Главная 7 Take off the excitement before the test: tips

Take off the excitement before the test: tips

How to remove excitement before school control or competition: 7 tips for children

Take off the excitement before the test: tips

Excitement is one of the most unpleasant emotions that we sometimes experience. Excitement before school controls is felt by every child, regardless of school performance. How to remove anxiety before the control: what symptoms of the child’s excitement, why they arise and how to overcome them, read on.

For a high appraisal for the test work, you need to overcome the excitement in front of her, adjust yourself to a positive result. Conducting school tests – an indicator of the student’s progress from any school subject.

Today at school serious control, and you feel awful. The stomach, the head, muscles are strained, you shake or throw in sweat. It’s clear to you that this is not a flu, but something completely different. What is called fright or anxiety before the control.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re worried about the math checklist, because the previous one was also not very successful. Or you are tense, because the latter, on the contrary, was written perfectly well, and you always like to receive fives. Nerves or stress affect the body and body.

This kind of excitement explains the anxiety or fear of a person because of his own success at some important stages / events / controls. For example, you can visit this feeling when you defend the honor of a school together with a basketball team or with a musical team.