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Anti-wrinkle eye mask with botox effect, other anti-aging recipes and reviews

Wrinkles become a real tragedy for a woman, treacherously betraying age. The first grooves always appear in the area around the eyes.

In this zone, the fabric is delicate, thin, prone to drying. Mimetic loads also contribute to the formation of wrinkles. Although the secret of eternal youth does not exist, if you properly take care of the delicate dermis, then you will be able to keep a fresh look for a long time.

Assistant in this matter – a natural mask from wrinkles around the eyes.

The wrinkle net starts to actively grow in the “eye” zone after 30 years. During this period, the natural aging process starts: the dermis loses its elasticity, the cells lack collagen.

And the most tender area of ​​the face – around the eyes – suffers first. If appropriate measures are not taken on time, then the situation will worsen. To display in the mirror for a long time to please, you need to provide a delicate area proper care.

Natural masks will help reduce the existing grooves and prevent the appearance of new ones.

The struggle for beauty will be successful only if the cause of the problem is determined. If possible, you must first eliminate the predisposing factor. This will help fix the result.

Why do wrinkles appear on the eyelids, around the eyes and under the eyes? There are several factors that contribute to the appearance of folds.

  • Active facial expressions. The early appearance of “crows feet” is usually observed in chickens. But the fear of the “cobweb” is no reason to refuse to laugh. Mimic wrinkles are easy to remove with the help of “grandma’s recipes.” The main thing is to react immediately.
  • Heredity. With genes you can not argue. With genetic predisposition, grooves may appear at 20 years of age. But the process can be controlled. The proven home methods, store cosmetics, salon procedures will come to the rescue.
  • Age. The launch of natural aging processes is inevitable. Over the years, the dermis loses its ability to retain moisture, loses its elasticity. This leads to the appearance of wrinkles in the “eye” zone, but comprehensive care of this area will help to bring the situation under control.
  • Ultraviolet. The sun does not pity the dermis, especially the tender. Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, they protect the eyelids from the appearance of wrinkles, help not squint, which prevents the appearance of “crow’s feet”.
  • Bad habits. Nicotine, alcohol, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep – the worst enemies of youth and beauty. All this adversely affects the skin, and the dermis around the eyes is the first to report on their sufferings.

Natural cosmetics can “work” no worse than the store. In favor of home masks their availability, environmental friendliness, speed of preparation speaks.

In order not to be disappointed in the result, you need to choose a proven recipe.

The mask for the skin around the eyes from wrinkles should contain natural ingredients that have a smoothing effect. A lot of them. Such properties can boast of cucumber, potatoes, dill, parsley, apricot, peach, banana, oatmeal, medicinal herbs.

Dairy products prevent the appearance of grooves: the nutrition and hydration that they provide does not leave a chance for the folds.

There are recipes for cosmetic compositions that are suitable for everyone, regardless of age. Universal masks can be used from 25 years.

The mixture is used to prevent the appearance of the first wrinkles under the eyes and to combat the folds that have appeared. Such tools are effective if the grooves are shallow, with their help you can easily remove the “mimicry”.

Recipes universal masks presented in the table.

Table – Universal masks, eliminating wrinkles around the eyes

MaskComponentsspecial instructionsTime minutes
Peach– A tablespoon of peach pulp;
– teaspoon fat sour cream
– Take sour cream fresh;
– rinse with cool filtered water
Banana– A tablespoon of mashed banana pulp;
– tablespoon butter
– Oil pre-melt;
– apply warm mixture
Potato– Tablespoon of grated fresh potatoes;
– teaspoon cream
– The fat content of the cream should be at least 25%;
– after wiping the skin with a cotton pad dipped in green tea
Yeast– 25 g yeast;
– warm milk
– Add milk until the mixture is thick sour cream in consistency;
– milk can be replaced with olive oil, if the skin around the eyes is prone to excessive dryness;
– better to do before bed
Oatmeal– 2 tablespoons of oatmeal;
– 2 tablespoons hot milk
– Flour can be made by grinding the oatmeal;
– the mixture must be given half an hour to swell

After 40 years, epidermal cells require special care. If earlier universal compounds were coping with the grooves, now the means of maximum effect are required, because the aging processes have long been started. At home, you can make a mask of wrinkles around the eyes of starch with the effect of Botox.

First make the base.

  1. Pour a large spoonful of starch with half a glass of cold water.
  2. Stir until the mass acquires a uniform consistency.
  3. Boil 50 ml of water.
  4. Pour the starch mass into boiled water.
  5. Stir in the fire, until acquiring a thick consistency. Do not boil.
  6. Mass divided into three parts, hide in the refrigerator.

The mask of starch from the wrinkles around the eyes can be any, as long as the starch mixture acts as the “first violin”. Sour cream, cream, carrot juice, banana, essential oils are added to it.

Using masks for the delicate “eye” zone, follow eight simple but important rules.

  1. Spend allergotest. Before using the composition for its intended purpose, check how the dermis reacts to the wrist. Apply the mixture, wait for time and evaluate the condition of the cover after removal.
  2. Use only fresh ingredients. Homemade masks need to be prepared from fresh produce. The mixture is made immediately before application, no preforms (except for the bases of non-perishable components, for example, starch).
  3. Cleanse the skin. Mask should always be preceded by makeup removal and washing.
  4. Take care of your eyes. Apply the mixture should be carefully, it is important to ensure that it does not hit the mucous membranes. If precautions are not taken, rinse eyes thoroughly.
  5. Massage the skin. Before the procedure, make a light massage of the “eye” area. Do not push, gently tap with your fingertips.
  6. Relax. Remember that the procedure aims to eliminate wrinkles. Relax your muscles, take a comfortable posture and just relax in silence with gruel on your face.
  7. Follow the instructions. Do not experiment with components and time.
  8. Do not forget about post-care. Hand-made eye care products are washed off with cool water. After applying a light texture moisturizer designed for this zone.

Home masks for wrinkles around the eyes – only one of the steps of care. It is important to provide the delicate derma with proper daily care, using only products specially developed for this zone.

Facial gymnastics will help to preserve youth: light pulling off of the dermis, tapping with fingertips. Follow the lead of American actress Meryl Streep: Include the “right” foods in your diet.

Walnuts, fatty fish varieties, pumpkin seeds, tomato juice, and turmeric prolong youth. Drink plenty of water: the liquid provides elasticity to the dermis, which prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Testimonials: “Creams did not help, but folk remedies work”

And from the wrinkles around the eyes, almond oil helped me. And I think that an effective means to remove wrinkles are essential oils.

Try it.

Angela B, //domashn-maski.ru/morshhiny-vokrug-glaz/

Well helps in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes aloe juice, wrinkles are smoothed out right before the eyes (I tried it myself). I am for natural products!

After 30, I noticed that the eyelid skin began to noticeably age, wrinkles appeared. Whatever cream I did not use, I could not achieve the effect I needed.

In the end, decided to resort to folk remedies. I really liked the result.

My favorite mask is a mask with honey and egg.

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