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This crazy Tarhankut (n

This crazy Tarhankut (Olenevka, July 2002)

This crazy Tarhankut (n

The car rushes along the road to all 120 … .a on the knees a crumpled map of Ukraine is revealed. And, in fact, where are we going?

I do not know if I would risk traveling from Zatoka so far, by car, with two young children in the back seat, if not for the absolute misunderstanding of the situation and the length of the future move. Who could have known that such a close Crimea on the map of Ukraine would not be close at all, and this distance would be only 9 hours of moving! But who could think what awaits us, we so wanted a normal warm rest. And away, away … from the cold, rainy Odessa … ..

July 22 (Monday, 10.45 – 20.00)

We go! No, we are racing at a furious speed to see ahead of the beautiful cities of our cute Ukraine.

Odessa – Nikolaev – Kherson, and then …. small settlements and an isthmus to the Crimea.

The most lousy road caught up with us when we left Odessa. Steep turns, small towns, dangerous crossings. All this is pretty annoying.

We go all known Kuyalnik and the husband depressingly asks: And what is this smell?

– Lyman, please go uncle, the famous mud and sanatorium, then you do not x French Paris …. Small garbage dumps, to the left and to the right – Japanese, French assemblages of cars near Odessa, meta-bolucht, yak kazut. Overgrown estuary, like a swamp. That’s really, a strange impression of the famous brand of medicinal water Kuyalnik. At least everyone saw with their own eyes. Now, when we see vodichku in the supermarket, with a smirk smile :).

At 1.5 km to the south, in the tract Malyi Atlesh, a gigantic tunnel is located, under the vaults of which a sailing vessel passes freely.

This is a kind of natural landmark, length of 86.5 m. Here is the entrance to the cave (no name), located at a depth of 10 m below sea level. This is the lowest located cave of Crimea (for comparison - the lowest situated cave of the World - on the Mediterranean coast in France, 200m below sea level). The walls of the cave are adorned with unrestored stalactites.

On the shore of the Karadzhinsky Bay is the estate of Major-General, Vasily Stepanovych Popov (now the boarding house of the Sun Valley). V.Popov was the head of the office of M. Dolgoruky, secretary of the cabinet of Catherine II. A nice, but not well maintained, dilapidated building, surrounded by a lush garden. The blue shade of the estate is visible from afar.

This crazy Tarhankut (n

Tarkhankut lighthouse - this place is in the possession of Russia! The lighthouse was built in 1816. It is a white stone tower to ensure the safety of navigation. The lighthouse is surrounded by a stone fence with several houses for employees and a small garden with fruit trees.