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A separate diet for weight loss and a diet for 90 days

Regulars diets are well aware of the main lack of radical ways of losing weight: you should turn to the usual menu, and the weight returns with tripled strength. It turns out, people inclined to corpulence need to starve all their life?

Modern dietetics, on the contrary, advises not to offend oneself in eating, but to adhere to a healthy diet. Then the weight is harmoniously normalized and locked.

One of the natural methods is considered to be separate food for weight loss.

Proponents of the method claim: for mammals, the need to separate products is provided for by nature itself. And the truth is, in the natural environment you will not meet a wolf that eats a hare with bread or tolchinka.

In the process of evolution, only man began to process food, to mix ingredients to obtain new taste sensations. But our body is designed so that the products are excellent in chemical composition to digest in different ways.

For example, in order for proteins to digest well, acid is necessary, and only alkaline medium is suitable for products saturated with carbohydrates.

Facing the “protein + carbohydrate” combination, the body simultaneously produces both alkali and acid. What happens then?

The first enzymes simply neutralize the second.

The method of separate feeding is not the first decade considered by relevant scientists. But especially popular work on the authorship of an American doctor, doctor of medicine Herbert Shelton.

He conducted research on the perception of the body of certain dishes, and released the bestseller “The right combination of food.” Shelton himself ate separately.

And he lived, by the way, to 90 years.

Herbert Shelton singled out the seven principles of separate feeding. They describe incompatible product groups recommended for use at different times or better, even on different days.

  1. Acids and starch. Starchy carbohydrate products with sour vegetables and fruits are not combined on the same plate. Namely: potatoes, bread, legumes, peas, bananas “resist” citrus, pineapple, pomegranate, grapes, kiwi, some varieties of apples, tomatoes.
  2. Proteins and carbohydrates. It turns out that meat, seafood, eggs, cheese, nuts can not be combined with cereals, flour, potatoes, pasta. But it is in such a company that these products often appear on our table …
  3. Protein and protein. If we are talking about protein-rich foods, then despite the “relatedness”, at the same time they cannot be eaten. Protein and protein are different, so the body may need different conditions for digesting such foods. In the end – do not combine eggs and meat, meat and cheese, etc.
  4. Proteins and acids. You’ll have to forget about meat with tomatoes or fish in lemon marinade.
  5. Proteins and fats. As part of our usual diet, this basically means that sunflower and “cow” oils cannot be used in cooking meat or cheese, egg salads.
  6. Sugar and starch. A striking example of “taboo” – jam pies. This combination of products is unacceptable. You can not also sweet cereals, cookies with fruit confiture.
  7. Single products. Watermelons, melons and milk are products for which there are no compatibility conditions. That is, they are always better to use only separately from other dishes. Coffee with milk, pasta and cereal with milk, fruit desserts with watermelon cubes, cantaloupe with honey – all of these options for the composition of foods with a separate diet are a thing of the past.

“Cheat Sheet” on the fridge: a table of food compatibility

Herbert Shelton proposes to be guided in cooking by the compatibility of products. To make it easier for people to lose weight, what can be eaten with what, a special compatibility table has been developed for the sixteen most frequently found foods in the modern menu.

This table allows you to compare any of the listed product names. It is necessary in the vertical column to select the numbers of the two components that you want to “test.”

Then from one of these products visually draw a line horizontally to the second selected number.

Further look at the notation. Minus indicates incompatibility, plus indicates compatibility, and zero means that the combination of products is not perfect, but permissible.

If you got the “@” sign, then you were mistaken in the numbering or incorrectly paralleled the products.

Table – What products can be combined

NoProduct groupsone23fourfive67eight9teneleven12131415sixteen
oneMeat and seafood@+0
2Cereals and legumes@0++0++0
3Butter and cream0@0++++00
fourSour cream+0@0++0+++00
fiveVegetable oil+0@++0+++
6Sugar, confectionary@+
7Cereals, bread, potatoes0+++@++00
eightSour fruits (orange, kiwi, apples, plums, etc.) and tomatoes+++@0+00++
9Sweet fruits (pears, bananas, apples, etc.) and dried fruits000@+00+0
tenGreen and non-starchy vegetables (cabbage, eggplants, onions, cucumbers, etc.)+++++++++@+++++
elevenStarchy vegetables (beets, carrots, zucchini, etc.)0+++++00+@0++0+
13Sour milk, cottage cheese+0+++@++
14Cheese, Cheese000++++@0
sixteenThe nuts0+0+0+++0@

With such a “cheat sheet” you can easily “pin up” a varied and tasty menu for the week, corresponding to the principles of separate nutrition for weight loss. The table below shows an example of a possible menu for one such day.

Table – Menu of one “split” day

MealWhat to eat
BreakfastBuckwheat cereal without oil on the water; fresh cucumbers
SnackBoiled eggs
DinnerChicken – boiled breast; cabbage stewed with eggplants and onions
SnackSliced ​​cucumber and cabbage
DinnerBaked fish fillet; baked eggplant

The effectiveness of the method led to the fact that based on it appeared separate diet programs. For example, one of the most popular is considered the 90 day dietary meals.

Duration – three months. Power is calculated in cycles.

Basis: alternation of days when only protein products are allowed, with starch, carbohydrate, vitamin and fasting days.

This is what the menu for every day looks like as part of a 90-day diet.

  • Day one – protein. Today, losing weight they eat meat and meat broth is required, they consume fish, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, non-starchy vegetables, and a slice of whole-grain bread. It is important not to mix the listed products in one meal.
  • Day two – starch. Today the menu will include dishes based on legumes and cereals. Any vegetables, a slice of bread made from whole-grain flour are allowed, vegetable broth is obligatory.
  • Day three – carbohydrate. On this day, please yourself pasta, pizza with any vegetables, buckwheat porridge, pastries without eggs and yeast. And for dinner, be sure to eat a sweet: a piece of dark chocolate or one cake.
  • Day four – vitamin. Today, the diet looks like this: fruits and dried fruits to choose from, fresh vegetables and juices from them, some nuts or seeds.

Servings, meal schedule and fixed breakfast

Note that, regardless of the specifics of the day, every morning it is recommended to drink a glass of non-carbonated warm water, where honey and apple cider vinegar are mixed in a teaspoon. After this there is a mandatory breakfast: a few fruits to choose from or a portion of any berries. Also, use at least two liters of water without gas daily.

Tea and coffee are available, but unsweetened. But alcohol – “no, no.”

It is important to adhere to the recommended time intervals between meals, which will be only three. Breakfast – at a convenient time for you. A lunch is desirable to plan at noon.

On days when the body receives protein products alone, dine no sooner than four hours after dinner. On carbohydrate and starchy days, this interval will be three hours. Eating vitamins, soak for two hours.

At the same time, after eight in the evening a “lock” should appear on the refrigerator.

Plus the fact that recipes for separate meals for losing weight are very simple, and you won’t have to “die at the stove”. Moreover, on some days, lunch and dinner are almost duplicated.

Below are the menu options for each of the four varieties of diet days. The diet is varied, inexpensive and tasty.

  • Breakfast Two apples, water with vinegar and honey.
  • Lunch Chicken broth with greens and onions, a slice of whole grain bread, boiled chicken breast, cucumber and cabbage salad.
  • Dinner . Boiled chicken breast with cucumber and cabbage salad.
  • Breakfast Banana, water with vinegar and honey.
  • Lunch Water broth with slices of vegetables and a slice of whole-grain bread, rice stewed with mushrooms and eggplants, a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • Dinner . Stewed with mushrooms and eggplant rice, a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • Breakfast Two pears, water with vinegar and honey.
  • Lunch Pasta in tomato-carrot sauce, galette cookies.
  • Dinner . “Strip” bitter chocolate, cake or ice cream.
  • Breakfast 150 g strawberries, water with vinegar and honey.
  • Lunch Smoothies made from kiwi, strawberries, bananas and apples. Salad of pears, dried apricots and nuts.
  • Dinner . Salad of grated carrots and apples. Baked apple with cinnamon.

A diet of separate meals for 90 days does not deprive of strength, so feel free to “support” it with physical exertion. At the end of the program, many girls continue to continue to eat, sharing food. This is medically acceptable.

However, keep in mind that such a diet and separation of products can harm during pregnancy, lactation, diseases of the digestive system and violations of the mechanisms of excretion.

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