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Is it possible to have cranberry during breastfeeding?

Cranberry with breastfeeding

The birth of a child is always happiness, joy and care. First and foremost, the newly-made mother begins to reconsider her diet so that the products that reach the baby with breast milk do not harm his health.

Most newborns do not show any reaction to innovations in the diet. However, there are those who, with the slightest change in it, can go to the hospital. Therefore, in this period of life, women have to refuse themselves in many ways. But absolutely everything can not be excluded from your menu, but it is not necessary. You just need to learn how to choose the right replacement for this or that product. For example, your favorite soft carbonated drinks in the summer heat can be replaced by a very tasty and healthy cranberry juice.

Since ancient times, all women know first hand about the benefits of cranberries. This unique berry was the number one assistant both during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Is it possible to have cranberry during breastfeeding?

Even our ancestors in times of hard struggle for health always turned for help to a healing berry. Due to the rich content of various vitamins, organic acids, calcium, potassium, iron, pectin substances and cellulose, cranberries are used in medicine for centuries.

Due to the high content of various acids in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcer), as well as increased acidity, the use of fruits is not recommended.

If a woman has an individual intolerance to raspberries, blueberries and other berries of this genus, then you should not risk cranberries.

Cranberries are a species of forest marsh berries, and given the current state of the environment (environmental disasters), one can not be 100% sure of its good quality and benefits.

Is it possible to have cranberry during breastfeeding?

Is it possible to have cranberries during breastfeeding? It is possible, but only carefully! Taking into account the small number, but still contraindications, a woman breast-feeding a child before deciding to include a berries in her diet should study the following rules:

  1. Before deciding to innovate in your diet, you should always consult your doctor.
  2. It is desirable to buy berries in well-known places. Do not buy them in the market for strangers, who often collect them in radioactive zones.
  3. If possible, it is better to pass a test in the laboratory for the content of lead and the concentration of radiation in the berries.
  4. Preparation of compotes, fruit drinks, jam from cranberries is better to take on, while trying as little as possible to use sugar.
  5. Optimal shelf life of products in the refrigerator should not exceed two days.
  6. The introduction begins with one tablespoon of (unsweetened) cranberry juice a day. In this case, it is necessary to observe the state of the child. If there is no manifestation of any reaction, you can continue to use, each time raising the dose.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to drink fruit from the package. Values ​​in this form of the product is absolutely not, but the rich content of preservatives, dyes and other harmful chemical additives can adversely affect the health of the baby.
  8. You can not simultaneously enter into your diet several products at once.
  9. In all things, you must observe the measure. Excessive use of even the most useful products can lead to negative consequences. For example, the formation of kidney stones because of the large content of provoking substances - oxalates.
  10. Morse use should be postponed until the baby is one month old. But the berry in its pure form is not before reaching the baby three months old. Until then, the newborn body will be hard to cope with the amount of fiber that is contained in cranberries.
  11. If any reaction is uncharacteristic for the child during the introduction of this product, contact the doctor immediately.

Another option, how to vary the drink, is adding to the mors during the boiling of two or three tablespoons of starch. From this comes out an excellent, and most importantly, the same useful kissel.

In the absence of an allergic reaction, the child is allowed to add a teaspoon of honey, orange peel or mandarin (in no case a lemon) or a twig of cinnamon into a favorite drink. This will give the aroma new notes.

Do not store ready-made fruit juice from cranberries in the refrigerator for more than two or three days, this can negatively affect the health status of not only the nursing mother, but her child.

Is it possible to have cranberry during breastfeeding?

Of course, mothers with breastfeeding rarely use medicines. However, some points about the simultaneous use of cranberries and medicines are worth remembering.

  1. Forest berry has the effect of enhanced blood thinning, so before taking anticoagulants, you should always consult with your doctor. It may be necessary to make a change in the dosage of the drug.
  2. Also, cranberries have a delayed effect on the cleavage of many drugs directly in the liver, which can lead to an increased effect of the drug and a 100% occurrence of side effects.

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