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Anti-aging face masks at home: ingredients, recipes and tips

What does age give in our body? The skin is an Achilles heel.

It is attacked by ultraviolet rays, harmful chemicals from the urban air. Constant stress is also reflected by irregularities in the face.

The dermis wears out, does not retain moisture in sufficient quantities and, accordingly, is aging. Anti-aging face masks at home – a way to protect against skin aging and drying.

In what, in comparison with cosmetic sessions in expensive beauty salons, do masks prepared at home win? They are more affordable.

Guaranteed to consist only of natural products. And also held at any time on the first request, because they do not require an appointment.

To keep your face young longer, care should be started as early as possible. After all, the aging process is inevitable, and the first wrinkles strike the sly.

Beauticians identify four stages of facial aging.

  1. The first “bell”. This phase is different for everyone: someone notices glimpses of wrinkles before the age of 20, and some lucky women only learn about them at 35. It all depends on the state of the body and ecology. Genetics, too, can not be written off.
  2. Traces of laughter. The second stage is the appearance of mimic wrinkles around the eyes, deepening of the nasolabial lines.
  3. The effect of “deflated ball.” When this stage comes, the woman understands the transience of life: it is unpleasant from the physiological and moral side. Professionals call the occurrence of a decrease in turgor, that is, the pressure of the contents of the cells on their walls. The skin at the same time flakes, loses elasticity.
  4. Irreversible processes. Deep wrinkles, dryness appear, and the elasticity of the dermis is lost. Pigment spots are formed.

After 25 years, the natural processes of skin regeneration slow down, which begins to lose moisture. Therefore, first and foremost, enter a supportive care that maintains water balance. That is, we need comprehensive moisturizing measures: use appropriate masks and creams, drink more pure water.

What other activities need to be held regularly?

  • Cleansing. After 30 years, the first wrinkles appear. You notice how the elasticity and elasticity of the skin disappear. Deep cleansing before each cosmetic procedure becomes an important facial treatment. To do this, use scrubs or masks with the appropriate effect.
  • Prevention. Until new wrinkles appear and menopause does not occur, engage in the prevention of aging. To do this, enter into the morning ritual of washing with serum with an abundance of vitamin C, protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation, use masks with retinol. It is not necessary that after 40 years cardinal measures are necessary. If you are engaged in yourself, regular home beauty sessions will be enough.
  • Stimulation. In adulthood, to the previous points, be sure to add a facial massage to increase blood flow and oxygen supply to the skin cells.

The composition of the young mixture should be rich in vitamins, various acids and minerals that restore skin elasticity, saturating it with moisture. In home cosmetology most often use the following four folk remedies to rejuvenate the skin of the face:

  1. yeast;
  2. milk products;
  3. oatmeal or rolled oats;
  4. honey.

This product has a beneficial effect on the entire body, as its chemical composition is unique. What is special about yeast?

  • “Magic” vitamins. Thanks to B vitamins, yeast provides skin tone, stimulates cellular metabolism, promoting cell renewal.
  • Amino acids. Getting into the layers of the epidermis, they push the body to produce additional collagen. Yes, it can be obtained not only with the help of painful injections in the cabin. This substance restores the elasticity of the skin, giving it a velvety.
  • Vitamin E. Together with the previous component, it returns energy to the fading layers of the skin. Flabbiness and wrinkles retire, facing this fighter for smooth face.
  • Minerals . These little helpers push the sebaceous glands to work in a balanced manner, which leads to the elimination of excess skin gloss and improved complexion.

Any yeast is suitable as the basis of masks for the youth of your face. The time for preparing this product depends on their type.

  • Dry yeast . They require the least time to cook. Leave them for 30 minutes in the water to wander, and create a mask.
  • Briquette. Prestrap it in powder, then add water. It will take half an hour.
  • Brewer’s yeast . Since they are immediately in a liquid consistency, you can simply begin to mix the ingredients of the mask to give freshness and rejuvenation of the face.

The mixture based on the fungal product is not so simple. It can cause allergies, so take a little time to check your skin’s reaction. Use your wrist with a little mask on it.

After waiting five minutes, you will see either redness and irritation, accompanied by itching, or clean skin.

The most effective anti-aging facial masks with gloss are mixtures based on yeast. Fat luster, wrinkles, fatigue, pigmentation are not able to withstand the chemical composition of this product.

Using recipes with the available ingredients, you will forget the date in the passport.

  1. Take a large spoonful of prepared yeast.
  2. Preheat in advance to room temperature the same amount of kefir and sour cream.
  3. Stir the ingredients.
  4. Yeast masks are best not to overdo it. The maximum time is 40 minutes.
  1. In this recipe, it is difficult to name the exact amount of wheat or rye flour taken. It needs so much to thicken three large spoons of prepared base.
  2. Wrap the resulting mass with a towel and warm it on the battery for two or three hours.
  3. The mixture should be easily spread on the face.
  4. Wash when a crust forms on your face.

Yeast base is better suited for skin suffering from greasiness. This is due to the astringent and stiffening effect that it has.

But there are recipes that are able to reanimate the skin with peeling. Attach to a tablespoon of basics to choose from one of the following ingredients:

  • three tablespoons of vegetable oil (olive, sesame or almond);
  • two large spoons of melted butter;
  • one big spoonful of sour cream.

Women of ancient Rome knew a lot about natural cosmetics. They valued donkey milk as a true salvation from wrinkled skin.

Dairy products and without additives can work as anti-aging face masks, as they consist of useful elements.

  • A wealth of vitamins. Due to the high content of vitamins B, C, A, E and D in milk, the skin is saturated with vital energy.
  • Linoleic acid It helps moisture to stay inside the dermis.
  • Myristic acid. Thanks to this component, milk is able to freely penetrate deep into the epidermis and saturate it with beneficial substances that it carries with it.

These masks are distinguished by the availability of components, the cost of which is extremely low compared to cosmetics from the store. Most often, the ingredients of such recipes are included in the main family shopping list.

Start to maintain healthy skin right now by making a milk mask for youthful face at home.

  1. Take a large spoonful of dairy product. It can be cow, goat and sheep.
  2. Heat slightly. Throw a pinch of salt into it.
  3. The temperature should be sufficient to dissolve the remaining ingredients: a small spoonful of natural honey, as well as a large spoonful of starch (corn or potato).
  4. Make sure the mixture does not have lumps.
  5. The procedure will take you 20 minutes.
  1. Soak half a piece of rye bread in milk, which must be enough to completely cover the crumb with liquid.
  2. Ten minutes later add the yolk.
  3. After stirring the mixture, apply it on your face and wait 15 minutes.
  4. After that, it will be useful to wipe the skin with milk, and only after five minutes to wash.

For children, this is porridge in the kindergarten, for women it is an indispensable product in preserving youth. Oatmeal is useful for a unique composition that “works” not only when it enters the body, but also outside.

Phytic acid in the composition takes care of retaining moisture inside the skin cells. The presence of proteins in oatmeal helps get rid of bacteria, and, consequently, irritation on the surface of the dermis.

Vitamin complex and fatty acids are responsible for cell nutrition, providing anti-inflammatory effect.

Masks for facial rejuvenation at home require only gather two or three components together. At the same time, remember that consistency is the key to success, so do not change the recipe too often.

So that the mask does not fall off pieces from the face, oatmeal pre-chop a blender. And also can use bran.

  1. Crush the flakes to create two large spoons of base.
  2. Add three of the same spoons of good village sour cream and let the mixture swell.
  3. You can dilute the mixture with freshly squeezed lemon juice, a few drops will suffice.
  4. The exposure time of the mask is 20 minutes.
  1. Prepare a teaspoon of the main product.
  2. Add as a liquid component a large spoonful of kefir.
  3. Take a small spoonful of honey and add to the mixture.
  4. Still need a pinch of salt.
  5. Stir.
  6. Wait for 20 minutes until the mask is absorbed, this is enough to eliminate the peeling and filling all the skin cells with freshness.
  1. In this recipe there are at once two effective components: oat-flakes and milk. Crush cereal and add a third of a glass of milk. The liquid part will be 1 cm higher dry.
  2. Let the oatmeal swell, then add ten drops of lime juice.
  3. The procedure time is 30 minutes.

Honey has many advantages, the story of which does not fit in one paragraph. It protects the skin from the harm of polluted air, heals wounds, fights infections.

And most importantly, face masks with honey as a basis are indispensable for rejuvenation. Besides:

  • moisturizes;
  • possesses antifungal properties;
  • soothes irritation;
  • deep cleansing;
  • promotes cell renewal.

Bees natural gift will take care of the skin to become fresh, toned and free from age changes. If you happen to be in a bath, be sure to smear with honey and face, and the whole body after the steam room, when the skin dries out a bit. After applying the honey, go back to the steam room and let the “mask” soak.

The final chord is a shower under warm running water without soap. What are some other recipes for masks?

  1. Boil one medium carrot and chop.
  2. Mix with two large spoons of honey.
  3. Let cool for ten minutes.
  4. As much time is necessary for the mixture to be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.

  1. You will need a teaspoon of the main ingredient and the same amount of sour cream and lemon juice.
  2. Take white clay, pour it in so much that the mixture looks like gruel.
  3. The duration of this procedure will be ten minutes.

Avocado Tandem

  1. Mash two large spoons of avocado pulp.
  2. Add honey in the same volume.
  3. Attach one yolk.
  4. The mask is absorbed in 30 minutes.

Finally, two more simple tips for women who are just learning to cheat time. Remember that this is not done by a single mask.

Layers of the epidermis require not only nutrition, but also cleansing. Therefore, arrange regular procedures with scrubs.

This will strengthen the blood flow, relieve the skin layers of harmful substances, remove dead cells from the surface of the face.

And one more thing: one mask is good, and a lot is better. From the addition of the skin to the same ingredients will help alternate recipes.

Rejuvenating homemade face masks include, surprisingly, the simplest products, and it is easy to choose a few suitable options for yourself.

Feminine reviews: “In addition, skin needs continuous nourishment”

Discovered a new anti-aging gelatin mask. I tried it, I liked the result so much – the skin became smooth, my chin became less visible, and the mimic wrinkles that were visible to me when I smiled became less pronounced.

And this is just 3 procedures, I want to continue.

Attempting to rejuvenate the skin for some time and then throwing everything back is doomed to failure – it will not work. If you decide to make rejuvenating masks, you need to do them ALWAYS, starting from the moment you started, without interruptions, because the skin “aged” often stops working by itself and needs continuous nourishment.

I really like all kinds of folk masks, the skin tightens well. I still moisturize my skin after them.

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