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Master Bedroom Design Trends – Ideas

Master Bedroom Design Trends & Ideas 2018

In this article, we are going to explore the challenges in front of the organization of the sleeping arrangements in small urban dwellings. We will take a peek at the trends of furniture design and modern furniture constructs, the current tendencies and innovations in materials and colors choices; and in summoning – what is going to be hot and trendy in bedroom design for 2018?

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

The projects of small urban apartments evoke ingenuity and combinative thinking. The creatively in zoning and space planning is essential when it comes to confined spaces. The comfort of the inhabitants is strongly linked with the smart arrangement of their place for rest and privacy – the bedroom. Successful ways of how to secure a small tranquil corner for those needs are shown in the fallowing two projects.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

The first one – the Flinders Lane Apartment by Clare Cousins Architects is located in a heritage-listed building in Melbourne and designed for a young family. Using light, almost delicate construct from light wood the designers separated a small nook for the bed platform which can also be viewed as a part of the living room premise and its bright, modern decor. The material continuity, the high ceilings and the abundance of the natural light create one welcoming space that has its elegant aesthetics in addition to its cleverly defined functions. This dynamic is very comfortable and functional in modern lifestyle arrangement and designs. This design has one more plus – it is created with modest means and is suitable for low-cost budgets.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

This creation of Ruetemple is an excellent example of how small urban dwelling can seem much larger and dynamically modern, yet at the same time, to possess an elegant simplicity and whimsical spirit. The small, contemporary apartment is located in Moscow, Russia.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Here the bedroom platform is a part of cleverly designed, custom made wooden construct. Their warm and vital presence is juxtaposed to the row industrialism of the concrete ceiling and floor finishing. Together with throw-on cushions, it composes a perfect relaxation and privet-time area.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

As we had predicted in our article Interior Design Trends for 2017 – the reality of small urban apartments dictates new conditions in the contemporary design sphere and requires more creative approach.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

If in the previous two examples the bedroom had become a part of the living room thanks to the ingenuity and creative constructs in other cases there is neither space neither the possibility to separate a bedroom premise from the main living area – so then an another choice may be suitable. The sofa bed – a necessity but also a possibility. The new trends and design lines offer some very fresh and intriguing examples from which to choose. Check them out.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

This is beautiful modern piece of furniture – the Convertible sofa bed Open by Letti&Co. designed by Paola Navone. Created in functional and elegant color choices the sofa bed system is cover in fabric or eco-leather and it’s suitable for a wide range of design combinations. It is perfect for daytime functions – entertaining guests or quietly reading a book but it is also prepared for meeting the sleeping necessities of any household.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

The Celine Sofa bed is another possibility. Manufacturer by Flou and design by Riccardo Giovanetti – the sofa bed, is roomy, deep and cozy. It offers soft flexibility and modern style. It can be viewed as an armchair – chaise longue that can be rapidly transformed into a comfortable single bed. Designed with one more plus – the completely removable covers in fabric or Ecopelle (easy to maintain) this sofa bed is a dynamic addition to the interior.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Choose the Color Wisely – the colors and the textiles in one’s decor composition can determent its atmosphere faster than anything else. So no matter – light and airy or dark and moody the color scheme in combination with geometric shapes and warm shades is capable of recreating old-world atmospheres in a contemporary context. But no matter what you combine – rugs and curtains, textured bed linen or another design elements keep in mind that the bedroom’s main purpose is for rest and sleep, so choose colors that promote this.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

As in many other aspects of the interior design, in the bedroom, the retro hint will play a significant role in the upcoming season of 2017 – 2018. Here some tips that in a sense will secure timelessness for your retro vibe.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Here is one intriguing example of the retro vibe to come in our bedroom, the Bonaldo collection – presents several products with a retro chic style. Lacquered surfaces, bold geometric shapes, and warm shades entertain the senses in this collection. Furnishings and interior decor items recall in an elegant fashion the sophisticated ambiance of Mad Men, (a US cult TV series) which pays homage to the timeless style of 1960-s interior design. The strong personality of the Cuff leather bed designed by Mauro Lipparini lies in the tailoring details, in its simple elegance and it is developed in different timeless colors: white, anthracite gray, dove-grey, amaranth, black or silver.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

And speaking of retro – we should note the return of the Velvet as a textile for accomplishing stylish soft furniture examples – sofas, beds, and benches. The colors are dramatic, warm and bright. Like in this product of Bolzan Letti – the Nice Light model. The double-bed headboard is upholstered in original, hand-made three-dimensional finishing that carries a romantic and charming effect. This bold characteristic is elegantly contrasted by the essential simplicity of the thin base and the bed’s linear shape.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Another global tendency in interior design that can be cleverly applied in the creation of your bedroom space is the search of a natural, cozy and earthly feeling. So you can always count on a combination of natural materials and green accents for a fresh, on-trend bedroom. The wood is the never-failing material that can achieve a cozy, warm atmosphere under any circumstances.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Check this one for example: the solid wood double bed by Pianca. Contemporary, elegant and with a delicate retro vibe. The high natural material of the construct and the characteristically round corners of the silhouette give warmth and coziness of any environment that host it.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

This one is the third of the design models created for Pianca, covered by smooth leather at the headboard-minimal and demanding the bed still carries that romantic retro vibe from the 60-ts.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

This one – Loa, wooden double bed by Treku, design by Angel Martí and Enrique Delamo – is a magnificent piece of furniture that mysteriously combines the rustic sensation of a handcrafted object, the bold contemporary ingenuity, and the romantic retro vibe. A grooved frame with rounded corners, natural fabrics, and buttons are the hallmarks of the Loa bed that complete the picture.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Combined sleeping and bathing spaces are growing in popularity, and some of the best examples can be seen in hotels.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

In this Sala Ayutthaya Boutique Hotel in Thailand, the wooden structures and beams are juxtaposed to local bricks walls, marble, and delicate linens bring refinement to the premises. The open layout of the premises brings abundance of natural light (a wonderful addition to the natural materials palette) and free flow is feeling for the inhabitants. The exquisite luxury is combined with exotic hints and contemporary minimalism – a successful combination as the one of joining premises.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Here in Hotel Cala Esmeralda – in the rooms’ decoration the inspiration of the decade in which the hotel was originally built, using the traditional craft of this Balearic Island, is preserved and mixed with the comfort and luxury design elements of the present. The careful selection of materials and furniture has been chosen by designer Isabel López Vilalta, to provide a contemporary, fresh and colorful image. The furnishing compositions are decided mainly in simple, clear lines with bright accents – like the red textiles in the guest rooms. The open space that connects the bedroom with the barroom premise carries a unique charm and individuality for the room.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Although we showed you combinations of bedroom and bathroom premises mainly in hotels’ decors, this is a tendency that can be seen more and more frequently in privet residents as well.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Manufacturer Flou design by Rodolfo Dordoni, Iko Bed – presents an eye-catching design combined with the purity of shapes, the unfitness of craftsmanship and the use of unusual materials, such as specially-finished steel in combination with other luxurious materials like leather, marble, and brass. The final result creates an elegant and harmonious mood, expressing high formal and qualitative value.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

When we think of materials for the manufacture of beds and other bedroom furniture elements there is one essential requirement – they should be natural and with an organic origin. It is healthier, more aesthetic and with a richer spectrum of materials from which to choose. We all love wood, linen, cotton textiles, velvet or leather- so a rich choice indeed. They are rich as tactile and aesthetic sensations. The designers follow the desires of their clients. And their main task is to establish a successful and trendy combination of materials and textures.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

In the Sanders bed by Ditre Italia, the creators offer a mix of textile and leather connected with zippers so in this way more dynamic combination can occur. Thanks to the many options available, the Sanders bed sets no limits to the imagination it also invites with its cozy, comfy look and it’s elegant enough to fit many different bedroom design layouts.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

In the more luxurious collection of Iko Bed by Flou, the manufactures used a stylish combination of steel, brass, marble and leather to achieve unique bedroom decor.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

Using different materials: leather and wood the designers of this stylish contemporary bed – the Kauffman by Nadadora – achieved a perfect balance between functional and innovative design. The two overlapping headboards are very comfortable for reading in bed, for example, and at the same time secure a secluded storage space so necessary in every bedroom.

Master Bedroom Design Trends - Ideas

In conclusion, we may say that nothing old will be neglected in this season – the colors, shapes, and materials from the 60ts and 70ts of the XX th century are still pressing. The shapes will be oblong; the furniture will be designed to fit both in small urban apartments and in bigger suburban houses without losing their elegant silhouette and presence. The velvet is back, As well as the deep, generous colors: purple, blue and green. So do not shy away from colors – choose one and used to accentuate the other color combinations.

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