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Why a child does not want to play with children

Why the child does not play with other children

Why a child does not want to play with children

Your child keeps apart and does not want to play on the court with his peers? He is not attracted to noisy companies of children? Of course, this should alert you. Why does not the child want to play with other children?

There are two main reasons that your child prefers playing alone: ​​either he is shy, or you have charged him with an unbearable burden of adult problems. How to help a child overcome these problems and learn how to play with other children, Olga Troitskaya, a psychologist, will advise.


Some believe that the child’s communication with other children is difficult due to the fact that the baby does not go to the kindergarten. This is bullshit. I know people who went even for five days, and still they had problems with communication. Such a child and in the kindergarten keeps in a corner, plays with himself and maintains good relations only with the teacher.

Why does the child have difficulty communicating with peers? One of the possible reasons he is brought up in the family as an adult partner. Adults communicate with him as an equal. This happens when the mother shares her experiences with her daughter as a friend (there’s nothing good about it).

Why a child does not want to play with children

Yes, a five-year-old can be afraid of communicating with children. And here it is very important that parents do not pressure him, they do not tear: Go, meet, play with the guys! Perhaps he will step over himself, he will, but the lesson that his inner feelings are not particularly important to you, too, will learn.

If you want a child to play with children, stop talking with your friends during walks, take a step on the playground, start a game with your child and draw two or three more children to it. Here is your son or daughter already and participates in the game together with others!

You can begin to communicate in a more comfortable situation for the child to invite one or two children to visit. Next to you and in a familiar setting, your child will feel much freer. Then you can create a situation for the children to play independently. You can go with the same children to the playground and play some familiar games.

If parents sometimes play with their children's peers, take them out of town or into the forest with their child, their son or daughter has a certain status in the children's company, they are more likely to communicate with him.

Why a child does not want to play with children