Главная 7 What you need to know about sunscreen for children

What you need to know about sunscreen for children

6 facts about sunscreens for children that parents should know

What you need to know about sunscreen for children

The answers to the most popular questions about sunscreen for children are given by one of the developers of such products, as well as the father of four children, Christopher Gavigan.

We all know about sunscreens and how important they are not only for us, but also for our children. But with a huge assortment offering different levels of protection mdash; SPF 15 or 50? UVA or UVB? mdash; It is difficult to understand which of the sunscreens is the safest for use by the whole family.

“The sun’s rays are very pleasant, but also very dangerous, that you have to consider even just walking every day down the street, quot; – says Christopher Gavigan, one of the reactors of the magazine POPSUGAR and the father of four children.

Over the past few years, Christopher has been working on the release of a series of sunscreen products and regularly communicating with consumers, learning their opinions and listening to questions about sunscreens.

One of the most important conclusions to which he came in the process of consumer survey was that it is important to give people knowledge. Even the best sunscreen on the market will not protect your skin if it is used incorrectly.

What you need to know about sunscreen for children

So, to understand if you are using sunscreen correctly, answer a few questions.

For most adults, as a rule, the amount of cream approximately equal to the volume of the golf ball is sufficient. For children in swimsuits, the same volume or slightly smaller is required in the presence of protective clothing in addition.

Little is said about this, but it is necessary. Any sunscreen should be applied repeatedly, especially if you are in water or active perspiration occurs. If the product has a water repellent property, this does not mean that it is waterproof. And if you wipe dry, you just smear it on the body. Repeated application is mandatory after each bath and wipe, at least every two hours.

Few people read what is written on the label. But this is the most important step, according to Gagvarin. If you buy baby oil, you should definitely look at the expiration date and the way of application. Apply abundantly or Shake before using mdash; it's not for nothing written on the reverse side of the bottle.

What you need to know about sunscreen for children

Can sunscreen be used for children?

There are various regulations that prohibit the use of sunscreen for children under 6 months of age. But for newborns born in the summer months, this is not entirely correct and safe. However, do not miss the shelf closest safe for the baby sunscreen.