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Visiting a sales maniac or How I chose a bag, wardrobe

One of Ekkov’s favorite bags hints that her pension is just around the corner: here and there leatherette attacked the leatherette. It’s a pity. At one time, I barely found an accessory that fits to winter boots and a semi-sport jacket.

So, I was looking for a bag:
– without ryushechek, strazikov and other decorations
– in style – closer to casual (so that you can wear with shoes)
– simple and concise
– light weight

This season, prices in the usual stores are shocking, and it was a pity to give 6000 rubles for a more or less suitable model. At once, I got out on the clothing market and got … to the dusky maniac! I was so impressed with the seller’s approach to work that I want to share my impressions!

I just don’t know what to call a person who keeps a brick wrapped in a bag and makes a real crash test for his bags.

When I approached the department, the man just showed the goods to customers. He spoke about the durability of the material and scratched (!) Leatherette inserts. Scratches, of course, did not appear, but everything inside me sank.

In that department – among the bags of the local factory – I found that 80 percent corresponded to my requests. Honestly, during the market marathon I did not even hope to find a suitable bag. There was either something pretty, but obviously not compatible with my shoes, or some kind of bad taste.

While the man served the client, I managed to select and examine the bag. It remains only to pay. Not here it was! The seller decided not to disregard me and dedicated a five-minute lecture to his product. Let me remind you: he did not need to spin me up – I had already passed the bills. The price of the bag (about 1000 rubles) also could not wake the inspector in me.

The seller told what materials dubeyut in the cold, and what will withstand severe winters. He warned that the color of the selected model looks differently in the sun and in the shade (olive turns to brown).

The man not only praised the goods, but also listed the criteria for the goodness of the bags. And this after I paid and was ready to leave! I want to share his tips with you.

What to look for?

1. Convenience and appearance.

This is where the aforementioned brick comes in handy. The seller almost forcefully sent it to the bag, so that I could make sure that the bag does not slip from the shoulder and does not look baggy.

For compacting the bottom, materials that lose their shape are often used (often ordinary cardboard is used). It is necessary to bend them – and there will be creases. Choosing a bag, you need to ask the seller to bend the bottom of it. Failure should alert you.

He should not be afraid of scratches. Of course, budget bags cannot be saved from steel wire, but they should not be flimsy either. My bag, by the way, is made of polyester, which is positioned as a dust-repellent. Of course, the seller hurried to collect dust from the shelf with his palm and powder the bag. While I realized what was happening, the man had already wiped the stain.

Zippers need to be checked alternately, so that no one is in doubt.

5. Do not feel sorry for the nails.

From the words of the seller recorded correctly 🙂 You need to check whether the nails penetrate easily between the rivets and the material. If such manipulations are possible, the supplier has no conscience.

6. Check the graph paper.

And again I quote the seller. He gave this advice when I looked at the pens. I understand that you need to make sure that the seams are straight, and the threads do not stick out.

7. Lining.

The inner world of the bag is another sign of good faith of the manufacturer. Lining material should be tight. Put your hands in your pockets, check for holes in the corners.

I do not like obsessive and too talkative sellers / consultants. The hero of my story does not look like these, because apart from talkativeness, he is inherent in inspiration.

Am I satisfied with the purchase? I don’t know yet: the bag is waiting for the winter and is not being used 🙂 I hope I can recommend the bags to my friends, and the gambling seller will have a client base!

And how do you choose the bags?

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