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Nanny for babies: ways to search, recommendations and list of assistant duties

What you should know when choosing a babysitter for a child

The appearance of a baby always changes the established life of parents. They have to sacrifice their personal time and interests, most often it falls to the mother’s share, while the pope provides the family. But it happens that a woman is forced to go to work or engage in activities that can not be combined with caring for the baby. Then the nurse will come to the rescue.

Nanny for babies: ways to search, recommendations and list of assistant duties

Parents often ask themselves how to choose a babysitter. Having solved it successfully, the family will be able to return to the usual rhythm of life, as well as acquire a loyal assistant and mentor.

Sometimes it is necessary to select painstakingly from many applicants, to study recommendations, work experience. And sometimes it is enough to communicate with a person to understand that this is a suitable candidate.

But only trust and sympathy is not enough for the right choice of nurse. Here are the points to consider:

  • Age 35-50 years. A young girl who is too young may not have enough experience with babies, and an elderly lady will not be physically able to cope with the newborn physically.
  • Stress resistance – an important quality for a person in contact with children.
  • Health status. It is important that the interaction of the hired assistant with the child is safe, so ask the candidate for a certificate from the doctor about the absence of diseases that it can infect the baby.
  • Ask the nanny give you a copy of her passport. Ask for recommendations from former employers.
  • note on the style of communication, words, manners and gestures used. Politeness and decency are always a big plus in the work of such a plan.
  • Some sources can advise you to monitor the work of a nanny through a video camera. We will not discuss the relevance and ethics of such actions. If you are too worried about your child, sometimes it will be helpful for some time to follow a person who has to trust his or her crumbs. And this is not to find faults, but to make sure that the child is in safe hands and does not threaten him.
  • If you hire a nurse for a newborn, then he will not be able to tell you about his complaints. But if there are older children in the house, note the fact that they talk about it. The truth here is always to remember the childish love of fiction and fantasy. Before making final conclusions, make sure the veracity of the words of your child.
  • Along with safety , The condition for choosing babysitting babies is his comfort. It is only natural that at first the child will repel an unfamiliar person, since no one can replace his real parents. We need to give the baby time to adapt. So first let the nurse stay with him for a while in your presence. Regardless of how professional and reliable the nurse is, it is important to pay attention to the reactions that the baby is showing. If he categorically refuses to go into contact with her, it is not necessary to coerce.

Making demands to the teacher you hired, do not forget about her needs. From time to time, communicate with your assistant, try to be responsive to requests. And then she will reciprocate, showing maximum care for your baby.

Nanny for babies: ways to search, recommendations and list of assistant duties

Most parents believe that a nanny should have a pedagogical or medical education. When it comes to caring for a baby, or a baby with problems in health, then medical education will be more important.

Up to one year, the upbringing and training of crumbs is not yet the main task. The first place is to ensure the safety of the newborn, hygiene and the ability to provide first aid. Nurse-physician will focus primarily on the physical health of the baby.

Nanny for babies: ways to search, recommendations and list of assistant duties

Finding the perfect babysitter is a hard matter for mom and dad. It is not easy to entrust the most valuable to a stranger. The choice of a good candidate takes a lot of time and effort. Consider the search options.

Under certain circumstances, your mother, aunt or a good friend can take the role of nurse. Plus here first of all in trust. A family member is always more relaxed. In addition, it is always possible to agree with a close person about everyday issues, you do not have to check it for reliability and get used to it.

Another advantage is the financial side. Relatives can completely refuse to pay for their services, or work for a small payment.

Among the minuses – a great chance to spoil relations with relatives, in the case of different views on education, treatment and care for the baby.

  • Recommendations of friends

    A reliable way to search is to follow the advice of friends who have already used the services of nannies. So you can find out the necessary information about the candidate first-hand. Friends will talk about the professional qualities of the specialist with whom they worked, and they are unlikely to recommend a person with a bad reputation.

    Disadvantages of choosing an assistant for acquaintance may be the leakage of your personal information, family secrets, which you would not like to disseminate. But this is already a matter of trust and your behavior at home.

  • Recruitment agency

    If relatives and friends can not recommend you a reliable person, then applying to a special service for recruiting home staff can be the best option. Taking a candidate with the help of an agency, you can be sure of the availability of appropriate education and a medical book. A human resources officer will find a nanny in accordance with your requirements and will provide recommendations from previous places of work.

    The disadvantage of this method of searching will be the need to pay for the services of the organization. In addition, you can not be absolutely sure that the applicant will be conscientious and decent. Many companies often reserve the right not to be responsible for the selected employee.

  • Ads and the Internet

    Now, Internet resources are gaining popularity, where nannies are posted. This method can also assume a fee for the use of services, but unlike recruitment agencies, the amount here is somewhat lower.

    It is also possible to access free classifieds sites. From a large list of candidates, you can pick several candidates at once, compare, talk on the phone (or skype) and eliminate the unsuitable options to assign interviews. This method involves a painstaking, thoughtful search, which is associated with significant time costs. Example of free boards: avito, from hand to hand, gigito and others.

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