reviews, instructions for use for lactation

Many nursing moms attend doubts that they do not have enough milk. Often, in such circumstances, doctors advise to try drugs, indications for which include hypogalactia (reduced function of the mammary glands). Among them is a very popular remedy – “Apilak”.

Reviews of “Apilak” for lactation are controversial. Therefore, it is necessary to understand whether the drug can really increase the production of milk, or is it a delusion.

“Apilak” must be prescribed exclusively by a doctor. Despite the fact that it is a homeopathic and completely natural remedy, it has contraindications and undesirable consequences. And they can touch both mother and baby.

When deciding to take a medicine, it is important to understand the impact it has on the problem and the body as a whole. In addition, it is worth figuring out when you really have to worry that milk is not enough, and when maternal anxieties have no basis.

Answers to these questions will help each mother to make a reasonable conclusion, whether it is worth taking “Apilak” during lactation or not.

Truly inadequate production of breast milk cannot be identified by such signs as sensations in the breast, the amount of expressed milk, or the behavior of the crumbs during feedings. These factors are very subjective, therefore they are not considered as unequivocal symptoms of a decrease in milk secretion.

The main and objective criterion of food sufficiency for infants is their increase. Therefore, before starting treatment and generally giving in to anxiety, a nursing mother should answer the simple question: what are the weight gains of a baby in the last three days (week, month)?

If the weight has not been measured for a long time, it’s time to update the data. How to make it as reliable as possible:

  • weigh the crumb and fix the weight on the current date;
  • repeat the weighing after three days, record the result;
  • calculate the difference in two indicators;
  • divide the result by three.

Thus, the mother will receive an average daily increase of the child over the past three days. You can weigh the baby in the same clothes or naked.

It is convenient to do this at about the same time, for example, in the morning. It is advisable to use for this special children’s scales.

They give the most accurate readings.

What conclusions can make mother.

  • If you increase more than 20 grams per day. For babies less than six months old, such a figure means that they are full and they have enough milk.
  • If the gain is less than 20 grams per day. For kids younger than six months, such weight dynamics indicates insufficient nutrition and (or) problems with its absorption.

What should a mother do if her baby doesn’t add well due to the lack of breast milk? Will Apilak help for lactation?

To understand, it makes sense to take a deeper look at the physiology of milk secretion.

The formation of secretion in the mammary gland is subject to hormonal processes. The higher and more stable in the blood of a nursing mother is the content of prolactin, the main hormone of lactation, the more milk it produces. And vice versa.

The concentration of prolactin is supported by frequent and high-quality breast sucking (at least 10-12 times per day). It is especially important to apply a crumb at least several times between three and eight o’clock at night.

During this period, the woman’s body is especially responsive to breast stimulation.

Thus, for a successful increase in the amount of milk, a nursing mother is usually sufficient:

  • properly attach the baby to the breast;
  • organize a rational mode of feeding during the day and at night.

To understand that the measures taken give a result, it is worthwhile to carry out weight control for some time, as described above. Further measurements are made every week, and then monthly. If the mother does not see the effect of her efforts, it makes sense to contact a breastfeeding counselor.

In parallel with this, it is important to eliminate problems with the health of the infant: to pass tests and visit all the necessary specialists.

The active ingredient of the drug is royal jelly (in Latin “apilacum”). In the world of bees, it serves as a vital food for the queen bee.

In appearance – it is a white-cream mass, close in consistency to kissel. Royal jelly contains water, proteins, sugars, fats, mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins and other substances useful for the new-born bee.

For the preparation of drugs using the mass, which contains seven parts of powdered “Apilac” and 93 parts of milk sugar. Apilak is available in pill form. The content in each of them pretreated and prepared royal jelly – 10 mg.

The instructions for use indicated that “Apilak” works in two directions:

  • improves metabolism;
  • activates metabolic processes and various body functions.

Speaking in medical terms, the drug has metabolic and tonic properties.

According to the instructions, indications for the use of “Apilac” are reduced to three states:

  • recovery period;
  • hypogalactia (reduced milk production);
  • neurotic disorders and arterial hypotension (as an additional therapy).

The drug is valid for nursing women, provided that it was prescribed by a doctor. In the international Spanish reference book on the compatibility of medicinal plants and lactation E-LACTANCIA there is information that after using royal jelly (“Apilac”) in particular cases there were complaints of asthma and increased susceptibility.

Apilak has a modest list of contraindications:

  • individual hypersensitivity to the drug components and / or beekeeping products;
  • adrenal insufficiency (hypocorticoidism, or Addison’s disease).

Tablet “Apilak” must be put under the tongue and wait for its complete resorption. The standard dosage is one tablet three times a day.

The duration of treatment according to the instructions varies from 10 to 15 days. Similarly, the drug can be used by nursing mothers, if the doctor did not suggest a different scheme, how to take “Apilak” during lactation.

Information about how long the drug will begin to act, in the instructions for him does not contain.

But Apilak has no proven scientific efficacy for increasing lactation. Moreover, other analogues are unable to positively affect the production of breast milk. For example, “Laktamil”, “Laktogon”, “Mlekoin” and other similar means.

After all, to increase milk formation, frequent breast stimulation is needed, that is, it is sucked by an infant (or pumped out). But if “Apilak” was prescribed by the doctor, the mother monitors the baby’s well-being and her reactions, often and correctly applies the crumb to the breast, and taking the drug helps her to be confident in her own abilities, this is a completely acceptable scenario.

In the end, the result is important – a calm, self-confident mother, and a contented, well-added infant baby.

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