Главная 7 Su-jok-therapy: what is it?

Su-jok-therapy: what is it?

Su-dzhok-therapy: what is it?

Su-dzhok-therapy: what is it?

You can be treated without medication, working in a special way on certain points on the body. In this way, without pills and injections, a person helps su-dzhok-therapy. About what it is and what therapeutic effect this technique has, we’ll tell you today.

Su-jok (translated from the Korean Su arm, Jok leg) a method of treatment based on the projection of all parts, systems and organs of the body on the hand and foot. The method is simple and very effective, combining the elements of manual therapy and acupuncture.

Wise nature has placed on our soles and palms the zones of correspondence to internal organs and parts of the body. Working on them, we become healthier, and often we stimulate the necessary points, even without knowing about it, for example, when we write, sew, knit, walk or run.

Do you feel soreness, tingling, or numbness in your limbs? So, some organ has problems in its work, and sends a signal to the appropriate point on the arm or leg.

Specialists of su-jok-therapy say that stimulating the painful area can be cured literally all, and relief comes in a few minutes. Contraindications and side effects of the technique does not exist, you can treat any part of the body or organ and in the actions there is nothing difficult enough to once to understand, in order to understand the principle of the location of the zones of correspondence.

Warm. It has a different effect in diseases associated with lack of energy or supercooling (for example, with colds). You can take any tool at hand, for example, just cooked an egg or a bag of salt, and attach to the right place for a few minutes.

Color. This method is especially effective in dermatological and allergic diseases. You can use bright felt-tip pens or paste colored paper with the painted side to the skin. True, surprising?

There are certain color formulas:

  • If the skin is red, but there is no swelling yet, black;
  • if there is swelling, itching and weak blunt pain, green is used;
  • with strong, but unstable pain you need red.

It's great if you do not have any specific health problems, but it's unlikely that we lead an absolutely correct way of life and periodically some or other bodies still require support.

Su-jok therapy will help us in this.

So, to take off visual fatigue from a long work at the computer, find the point of correspondence to the eyes on the thumb and massage it.