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Unsuccessful adoption

Unsuccessful adoption.

As for the time, the fact is that we could admit to ourselves after four months. But pushing everything back to the complexity of the adaptation period, we lasted 1.5 years. But now we can confidently say that we tried to the last, and did almost everything that was clear to us and how much our forces were sufficient.

Meanwhile, by reason, we understood that the child is not to blame, and that most of everything that weighs us down is only in our psyche. What are some internal weaknesses of the time have been slowed down and come out. All this is subjective, and it was difficult to tell someone to the end, and it was difficult to understand from the outside. I perfectly imagine how I would have assessed this situation a year ago,. I’m not in this skin. But we cooked in it round the clock, and did not see any way out until they recognized a complete defeat.

Here is the author, I read you and more and more indignant. You are amazingly samuverenny.Vo all posts ЯЯЯ.Где already there is a place for a child. And most importantly, you have done absolutely wrong conclusions. Instead of asking a psychologist, to accept the help of specialists, to go to the forums for adoptive parents, you listened to the advice of some friends. And at the end of all this you make a lethal conclusion: so that the child can be handed back as a dog if it does not fit! Do not care that the child is hurt, if only we were well! Egoism in its pure form. Well, even though your children did not physically score a “competitor” as happened in one family. Can they beat him? Confess!

Here he lived in such an atmosphere, twice thrown, did not understand what he was to blame. And we such times-such, tracing on its unfortunate desperate soul, have bent the line. thinking only of himself. did not understand anything. but now only realized, and so on.

Would you like to hear something like that? Or do you think that no one else understands this except you, let alone such nonhumans like us? But this is absurd.

Moreover, if I wrote something like that, then it would be accurate, I could be accused of some sort of search for an excuse, or support, but that's just your theory. You judge by yourself.

And what do you understand, let me know? Only that you loved him conditionally, and not unconditionally. Although you probably can not demand unconditional love from foster parents, but then you are adults, before taking such a responsible step as taking a child from an orphanage into a family, you should also take into account this development event, in particular, the child's rejection and then with to do this. And so, well, what really, they took an orphan, did "everything possible" to fall in love and gave, like a product to a store that did not fit or turned out to be defective. And they are very touched by your reasoning, the crosses given by God and not by God. And how do you know, through what situations God is sending you tests? And you know what I want to tell you, your state, moral and spiritual, is now much worse than when this foster child lived in your family. I can be mistaken, but something tells me that this is so. And now think about the crosses of God's data.