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Allergy to breast milk in infants

Allergy to breast milk in a child

Breast milk is a unique and healthy food for the newborn. It contains useful vitamins and substances that allow the child to grow and develop properly and strengthen its immunity. But it happens that the baby is allergic to breast milk. Why does it appear and how to fight it? Let’s sort it out in order.

Allergy to breast milk in infants

In fact, it is incorrect to say that milk causes allergy. It is unique in composition, best suited for the baby’s body. It’s all about the diet of the nursing mother. She needs to carefully monitor the composition of food, resort to a special menu for the time of breastfeeding.

A woman who is breast-feeding a child should better abandon the following products:

  • vegetables and fruits of red color – contain the substance lycapine, which is not produced by a child’s organism and is perceived as alien;
  • nuts;
  • chocolate;
  • citrus;
  • smoked, spicy, fried food;
  • chicken eggs;
  • cow’s milk.

It is not recommended to throw up and give up breastfeeding, it can lead to problems with lactation. Until the signs of allergies disappear in the child and so that the milk does not disappear, start to decant it. For your convenience, you can purchase a mechanical or manual breast pump.

In order to determine which product the child has a negative reaction and exclude it from his diet, the mother should make a diary of eating. In such a diary enter the time of taking the product and the changes taking place in the child's body: rash, hives, colic, diarrhea, regurgitation.

During the appearance of an allergic reaction in the baby, the woman is recommended to adhere to the following list of allowed products:

  1. Meat of rabbit and turkey.
  2. Vegetables: zucchini, pumpkin, potatoes.
  3. Porridge: oatmeal, barley, wheat, buckwheat.
  4. Low-fat fish.
  5. Compotes and fruit drinks without sugar.
  6. Fermented milk products: fermented baked milk, kefir.

It is necessary to provide the child with therapeutic help in a timely manner. Otherwise, the child will lose weight, which, in turn, will affect mental and physical development.

To alleviate the condition of a child with an allergic reaction, antihistamines taken from the first month of life are used, here are some of them:

  1. For oral administration - Suprastil, Tavegil.
  2. Oral drops: Zirtek, Zodak - drops for children (instructions for use).
  3. Syrup: Claritin, Erius.
  4. Ointments for topical application: Fenistil, Gestal, zinc ointment.
  5. Candles for introduction into the rectum
  6. Drugs in the form of injections - when instant action is necessary.

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